Another Fine Mess

Part 3

By Yuki Wildstar


Wildstar Residence

0945 hours

14th of December, 2213


Derek woke up with a smile on his face, feeling that all was well with them. He quickly got dressed and made his way into the kitchen to see no one there. ‘She must be getting Alex ready’ he thought as he made his way to Alex’s room. Opening the door he found no one there. “What time is it?” He said out loud and looked at his watched. “Oh crap it’s almost 10, oh no Nova’s appointment!” Grabbing his car keys he ran for his car, jumped in and race to the hospital. ‘Oh damn she’s going to be really mad at me if I don’t make it there. Why didn’t she wake me?’ Quickly he pulled into the hospital, parked and run up to the doctor’s office. Heavily breathing he asked the nurse where Mrs. Wildstar was.

“She’s in room 3 Admiral Wildstar, that’s down the hall and on the left.” She said pointing in the direction of the room.

“Thanks.” He yelled over his shoulder and ran down the hall almost knocking down one of the nurses. He knocked on the door and peeked in. Nova sat on the table as she waited for the sonogram technician to come in. “Hey babe, am I late?” yukin[1].jpg

“No, I’m just waiting for her to come.”

“Good I thought I’d miss it.” He said as he walked in and stood in front of her. “Why didn’t you wake me? I would’ve come with you to drop off Alex and then here.”


“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Last night.” He said as he lean forward to give her a kiss. She jump off the table and paced around in hopes that the technician would come in. “Hey what gives?”

“Derek, not now.” She said looking away from him.

“I thought we were fine after last night.” He said, confused at what she was doing.

“I said not . . . .”

“Hello there.” The technician walked in just in time. “Are we ready?”

“Yes.” Nova said as Derek helped her hop on the table.

“Will we be finding out the sex of the babies today?” she asked sounding cheery for the Wildstars.

“Yes we will.” Derek said as Nova nodded.

“Alrighty here we go.” The technician said and then poured some jelly on her stomach. She moved the camera around Nova stomach and took measurements. Moving it around, she smiled when she came to baby number one then turned over to baby number two. Nova watched as she went from one imaged to another and saw what showed on the screen.

“Well?” Derek asked as he became impatient to find out what they were having.

Nova smiled at her husband and said “Boys….Derek, we’re having two more boys.”

Derek looked at the screen and then at his wife. “Are you sure?”

“She’s right Admiral, you’re having two boys,” she giggled.

“Nova, thank you.” He said and then looked into her eyes. “Oh God, I’m so sorry, I was hoping there would be a girl in there for you.”

“Don’t be silly, Alex is going to be thrilled to have two brothers to play with.”

“Well, congratulations; you can get dressed now. I’ll have your pictures waiting for you at the front desk.”

“Thank you.” Wildstar said and she left for her next patient.

Nova quickly began to get dressed, then grabbed her bag ready to leave. “I better get going I have to get to work. Can you pick up Alex today? I promise Daniel that I would do an extra two hours for him?”

“Ah yeah sure, no problem.” He said still confused at what she was doing. Last night was great and he thought that things were better. But she was acting like she was the last two weeks.

“Thanks babe, see you tonight.” she gave him a kiss on the cheek and left.



He went straight to work at the docks where the Argo was finished being refitted. Still feeling down, it seem like the day wasn’t going fast enough for him. He paced in and out of his quarters and checked things on the bridge. He couldn’t wait until the day was over so he can try to talk to Nova before he left.

He sat at his desk when Sato knocked on his hatch. “Sir, Commander Ramirez is here to see you.”

“Tell her I’m busy.” he said. He didn’t need to be alone with her now. He didn’t need Nova to hear she was in his quarters with him.

“Sir, she insists on seeing you.” Sato said annoyed that she was pushing the Admirals wishes.

“Have her wait for me on the bridge. I’ll be down in 5 minutes.” Wildstar snapped. ‘What the hell does she want? Better make sure that there are people there, I don’t want to be alone with her ever again. I don’t want to be alone with any woman again…unless she is my wife.’

“Aye aye.” he said and relayed the message.

Wildstar took his lift down and looked around. Dash was at his station looking over his equipment and Wright was taking notes from one of the other officers. Ramirez stood at attention when she saw him come down as did everyone else.

“At ease, please continue your jobs. Commander Ramirez, what can I do for you?”

“Sir, I was just bringing over the stats on the Long Island.” She said and handed him her reports.

“Thank you Commander but you could have had someone bring them to my Deputy Captain. No need in you bringing them to me personally.”

“Yes sir.” she said then whispered so no one could hear her. “But I just want to tell you how sorry I am about that night. I felt horrible after. I told my fiancé about it and he was mad at first but we are ok with it now.”

“That’s good Commander. It’s best not to keep secrets entering a marriage.” He said as he thought about Nova and how mad she was when he told her. He still didn’t feel all was well with them and looked like that’s how he was going to leave Earth.

“Well, I better get going. I have my last date with Randy in about two hours. Maybe we can set a date before we take off tomorrow. Thank you again sir for your help” she saluted, then pivot and left the bridge.

Wildstar walked over to Wright that was still going over reports. “Commander Wright, how is everything going?”

“Everything is running smoothly sir. All reports are in for the exception of one and all ships are in prefect working order. The Argo is at her top form, she looks like she just came off the lot. Brand new and ready for the mission, sir. She is an amazing ship.” He said looking around the bridge

“She sure is Commander.” Wildstar smiled and looked around at the Argo’s bridge. “The stories I can tell you about her.”

“Well we have three months.” Wright said.

“Yeah, sometime when we have a chance ask me. Let’s wrap this up so we can all go home and spend what time we have left with our families.”

“Aye skipper, looks like we’ll be wrapping up in a few.”

“Good, oh yeah here are the stats to the Long Island.” Wildstar handed him the report.

“Great that’s the only report we were waiting for.” Wright took it and looked it over. “Well sir, I think we’re done.”

“Great let’s start sending the crew home.”

“Yes sir” Wright saluted him and Wildstar went back to his quarters to collect his things, he would be early in picking up Alex.

“Sergeant Sato, go home. I won’t need you any more today.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” He said as he saluted his commandeering officer.

Grabbing his things he ran for the door and off the ship. He jumped in his car and race to go pickup his son. He walked into the school and into the office. An elderly woman stood up and met him at the counter and asked, “Can I help you, Admiral?”

“Yes I’m here to pick up my son Alexander Wildstar.”

“Oh… so you’re Alex’s father? He talks about you all the time. I’ll have someone get him. He tells us that you’re leaving on the next fleet departure.”

“Yes ma’am we leave tomorrow. So I want to spend as much time with him as I can.”

“That’s good.” The elderly teacher said as she looked him over, ‘so young to be an Admiral, and so good looking.’ She thought to herself.

“DADDY!” He heard Alex scream out.

“Hey there kiddo, came to get cha early. Thought we spend some time together before your mom gets home. Just some guy time.”

“YEAHHHHH!” Alex screamed out while the elderly teacher smiled looking at the young father and son.

He took him to the park, where they play for an hour before heading to Nova’s favorite restaurant and picked up dinner. Alex helped his father get the house ready for his mom and Derek got out the good dishes for them to have dinner. They laughed as they set the table and then went in the living room and watch some cartoons, and played some video games.  Nova walked through the door around 6:30 and smiled at the two men in her life laughing and giggling.

“I WON!” Alex screamed as he jumped up and down.

“Ha ha ha, yes you did. That’s the second time you beat daddy. Hey look who’s here.”

“MOMMY!” he yelled as he ran in her direction and tried to hug her.

“Hello there, I see you’re having fun with your father. Just give me a few and I’ll get dinner started.”

“No need to do that. We already picked up dinner from your favorite restaurant, so all you have to do is relax and let me and Alex do everything.”

“Well don’t I feel special tonight, just like a princess?”

“No mommy a queen like auntie Devina.” He said with a cheeky smile.

“Awwww….you’re so sweet, thank you.” She said as she bent down and gave him a kiss on the lips.

So ,your highness you sit here and relax. Alex and I will get dinner on the table. All for my fair lady.” Derek bent over and kissed her hand that made her laugh. He looked deep into her eyes in hopes that she would finally forgive him. But saw nothing from her, he stood up and gave her a kiss on the lips which she returned his kiss for Alex sake. They both ran around putting dinner on the table, giggling and laughing as they did it. Alex walked into the room and grabbed his mother’s hand and led her to the table as his father’s poured her some apple juice.

“It all looks great, thank you.” Nova said as she smiled at them.

“Anything for you.” Derek said still trying to catch her attention.

They ate dinner, laughing with Alex as he told knock knock jokes. It was a relaxing fun evening with her men and she just enjoyed the time with them. After dinner Derek took the dishes and washed them while Nova sat with Alex in the living room reading him a story. Derek finished in the kitchen and sat in his chair as Nova finished reading to him.

“One more time peaseee.” Alex asked.

“I think it’s time for bed, daddy has to get up early so he can fly his ship. So let’s run a bath and get you to bed.” Nova tried to tell him.

“But mommy.”

“You heard your mother, time for bed. You have to get some sleep or else you’ll miss me in the morning.”

“Oh alright.” he pouted at him.

“Come on I’ll give you a bath and get you ready. Now give your mother a kiss. Oh yeah and give mommies tummy a kiss too so your brothers know you’re here for them.”


“Yes Alex, brothers.” Nova said as she stroke his face.

“Wow Me getting brothers.” he said jumping up and down.

“Now mommy is going to need you more than ever. With two baby brothers she’s going to need your help. Are you going to be a good pilot and make sure that you help her out?”

“Yesh,” Alex smiled.

“Good, now off to bed we go.” Derek held his hand and led him to his room.


Nova sat in the living room listening to the two of them laughing and playing. She listened as Derek took him to bed then read him a book about space monsters. He stood in the entrance of the hall way and stared at his pregnant wife. Trying to get up he walked over to her and helped her up. “Thanks, it’s late and I’m pretty beat.”

“Yeah let’s go to bed.” He said as he put her hand in his.

She walked into her closet and put on the sexy nightgown that Derek bought her for Christmas. It showed her stomach to the fullest. Derek looked at her and thought she was the sexiest mom-to-be ever.

“You look stunning.”

“Thank you. Its late honey and I am really beat, good night.” She said yawning as she crawled into the bed.

“Nova, please say something to me.” He wanted so much to leave knowing that they were on the same page.

“Derek, I’m really not in the mood, there nothing more to say.” She began to sit up so he could see that she meant every word. “Don’t think that our one night together was my way of forgiving you. Because it’s not, I’m only being polite for Alex’s sake and nothing more. I don’t want Alex to see us angry at each other.”

“But I’m not mad at you. You’re the one mad at me.” He whined.

“And do you blame me. I just need time to think things out right now. I will go with you in the morning to see you off because of Alex. Maybe by the time you get back I’ll be a lot more eager to listen to us.” With every word she said put a nail through his heart, not now after all they went through.

“Nova do you . . . . do you want a divorce?” he asked as he swallowed his own words.

“No Derek, I love you too much to let you go, I just need time for me, nothing more.” She lay back down and went to sleep. Derek climbed in next to her but decided not to try to snuggle. She had a right to be mad he wasn’t thinking of what people proceed about him and how rumors can start, causing her pain and embarrassment.




EDF Docking Bay


15th of December, 2213


It was 0500 hours when they got ready to leave to the docks. Alex was still sleeping in the back seat while Derek drove the family truck to the Argo docking site. She stayed quiet all the way there. Derek looked back and forth from the road to Nova. As usual Sandor, Yvey, Howard and Pesci waited for him to arrive.

“Nova, where’s Alex?” Yvey asked.

“Oh, he’s in the back seat sleeping. It’s a little bit too early for him. Is little Derek at your mother’s?”

“Yeah we said our goodbyes last night. I promised him that you and Alex would stop by sometime so they can play.”

“It would be a pleasure to have him over, anytime.” Nova smiled at her friend.

“How are you Nova, will you be alright? I mean Derek may not be here when you go into labor.” Denise asked.

“I got it all covered, Wendy is my coach and she’s not far from us so I’ll be alright. Homer will take Alex while I’m in labor and he has my mother’s number to call and let her know that I’m having the boys.”

“You’re having two boys?” Sandor asked.

“Yeah, Boys.” Wildstar blushed and then stood taller.

“Congratulations, two more boys. That’s just great.” Sandor patted him on the back then turned to Denise and Pesci “So I guess it’s up to you two to have a girl.”

“HA, you’re a funny man Sandor, NOT!” Denise said as she patted him on the back.

“Okay everyone, it’s time to get going, the crew is starting to arrive. We better get on board.” Wildstar called out.

They all took turns saying goodbye to Nova while Derek woke Alex in the back seat to say goodbye to him. They all gather around Alex and Derek and all kissed him goodbye telling him to be a good boy for mommy. Derek handed Alex over to Nova and went to kiss her on the lips, when Nova turned away.

“Mommy why don’t you let Daddy kiss you on the mouth like all the other times?”

Nova gave her son a big smile and then kissed Derek on the lips quickly. “Better?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I guess so.” he said as he yawned.

Derek was the first on, saluting the flag, then turned and saluted the Officer of the day,

“Permission to come aboard.” Wildstar asked him.

“Permission granted, welcome aboard Admiral.” The officer of the day replied. “It’s an honor to work with you, sir.”

“Thank you.” He said as he looked down to see Nova drive off with his son, then he made his way to his quarters to settle in.

Each one went through the routine of boarding the ship then went to settle down into their stateroom. They all made idol chat as they made their way to their quarters.

“What’s going on with the Skipper and Nova, it seemed like they were uncomfortable with each other. It’s not like them to act that way.” Yvey spoke first as to what everyone was thinking.

“What way, Yvey?” Pesci asked.

“Like they were trying too hard to have people think they were happy. The skipper looked like he was begging for some affection and she was like she didn’t want to touch him. What’s up with that?” Yvey said.

“Whatever happened with them it’s none of our business. We just have to wait and see, when their ready they’ll let us know. Now Yvey, no more talk about it.” Sandor said giving her his look of stay out of it.

“Well I hope whatever it is they work it out.” Yvey said as they all went into their rooms.


To be continued . . . . .