Another Fine Mess

By Yuki Wildstar

Part One



Great Island docking bay

Slip 43

EDF Battleship Argo

Captain Derek Wildstar Quarters

 15th of October, 2213

 1342 Earth Hours


“Wildstar we’re ready to depart” Wright informed him through the intercom.

“Thank you Commander Wright, I’ll be right down” he said as he turned to the video on his laptop. “Nov, I have to go we’re starting to depart. I’ll see you in three months, I love you”

“Love you too baby, Alex say good bye to your father,” Nova said.

“Bye dad, I’ll miss you.”

“Me too, take care of your mom Alex, I love you. Feel better.”

“I’m sorry Alex couldn’t go with you this time, but kids get sick at that darnedest times. See you in three months” she said as the screen went black.

vlcsnap-2011-03-30-21h32m11s31.pngWildstar got up grabbed his cover and he made his way in his private lift. He entered the bridge as everyone stood at attention “At ease everyone, Commander Wright please begin sequence to departure.” He said as he took his seat on the captain’s chair.

“Aye aye sir” Wright called out “Lieutenant Manville prepare for departure, start the auxiliary engines.”

“Yes Sir, Engine room, start the auxiliary engine.” Manville called down. “Engine charged at 60 percent, 75 percent, engine up to 95 percent. Sir Engine is now at 100 percent starting engines now.” he said as he started the Argos engines. “Bring in the ropes and anchor” Manville said into communication system. “Sir the Argo is ready to clear”

“Proceed with takeoff Lieutenant” Wildstar said as he listened to the Argo engines ‘Ah how sweet she sounds when she starts up. Venture I only wish you could hear her once more.’

“Sir we’re bringing her to 25 knots leaving Great Island docking bay. We’re now at 50 knots, looks like smooth sailing sir” Manville called back to his captain.

“Excellent Lieutenant, keep her steady, prepare for lift off. Bring her up” Wildstar ordered.

“We’re at 100 knots now, 150, 160, 170, turning booster on now”

‘That was three months ago, when we left for Pluto. Now I’m home and I can’t wait to see Nova and Alex’ Wildstar said out loud as he thought about the day they departed.

“Sir the Argo is now at dock.”

“Very well Commander Wright have the crew ready to leave. No need in having them stay on any longer, I’m sure that their families are waiting for them. They can come back in a couple of days to finish up for her refit.”

“Captain, I don’t think the dock master will like that.”

“Well the dock master hasn’t been away from his family for three months. I’ll take care of him. You give the word to the crew to go home.”

“Aye aye sir,” Wright saluted him as Wildstar took his lift up to his private quarters.

Wildstar sat behind his desk and began to look over his paper work and write in his log for the final time of his mission.

“Captain Wildstar,” he heard someone call in.

“Yes enter,” he said as he finished his work.

“DAD!” Alex screamed out.

Kid[1].jpg“Alex!” Wildstar jumped out of his chair and ran to hold him. “Hey there kiddo, daddy missed you a whole bunch. Where’s your mother?”

“Right here skipper,” Nova walked in smiling to see her husband.

Derek stood up grinning from ear to ear. “Hello there Mrs. Wildstar, I’ve miss you too.”

“Welcome home Derek, we’ve missed you too.” she said then kissed him on the lips.

Derek held her tight, “Let me just finish up here and then we can go.”

“So how was the mission, everything go smoothly?”

“Pretty much, we had one mishap with one of the pilots. Damn young pilots they think they know everything. Pesci almost ripped him a new one even before I got to him.”

“But what happened?”

“He got too cocky that’s what happened. He almost took out Denise and Yvey with his fancy flying. I thought Pesci was going to kill him once he landed on ship. Now I have to hand in my report and he will have to stand before the board. Most likely he’ll be grounded for a while on top of what Pesh gave him.” Derek said “So what’s been going on around here, do you have my honey-do-list in hand?”

Nova laughed at him “Nothing this time around, lucky you. Alex, sweetie, don’t touch that!” she said at their son as he began to press all the buttons to the ship’s intercom.

Derek looked at his wife as she chased their son away from his desk and notice that she looked a little heavier. Maybe it’s just me, I haven’t seen her in a few months, he thought. “Ah honey, I don’t mean to be rude, but it looks like you put on some weight.”

“Derek, I’m not fat, I’m pregnant.” she announce to him as she grabbed Alex by his hand.

susumutoyuki[1].jpgDerek stood still and looked at her. “What, how, are you sure?” was all he could think of saying.

Giggling at his reaction she looked at him and said. “I’m pregnant. How, well you know how that happened and yes I can absolutely tell you that I am!”

Derek stood next to her and held her close to him. “How far are you?”

“3 months babe, we got pregnant the night before you left. I figured that much considering that I got my period the week before and that was the only time we…” she looked down at Alex and then at Derek, “…well you know. I wanted to tell you but I’d figure it would be a nice surprise for you to come home to. So Surprise, kind of.”

“And what a surprise it is.” Derek placed his hand on her stomach and smiled at her then looked at his son. “So you managed to keep this from me, too.”

“No dad, mom didn’t tell me till last night.” Alex said smiling.

“I didn’t want him to spill the beans, so I didn’t tell him.”

Derek laughed at her. He too knew that his son wasn’t the best in keeping secrets. He stood back from her and looked at her closer. “You seem to show more then when you were pregnant with Alex.”

“Derek, baby, you’d better sit down for this one.” Nova said looking serious.

Looking worried he asked, “Is everything alright?”

“Just fine, but you need to sit down for this.” She took his hand and made him sit down on his bed. Still with a worried look Nova sat down next to him and said with a big smile. “Derek we’re having twins.”


10 minutes later . . . .


“Are you sure, I mean I’m not even sure that it runs in my family and you never mentioned any twins in your family.” He finally said after the initial shock.

“That’s the bigger surprise. I know it’s not in my family, so I started researching your family tree. Derek, your father was a twin, and your great grandfather was one too. Do you remember any of your uncles?”

“I remember an uncle that was about my dad’s age, but that was so long ago. Alex would have probably remembered him. Oh babe, how I wish he was still here to see his name sake and now this. It would have been great for Sasha to have seen her cousin.” He said with misty eyes and then put his hand on her stomach again. Leaning forward he kissed his wife gently on her lips. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” She said back looking into his eyes.

“Dad can we stop at Titi Yvey house to see Derek?” Alex squeezed in between their embrace.

“Why don’t we wait till tomorrow, Titi Yvey hasn’t seen him in 3 months and Uncle Sandor would like to spend time with them alone for a day or so. And anyway, I want to spend some time with you and mommy. Okay kiddo?”

“O Kay Dad.” He said with disappointment.

“Now let’s get out of here and get home so I can play with you and mommy.” He got up and grabbed his jacket and cover and they left down to the deck. Nova and Alex watched as he handed the Argo over to the dock master and explain that the crew will returned in two days to finish up, which the dock master gave him a disapproving face. Derek gave him a stare back that told him to back off, his crew haven’t seen their families in 3 months and the refit could wait. It was an argument that they had all the time and Derek won each time. He wasn’t  about to keep his crew on board like most captains and spend the whole day stripping the ship before seeing their families. He made sure that they strip it a day before landing and all they had to do was take their gear off ship. When they returned back to the ship all they would have to do is take inventory and write down what needed to be fix or up date. Something the dock master wanted as soon as they landed. ‘Oh well, too bad, my crew deserves better than that.’ Derek thought to himself as the dock master continue giving him a disapproving look.

As they headed into the house, he stood there and looked at their house. ‘It’s only been 3 months but it seems so different’ he thought. Something he always thought when he got back from any mission.

“Derek, are you coming?” Nova called back from the entrance of the house.

“Yeah Dad hurry up!” Alex shouted as he ran into the house.

Derek smiled back at them, then grabbed his sea bag and followed them into the house. Nova helped him remove his jacket and cover and placed them in the closet, while Alex grabbed his father’s hand and led him into one of the spare rooms.

“Come on Dad.”

“Okay Alex, I’m coming” He laughed at his young son.

Alex threw opened the door and ran into one of the rooms. Derek stood there in amazement of what he saw. He stood looking around in the middle of a new nursery. Everything in sets, there was two of everything. Two cribs, two dressers, two rocking chairs, and two changing tables.  Derek turned to see Nova standing in the door way smiling at his expression.

“So this is where all my money went to?” He laughed.

“Some of it, most of it was from my parents, which was nice of them after what happened last time.” Nova said “It’s like a peace offering.”

“This is some peace offering. I guess we can call it a truce for now.” Derek smiled sarcastically.

“She is trying, Derek, we have to give her that.”

“I know, let’s not talk about that right now. I just want to enjoy being home with the two of you. So what’s on the menu tonight?”

“I thought that we just stay home so you can get adjusted to being home. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great,” he smiled at her and then continued to look at the nursery.

“I’ll go get dinner started, go play with Alex.” she said as she was ready to turn and leave.


“Yes dear?”

He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her then looked over to Alex. “Alex can you give me one minute with mommy, then we’ll play.”

“Aaah, you two are gonna kiss again.” He said with disgust making them both laugh. 

He pulled her closer and gave her a passionate kiss. “Love you so much,” he said to her as he looked into her eyes.

“Love you too, now go play with Alex. We will have plenty of time later for catching up.” she gave him a small kiss and went to make dinner.


They ate dinner laughing as Derek told them of his mission. Explaining everything to Alex as his son stare with wide eyes at everything his father had to say.

“One day I’m gonna be captain of the Argo.” he said to his father.

“I’m counting on that, kiddo. Now why don’t we help mom clear the table and then get you ready for bed?”

“I guess.” Alex said with disappointment.

“Hey, I promise I’ll be here in the morning. I’m not going anywhere just yet, come on.” he said as he picked up his plate and walked with his son into the kitchen.

They all cleaned up and then Derek took his son into the bath and then helped him get ready for bed. He sat with him for a while reading him a story and then watched as his son drifted off to sleep. Quietly he got up and closed the door slightly then peeked into the nursery once more. Reality setting in that he was going to be a father again for the second time, this time twins.

He walked back into the living room and looked at Nova sitting on the coach reading a magazine.

“How are you holding up, Skipper?” she asked.

He gave out a small laugh. “Well considering that I come back home and find out that I’m going to be a dad again. I think I’m doing alright. It must have been tough here with Alex and the morning sickness. Did you get them this time?”

“A little, pretty much the first two months, but nothing now. Come sit,” She said patting the spot next to her.

“Mrs. Wildstar you amaze me every day.” Derek sat down then put his arm around her shoulder bringing her closer to him.

“I try my best, monsieur.” Nova said softly. “Is he sleeping?”

“Like a baby.”

“He was so excited that you were coming home. He was up at the crack of dawn and kept asking when we were going to pick you up. I swear we couldn’t even go to the store because he thought we would miss you bring the Argo in. Your son can be very head strong when he wants to be.”

Derek laughed at the thought. He sat quietly on the couch with her and looked up at the portrait that sat over the fireplace that she had made for him of his mother and father with him and Alex. Nova looked up and could tell that he was tired. She got up and held out her hand for him to take. She led him into the bedroom and moved him into his closet to change while she went into hers. She walked out first and went over to her dresser that her IPod sat on and put on All for one ‘I swear’. When she turned she saw him standing in the door way in a pair of green pajama pants that she bought for him on Christmas and no shirt, she couldn’t believe how good he looked.

“Welcome home Skipper.” She said as she walked over to him and stuck out her hand. He took it and began to dance with her to the song. Slowly he caressed her body feeling her small stomach next to his then looked down at her and kissed her gently. Slowly he peeled off her night gown and stood back to watch it fall to the ground. She in turn, untied his pants and they also dropped to the floor. He picked her up and carried her over to their bed kissing until he placed her on it. It was a passionate night for them, he was gentle and loving and she loved him more than ever.

“Love you baby.” He said as he drifted off to sleep, while she made circles on his chest. She watched as he slept then gave him a kiss on the cheek, turned and fell asleep also.


Derek opened his eyes feeling something poking him. He looked at his son as he stood with his face close to his fathers. “Good morning Alex, I see the sun hits your room first.”

“Shhh daddy, you’ll wake up mommy.” he said out loud.

“That alright Alex I’m up too. Good morning Dad.” Nova said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Give us a minute Alex, your father and I have to dress”

“You two wrestle again?” Alex asked sticking out his tongue as though he was ready to gag.

“That’s none of your business, young man. Now go and we’ll be out in a few” Derek said with a stern face.

“Ah alright.” He said as he crossed his arms and walked out the door.

“He can be too damn smart for his own good at times.” Derek shook his head.

“Well, he is your son.” Nova giggled at him.

“Ha ha ha, yeah well he has your stubborn streak. So you think we have enough time to wrestle?”

“I don’t think so, now get up.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He said trying to imitate his son.


“Now who could that be this early in the morning?” Nova said annoyed as they were sitting down for breakfast.

“I’ll get it, you finish your breakfast.” He said as he walked over to the phone and switched it on. “Hello?”

“Captain Wildstar,” the voice said as the screen scrambled to show Singleton’s face “Welcome home.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Wildstar I am so sorry to bother you so early but I need to see you ASAP. Please report to EDF Headquarters in two hours.”

“Sir, I just got back last night and I was hoping to spend time with my wife and son.”

“I understand but this is most important. I wish I could avoid it but there’s no way around it. This is an order.” the Admiral said then hung up.

“Derek, what do you think this is about?” Nova asked.

“I have no clue, I better get dressed. I’m sorry baby. I’ll try to get home as soon as I can.”

“Well I guess Alex and I can get dressed and head out to the park for a while, until you come home. How does that sound to you, Alex?”

“Yeah, and then daddy can meet us to play.” Alex said excited.

“Sounds like a plan, I promise I’ll be home early.”




Wildstar stood in front of EDF Headquarters, looking at the tall building. ‘Damn not back more than a day and I have to report to duty.’ He walked into the building and saw Sandor standing talking with another officer.

ya-14[1].jpg“Sandor, I thought you would be home with Yvey?”

“I had to sneak out and finish up some paper work. Little Derek is still at her parents, so I’ll pick him up after. What are you doing here?”

“I was called in by Singleton, I hope that this doesn’t take long I was hoping to spend the day with Alex and Nova.”

“Well I have to head up there and hand these papers to the finance officer. So why don’t I go with you.” Sandor said as they both made their way to the elevators.

“So how does it feel having Yvey home?”

“It’s just great, things will be back to normal for a while. Derek missed her so much. I swear he has the same temper she does, when he is set on something there no way of talking him out of it. So how’s Nova?”

“So I guess you know?”

“Yeah, congratulations Wildstar! Nova swore me to secrecy. Yvey is actually talking about having another one too. So I guess we will be trying for another one. Maybe a girl.” he said grinning.

“That’s a step for you, you always wanted more.”

“She does too but she just wanted to wait.” finally reaching their floor the elevator doors opened and they both step out and headed to Singleton’s office.

Michelle looked up and pressed the intercom. “Sir he’s here” and then stood up as Wildstar and Sandor walked in front of her desk. “Captain Wildstar he’s in the conference room and he will be with you shortly, Commander Sandor I believe he would like to speak with you also. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you Michelle.” Wildstar said and then looked at Sandor a little confused. Sandor just shrugged his shoulders and sat down. They waited for 20 minutes when Michelle finally got off the phone and said “Captain, Commander he will see you two now in conference room 2.”



“SURPISE!” they both heard. Wildstar stood there total baffle at what was going on. Sandor came around him and stood next to Yvey and Singleton. Dash, Eager and Homer were there with Wendy and Roxanna. There were other Star Force members and as they parted he watched as his wife and son walked in and stood in front of the crowd.

“What’s this about? I know it’s not my birthday and I hope I didn’t forget our anniversary.” He said confused.

Singleton stood in front of him and handed him some papers. “Wildstar it gives me great honor to present you with this.”

Wildstar took the papers and looked at them, then looked up at Singleton. He stared at everyone in the room in total confusion. “I don’t understand, sir. This can’t be right.”

“All you have to do is accept the rank. Rear Admiral Wildstar.” Singleton said as he saluted him and then put out his hand to shake Wildstar’s hand.

“I, I, I accept, thank you, I just don’t know what to say. I am honor to have this position.” He said still reeling from the shock.

“I am so proud of you babe.” Nova said as she hug him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“You knew about this?”

“I was told about it a few weeks ago, they wanted to tell you back then. But I kinda asked them not to until you were home.”

“Well how many more surprises do you have in store for me Mrs. Wildstar?” he asked.

“I’m all out, so from now on you’re on your own, kiddo.” She laughed.

“Thank you everyone, I’m glad that you have the confidence in me to have such a high rank within the EDF.”

“You deserve it Wildstar” Dash said. “There’s no one else that deserve it more then you.”

“Here, here.” They all said as they raise a glass of water to him.

“Daddy you’re an amiral now, so can I be the captain to the Argo?” Alex asked as everyone laughed.

“Someday you will be, I promise.” he said as he knelt down to his level, and then gave him a big hug. “I love you son.”

“Love you dad.”

“Congratulation son, I knew that you would go far. Captain Avatar always knew it too, and it was an easy decision to make. You have proved over and over that you can lead and command a ship without prejudice. Dash is correct when he said you deserve this rank, so does everyone else.” Singleton said as he put his hand on his shoulder, like a father would to his son.

“Thank you sir, I won’t let you down.”

“Well everyone, I think it’s time everyone got back to work. Those of you that are on leave go and be with your families. Admiral Wildstar, please stay for a few I would like to speak to you.”

As they all left Derek grabbed hold of Nova and asked her to stay while Singleton talked to him. “I don’t think I can handle another surprise.”

“Derek, this might be official business, I don’t think I should be here.” she said as Yvey walked over and took hold of Alex.

“Alex can come with us to pick up Derek, so don’t worry Chica. Take your time.” Yvey said then turned to Alex, “Would you like that Alex, come with Uncle Sandor and your Titi to go get Derek.”

“Mommy can I pease?”

“I guess, Derek ,are you sure you want me here?” she asked.

“It’s alright Nova, better you two hear it together.” Singleton said.

“My God, are we getting a bigger house?” She giggled as she watched Yvey and Sandor take Alex out the door.

“No, but it is important.” Singleton said as he watched everyone leave and Michelle closed the door. “Please sit, this won’t take long.”

“Yes sir.” Wildstar said as he held out a chair for Nova and then sat down himself.

“Wildstar, I really hate to put a damper on all this celebration, but this is something that needs to be handled only by you. We received word that Emperor Desslok and Namir have been in disagreement and we need you to go out there and straighten things out before there is a full blown war.”

With a hard swallow he knew that this was only going to get worse for Nova. “When do I leave?”

“In two months, I am so sorry Nova I know that having Wildstar there for the birth of your child is important but we really need him and they won’t talk to anyone else.”

“I understand.” she said as she held her tears back to which Derek caught.

“I am sorry,” Singleton knew that this was hard on the young Admiral and his wife. “I can promise you that once he is back, I will grant him a long leave time. You both deserve it.”

“Thank you sir.” Wildstar stood up and saluted him, to which he returned his salute. He looked Nova deep in the eyes as he helped her out of the chair. He could tell she was upset and trying to be strong for him.

“Nova if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call me. And I do mean anything. I know this is a delicate time for you so please if there’s anything just call.” Singleton said wanting to cry for the young couple.

“Thank you sir,” Nova stood tall and put her best poker face on for Derek sake.

“Are you going to find out what the baby is before Wildstar leaves?” he asked.

“Babies, sir, we are having twins.” Wildstar said with pride.

“Twins! That’s great news. Congratulations to the both of you. My offer still stands, Nova.” He said to assure her.

“I’ll give Wendy a call later and see if she can step in as a coach. I am sure that Yvey and Denise will be getting orders also.” She said as Singleton nodded his head yes.

“Well we better go.” Wildstar said as he guided his wife out.

They walked down to the elevator and press the button, Derek was ready to say something when his wife broke down and began to cry. He looked around and saw the aids on the floor looking their way. Quickly he walked her over to his office that was only a few feet away he gently closed the door and held her as she cried harder in his arms.

“Shhh, it’s okay. Don’t cry baby. I know this is hard but it will all work out.” He said trying to calm her down.

“I’m sorry….it’s just my hormones,” she said as she tried to compose herself.

“Hey why don’t we get Alex and go down to the beach and just hang out. Just the three of us. Does that sound good to you?” he said trying to make her smile. All she could do was nod her head and wipe her eyes. “I love you.” He said softly, but all she could do was smile at him as she held another wave of tears from coming down. They enter the elevator while Singleton and Michelle watch.

“She’s taking it hard sir.”

“I know, damn I wish there was more I can do.” He said as he walked into his office and slammed the door behind him.


They began the drive to Yvey and Sandor in silence. Derek watched from the road to her hurting knowing that this was killing her. He tried once at her request to hand in his papers and began to think maybe this would be a perfect time to do it. “Nova honey, maybe it’s time for me to retire” he said as he drove.

What! No, Derek this is not a good time to think that you want to. It would be a desperate decision to make for my sake and nothing more.”

“But Nova what will happen if you’re pregnant again and I’m called out to yet another mission? What will we do?”

“One, I do believe these two are going to be our last kids. I think 3 are enough to handle. Two you’re an Admiral now, so I hardly think they will be sending you as much as before.”

“Oh I don’t think sitting behind a desk is for me, Nova and you know that.” He said from the corner of his mouth still looking at the road.

“I figured that much Derek.”

Derek pulled up to Sandor and Yvey house and looked over to his wife. “Do you want to go in or should I just get him”

“You go get him. I’d be too emotional to get him right now.”

“Be back.” He kissed her on the cheek and got out of the car.

He walked up to the door and rang the bell, Sandor answer and called back to Yvey. “Babe Derek is here to get Alex. Why don’t you come in and where’s Nova?”

“Not today Sandor, she’s in the car and a little upset.”

“Yeah I know Yvey got the news 20 minutes ago and so did I. Pesci and Howard got their orders too. How is she holding up?”

“Not good at all, but she’s trying to put up a front. It’s not going to be easy for her with her due about the time we get back.”

“That really sucks.”

“Hello Derek, Alex wants to ask you something.” Yvey said as Alex stood behind her. “Go on.”

“Dad can I stay here with Dee, we were playing Bolar Vs Star force and we haven’t finished capturing the Prime Minister.”

Derek laughed and shook his sons’ hair. “Let me ask your mother and then we’ll see okay.”

He grabbed his son hand and they both walked over to car, “Hello sweetie, are you ready to go home?” Nova asked.

“I think our son has a question to ask.”

“Well what is it?” she smiled at him.

“Mommy, Derek and I were playing Bolar Vs Star force and we haven’t captured the Prime Minister. Can I Stay PEASE!”

“I guess it will be alright, if it’s okay with your dad.”

“I don’t mind, we can pick you up after dinner, will that give you enough time to capture the emperor.”

“Yesh.” He said giving them a big smile.

“Alright we’ll see you then, Yvey” Derek called to her “He can stay, we’ll pick him up after dinner.” he yelled as Alex ran to the door. They watched as their son ran back to the house and raced to play with his friend. Derek Jumped back in the car and took off down the road towards their house. He could still see that she was upset over the orders handed to him. “Hey are you alright?” she nodded yes at him. Once home she made her way to the patio and sat in one of the chairs facing the ocean.

“Hey there.” He said as he sat down next to her.


“How are you?”

“I’m glad that Alex is with Yvey, I don’t think I can handle my hormones right now. I don’t want Alex thinking that you and I are fighting.”

“I know, but how are you?” he took hold of her hand. “I know that this isn’t the best time for a mission.”

“And I guess that getting pregnant wasn’t the best time either.”

“Nova, don’t say that. So what we didn’t time everything, we’re having a baby. Two of them and I couldn’t be any happier.” He said trying to cheer her up.

“But you won’t be here to see them born.” she began to cry again.

Derek moved over to her and put his arms around her. “Don’t cry baby, I promise I’ll try to be back before they’re born. I’ll push my crew to wrap things up so quickly that even their families won’t have time to miss them.”

Nova laughed at the thought and gave him a push on the arm. “Don’t be silly, I just have to get used to it. You know I’m not like this, it’s just my hormones bouncing around that’s all. I’ll be alright, it’s been a long morning and we should get something to eat.”

“Why don’t we go out to dinner tonight and then we can pick up Alex after in the mean time just spend some time alone me and you. How does that sound?”

“Well I don’t know what do you have in mind, Admiral?” 

“Hmm what do you think?” He said with a sly smirk on his face.

“Well, I am a little tired.” she giggled.

“Hey now that’s the smile I love so much. Come here you.” He pulled her close to him and picked her up from the chair, making his way into the bedroom. They never had lunch.





“Hey Nova,” Sandor said as he opened the door and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hello Sandor, was he too much to handle?” Nova asked.

“Not one bit, how do you feel?”

“Good, considering.”

“She’s a real trooper.” Derek said as he held his wife waist.

“At least I have a few months with him.” She tried to sound cheerful for him.

“And we’ll make the best of it. Once I’m home I’m asking for a three month leave, that way I can help you out with the babies and Alex.” Derek said as he snuggled against her neck.

“Nova, Derek come in, the kids are in Dee’s room still playing. But I do believe that they’ve captured the prime minister already.” Yvey laughed.

“We should go, it’s late and I’m sure that you want to spend time with Stephen and Derek.” Nova said.

“No te preocupur, a few minutes won’t hurt.” She said as she ushered them into the living room. “So how do you feel Nova, have you felt them yet?”

“On and off, it’s funny having two of them in me. They are so active, and it doesn’t feel like their letting up”

“Oo, can I?” Yvey asked reaching for her stomach.

“Sure, I guess I better start expecting everyone wanting to touch me like some ripe watermelon.”

“And a beautiful watermelon you are.” Derek said.

“Why don’t we all go out into the patio, it’s a nice night to sit outside, before it starts to get cold again.” Sandor said “So Derek what do you think Desslok and Namir are fighting over this time?”

“Who knows with those two.” Derek said under his breath. “Whatever it is I’m sure that it’s something minor that they both are blowing it out of proportion.”

“I guess this not the perfect time for them to be fighting over something.” Sandor asked looking at Nova.

“What can you do, it’s my job and I have to go straighten it out. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take forever for them to work it out. I truly don’t want it to take so long that by the time I get back all my kids are in college or married with kids of their own.”

“Isn’t there anyway of settling without going all the way out there? Yvey asked.

“I only wish. But you all know how Desslok is. He prefers to deal with this face to face. He wasn’t much of doing things via satellite.” Sighing at what had to be done Derek just rolled his eyes. “Anyway we will have to prepare for departure. With the Argo being refitted we have to wait until she is ready to depart again. That’s going to take another three to four weeks and then the trip out there. I’m hoping we get back before the big day.”

“When do they start on the Argo’s refit?” Sandor asked.

“In three days. In the mean time we have to get our captains in order. Is Homer back from San Diego?”

“Sorry Wildstar, he isn’t due back for another 5 months.” Sandor said. “How about Lee? I’m hearing really good things about him.”

“Yeah, me too. He has come a long way since what happen. Even Homer recommended him for promotion to Captain and I think that this will help with the promotion.”

Nova squeezed Derek’s hand and said “I do believe his wife is due soon. He may not want to go with a new baby.”

Derek could see the pain in her eyes and figure best to stop talking about the upcoming mission. “You may be right he may want to stay behind. I’ll give him a call and see if he is interested before I stick his name in the hat. Anyway this is something we should talk about later at the office Sandor.” He said giving him a stare that made him look over to Nova.

“Your right, we can talk about this later. In the mean time you probably want to spend time with Alex and Nova. I’m sure that you guys want to head home and relax. It’s been a long day.”

Nova went inside to fetch her son, leaving Derek and Sandor outside to talk. “How is she holding up Derek?”

“Better than expected. She’s trying to be strong about the whole situation but I can tell that she rather I not go. I’ll give her a week or so, she’ll come around.”

“I’m assuming that there’s no way for her to come along.”

Wildstar smirked he thought the same thing over and over in his head. “I only wish. Shame she would make a great deputy captain again. But you know rules, plus I don’t want to get into a situation with her on board. I don’t think we can both go through that again.”

“Right, it would be like egg shells around the whole thing. I know if Yvey was pregnant again I would rather her be here and not out there with me.”

“We better get going, we’ll talk more at headquarters.”


Later that evening . . . .


“So how are you feeling?” He asked rubbing her stomach as they lay in bed.

“Tired, it’s been a long day.”

“Are you and Alex going to be alright while I’m gone? I mean it’s going to be hard for you with Alex and two new babies. Maybe I can get out of it.”

L3.jpg“Derek, I’ll be just fine. I can’t be one of those women that cry and rant and rave about their husbands leaving. It’s your job. Anyway Desslok and Namir will only deal with you and no one else. So either way I have to deal with it on my own.” She could see the concern in his eyes. Running her hand down his face she gave him a smile to ease his mind. “I will be alright. Alex will take good care of me and the babies.” She said then gently kissed him on the lips.

“You’re amazing. I love you so much. How did I get so lucky to have you?”

“You mean you don’t remember how I snag you from all the women that you were running from?” she said laughing at him.

“Hmm, don’t think it was that many. But I do remember Venture giving you an eye once and awhile.”

“But I chose you, not him. Now get to bed…we have to make our week last while you’re off before you go back to work.”



To be continued . . . . .