Alexander Wildstar

Part 4

By Yuki Wildstar



 12th of July, 2224

Quarters of Alexander Wildstar

Miramar, California


He smiled at his laptop and wanted to be there with her. It seemed like a good idea at first for Alex but he missed her so much. His father thought it was a great opportunity for him to take. To fly with the most elite pilots was something he couldn’t pass up, one of them being his own father to lead the training exercise. “I miss you so much.” He told her.

Description: cute_anime_girl-1280x800[1].jpg“I miss you too,” her face smiled back at him from the laptop. He watched as she panned out to see her completely.

A smile creped his face to see her in a simple white shirt he left on one of their many nights together. “You look beautiful. I wish I was there with you.”

“Me too. Oh I almost forgot. I got a letter from Harvard and Yale!”

“That’s great Ann, what did they say?” he said with a little disappointment.

“They both want me! Isn’t that great!” she giggled.

“Wow I knew you could do it. So which one will it be?”

“Don’t know, I haven’t decided I have one more that I am waiting on.”

“Oh yeah you applied for three. Which one is the other again?”

“Great Island University. I haven’t heard from them yet.”

“So which one are we rooting for?”

Description: tha3f81a96[1].jpg“We will see when the next letter comes.” She could see he looked disappointed in the replies he didn’t want to lose her and she didn’t want to lose him. But since she was little she always wanted to be a lawyer and the top schools were Harvard and Yale. He was always supportive in her decision and he never told her which one to chose. “Hey cheer up I still have one more. This may be the one we both will like.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“So how was your first flight with your father?” She asked.

His eyes lit up and smile came to his face. “My brother is going to hate me for weeks. Dad was not letting me off easy but I almost beat him. If it wasn’t for him knowing the terrain I would have taken him down. I also got a chance to fly one of the newer models. You would not believe the g-force this has.”

“My, should I be jealous of a metal chick?” she laughed at him.

“You should never be jealous of a metal ship. But there might be jealousy when I take over the Argo. My dad said I can command her one day.”

“That’s wonderful Alex. I’m so happy for you.” She let out a yawn and said. “Sorry the time difference can be much. When are you coming home?”

“Another 3 weeks just in time to get into the swing of things at school. My mom is doing a big thing for our return are you coming? Or are you going to see your mother over in Omega 13.”

“Actually she said she was heading to Bolar for some big thing over there. So I will be home.”

“That’s great! I’ll tell my mom that to set another plate. She just loves when you come around.”

“Alex I think my dad wanted to spend time with me before school started again. So,”

“Not a problem my mom won’t mind at all she loves your dad. Why don’t you both come? It will be fun.”

“Thank you Alex. I’ll let my dad know. He likes you parents too. He still talks about working with them way back when. Can you believe that they are so old?” She giggled.

“Shh, my mom will kill you if she heard you call her old. Their only in their 40s.” he laughed at her. “You don’t want her to start hating you. She can be a real bitch if she heard you say she was old.”

Rolling her eyes she let out a small laugh. “Well I wish I can look that good when I am her age. She is beautiful.”

“Nice come back. Remember that if she ever knows that you said that.” He laughed.

Yawning again she said, “I love you Alex. I should get some sleep. I have to go into work in the morning.”

“How is the internship for the summer going?” Alex asked.

“Trying, I hate these lawyers that think you are at their beckoning call. I hope I never become like that.”

“Hey my mom and dad never treated anyone beneath them. Just remember that you were once in those shoes and you will always get respect. One thing my dad taught me is to treat everyone fair. Listen to what they say and never belittle them in front of others.”

“Thank you Alex. That’s good advice. I should go. I have to get up early I love you Alex.”

“I love you to.” He said back. She blew him a kiss and the screen went black.



23rd of August, 2224

Miramar, California

Flight Graduation



He walked on stage and stood tall in front of his father. Derek Wildstar could never be more proud of his son as he placed his flying wings on him. “Congratulations son.” He stepped back and saluted his son.

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-11-15h28m07s149.png Alex snapped to attention and saluted back. “Thank you sir!” he said back to him. He looked out to the small audience and smiled at his mother, brothers and baby sister. But his smiled widen more when he saw her standing next to his family. She blew him a kiss and gave him a wink. The ceremony was short and they all gathered in the hallway. His mother hugged him tight as his sister joined them. Picking up his sister he squeezed her tighter. “Thank you Miku. I promise I will always be there for you. I’ll make sure that DJ and Mark don’t tease you all the time. Dad said I can fly us all back to Great Island. You can be my co-polit.” She giggled at her older brother and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Awe you’re so sweet, thank you. I couldn’t ask to be kissed by a more beautiful girl in the whole world.” He pinched her nose softly making her laugh.

“She is a beautiful girl. I think I’m jealous.” Annie said.

“Aw but you are different, you’re my girl. I’m a lucky guy. I have my Mom, Miku and you. I’m wouldn’t change that for the world.” With his other arm he pulled her closer and hugged her, giving her a kiss on the lips for all to see.

“Hey Alex, you should take a picture of this for now, because when I go here I’m going to knock your name off this plaque.” DJ Wildstar said as he brushed on the wall.

“Keep dreaming Deej.” He laughed at his little brother. He seemed to always be in competition with his older brother which made him laugh.

“Alex we will meet you back at the hotel.” His mother announced. “Annie dear are you staying or coming with us.”

“Mom she’s going to help me pack. We will meet you and dad back at the hotel for dinner.”

She glanced at her son and gave him a look of concern. She liked Annie very much but she wanted them both to have a life before they settle down. “Okay Alex, we will see you later at the hotel for dinner. I love you and proud of you.”

“Love you to Mom, see you guys later.”


Helping him pack, it took less than they thought. Within an hour he was packed and ready to go. “Well looks like that’s all of it.” He said.

She placed some clothes into a bag for him and sat on the bed. “Alex I need to tell you something.” From the tone of her voice he knew she wasn’t going to tell him anything good. “I didn’t get accepted into Great Island University. They denied my application.”

“So this means what?”

“I elected to go to Harvard it was my dream for I don’t know how long. I will be attending in the fall.” she quickly said.

He walked over to where she sat and put his arms around her. “I’m happy for you Annie. You’re going to make a great lawyer. Who knows my grandfather will probably hire you.” He said and then gave her a kiss on the lips.

“Oh Alex,”

“Hey don’t you even think about my feelings. I will be alright. It’s your dream and I’m not going to stand in your way. We can always see each other on the net and I can fly over once or twice a month. I’m not letting you go that easy. And when you graduate I will be right in the front row cheering you on. I love you.” He said then kissed her again.

Her eyes filled with tears as to what he told her. He was willing to let her go for her dream and it touched her very core. “Oh Alex I love you so much. Do you think this will work?”

“Sure it will. I love you too. And we will make it work. We have to make it work now, because I will be gone a lot in the first years of being commissioned as an officer. So by the time we both graduate we will be pros.” He said making her laugh at his logic. “You know it’s been a heck of a long time. I couldn’t wait until I saw you again. I’m glad that my mom didn’t push the issue of you going back to the hotel with her.”

“She just worries Alex.”

“I know she does.” He lean closer to her and kissed her hard with passion. Moving her down onto the bed that now was strip of its sheets he began to take off her jacket and unbutton her blouse. She smiled at him and pulled him tight wanting him also. It has been long for the both of them and she was hoping to steal some time away with him.

“Let me lock the door.” He said pulling away and getting up. Walking over to the door he was ready to lock it when someone pushed the door opened. They both watched as his father walked in. “Dad!”

From the expression on his sons face Derek Wildstar knew he almost walked in on something. Annie stared away blushing as Alex fidget with his hair. “I was just checking the rooms and making sure that everything was taken with the students. I see it’s taken you a little longer then everyone else. Are you going to need help taking everything to the car?”

“Um, I got this dad. Annie was helping me pack. We were just ready to bring everything to the car.” He looked away as he spoke.

“Why don’t I help you bring this stuff to the car?” Wildstar said as he picked up a box and then looked over his shoulder. “Come on Alex, we have to close out the student’s quarters.”

Alex turned and gave her a half smiled “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that. Guess we should get out of here before he comes back.”

Annie let out a laugh and lay back on the bed. “Well lucky for us we weren’t in the middle of it when he walked in. Now that would be awkward!” making him laugh with her.



Meeting back in the room Derek took hold of Nova from behind. “Alex is here.”

“Everything alright?” She raised her eyebrow to him.

Description: 284642_1805357028354_1672740288_1147668_7788725_n[1].jpgDerek let out a laugh and brought her around to face him. “Nothing happened. Although I think he was in the mist of starting something. Hey don’t look like that. He’s a good kid, well a young man. Now I have some calls I have to make before dinner. Are your parents attending? Because I need to know if I will need a valium with your mother.” Throwing a book in his direction she couldn’t help but laugh at him. Since they made peace many years ago he couldn’t resist making fun of her. Nova swore he had a better relationship with her then she did. It made her feel better that he was the only one to bring out the best in her mother. Even with the past she kept rooting for him and her to get together. Though she told him what she felt at the time. It made him feel even lower and sleazy but she admitted that she loved him as a son-in-law. And when Miku was born their bond became even more so stronger.

“Why is it that I am her only daughter but you are her favorite? Why is that?” she asked.

“Maybe it’s my charming ways or just my good looks.” He grinned at her. Picking up another book she gave full swing and threw at him. He ducked just in time to hit the side of the entry way of the room. “Hey, hey! Are you seriously trying to hit me” he laughed.

“If I wanted to hit you I could.” She replied laughing with him. Lunging at her he began to chase her around the room making her laugh loud enough for their kids to come running. Before Derek knew it his sons were jumping on him holding him back from getting hold of their mother. Nova grabbed hold of her husband and began to tickle him with Miku, DJ and Mark helping. “Alright everyone, we have to get ready for dinner. Let your father up.” She said.

Derek took hold of his wife and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. “Go get dress DJ, Mark. And take Miku to Alex I have to punish your mother for keeping me from some work.” He ordered as Nova laughed harder and tried to call for help. “Not this time Mrs. Wildstar.” He closed the door to their room and threw her on the bed.




Sitting in the restaurant they made idle chitchat with each other. Derek sat between his mother-in-law and Nova while Miku sat on the other side of her grandmother. Sandra talked back and forth with Derek while her husband talked with Mark about his company. “Looks like James will have someone to take over the company” she informed her son-in-law. “I’m sorry Derek, I guess one of the boys won’t be following in your footsteps.”

“That’s alright Sandra. He just lights up when he talks with James. Anyway I have Alex and DJ and maybe that little princess right next to you.” He reached over and grabbed her nose.

“So, what is the news with Alex and Annie. Will they be setting a date?” she said.

“Always marrying someone off I see, Sandra.” He laughed at her.

“Obviously they are sleeping together.”

“Sandra please don’t embarrass them. Their good kids and want more than just marriage. So let them live a little. Alex wants to command and it will be hard enough for them to survive him being away all the time they don’t need someone telling them that they need to be married. So lay off alright?”

Description: mannequin-smile[1].jpgHuffing at her son-in-law she nodded her head. “Okay but I don’t want to be a great grandmother just yet.”

Wildstar laugh and said. “And you will be a beautiful Great Grandmother. Let’s face it if I didn’t see Nova first I would have chased you around.” He winked.

She shoved him away and said. “Oh you. But what is Annie planning on doing with her life?”

“I’m not sure I know she applied to a few colleges. Why don’t you ask her?”

Sandra clear her throat and looked towards Alex and Annie. “Alex I am so proud of you. Annie dear, now that you and Alex are almost done in school what will you be doing with your life?”

Annie smiled and Alex gave her a shove. “She’s going to college in the fall. Harvard grandpa, your almamater.”

“REALLY! What will you be studying?”

“Corporate Law,” she said softly. “I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer and Corporate Law always fantasize me. I received my acceptance letter while Alex was in flight school.”

“Well that’s wonderful. I know a few people on the board there if you have any problems.”

“Thank you sir, but I would like to make this on my own.” She said with pride.

“Alex why isn’t that you haven’t snatch her up sooner.” His grandfather said.

“We want to finish school first grandpa. But I will be there to see her get her degree on graduation day. Front row seats.” He said as he took her hand and kissed it.

Sandra leaned closer to Derek and whispered. “Impressive, she’s a winner.”

“I guess picking the right girl is a good trait of a Wildstar. I pick Nova and she is my world.”

She gently kissed her son-in-law on the cheek and smiled. “I’m glad she picked you too. And to give me such beautiful grandchildren is more then I can ask for. I can finally die in peace.”

“Oh don’t talk like that Sandra. You’re too young to die. You have a lot of fight still left in you.”





1st of October 2224

Great Island

EDF Headquarters

Office of Rear Admiral Derek Wildstar



“Admiral you have a quick appointment with Councilman Tanaka.” Nova peeked into his office, “I have to leave soon in order to be there for the boys.”

“Councilman Tanaka, really Nov, he just doesn’t shut up.”

“Sorry but he said it was important.” She said. “Do you need me to stay?”

“No you go the kids need you. I’ll see you later at home.” He said and got up walking over to her. Closing the door he took hold of her and kissed her. “I love you.”

“I love you too. See you tonight. Try not to be late.”

“Easy for you to say. I have to listen to Tanaka go on about budgeting.” He rolled his eyes at her. “I’ll try not to be late. Thanks for helping out.”

 He sat at his desk finishing his paper work and was ready to go home when he walk into his office. Wildstar almost forgot about his appointment when he looked up and saw him standing there in front of him. “Councilman Tanaka, what can I do for you?” From the looks on his face he could tell that he was going to be there a while.

“Admiral Wildstar I was looking over the budget on one of the ship and,” he began when Wildstar phone went off.

“I’m sorry sir, my aid left. I should take this.” He said relieved. “Admiral Wildstar.” He said into the phone. “I see, yes I’ll be right down.” Hanging up the phone he said to Tanaka. “Sorry sir but they need me in communications. Emperor Deslock is asking for me.”

“Oh, yes, I’ll walk you there so we can talk about the budget.” He said. Wildstar hoped that he would just leave but he wasn’t giving in that easily. It seemed like he wouldn’t shut up. Wildstar walked quickly just to get away from him but he was as quick to catch up.

Wildstar call out to the communication crew, “Put him through.” He ordered.

“Roger sir, Emperor Deslock on screen C.”

The screens static began to clear and Deslock face appeared. “Wildstar it’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too Deslock. How is Devina and the kids.”

“They are all well. And Nova? How is she? Alex must be a young man by now and the twins?”

Description: 003 (3)b.jpg“They’re doing well. A lot has happen since we spoke, Nova and I had a little girl. Her name is Miku.”

Description: vlcsnap-2010-09-20-22h00m05s135.png“Congratulations Wildstar. If she looks anything like her mother she must be stunning. I will inform Devina of the good news.”

“So what’s going on? I am assuming that this is not a personal call.”

“Emperor Deslock it is an honor to meet you. Whatever Admiral Wildstar can,”

“Who the hell are you? And why are you addressing me?” Deslock looked at him annoyed.

“I am Councilman Tanaka. I see over,”

“You can go Councilman, I have no need for you here.” Deslock ordered making Wildstar chuckle slightly to the councilman’s reaction.

“Admiral I’ll just stand over here why you talk with the Emperor.” He bowed and stood to the corner.

“Now you see why we have no politician on Gamilon. They make things more complicated than they should be. Anyway Wildstar I am here to invite you personally to Damir and Dillon graduation. It is in 4 months. I would be very upset if you and your family can not attend.” Deslock said as he looked over to the Councilman. “I am sure Aurora will just love to spoil Miku once she sees her. A daughter, Wildstar, that’s wonderful news. I don’t know about you but Aurora is my little princess and there is no one good enough for her.”

“I agree with you Deslock. And Alex also thinks the same way. I don’t think she will have any suitors good enough for Alex. He is just as protective of his sister as he is of his mother. But I will have to clear everything with the Council before I,”

“Nonsense Admiral he will attend Emperor with leave on the week of his arrival.” Tanaka agreed quickly as he shook to Deslock.

“Then it is settled I will see you and the family.”

“We will send him as you requested Emperor.” Tanaka said with quivering lips.

“Very well, I will see you there. Deslock out!” He said leaving Wildstar and Tanaka looking at a blank screen. Now he had to break the news to Nova.



To be continued  . . . . .



Once again The Argo and its Captain head to Gamilon. Nova and Derek will come face to face with a past that they try hard to move on from. What will await the journey there with his family in tow? Will this bring back pain from their past? Read on to see what happens next.



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