Alexander Wildstar

Part 3

By Yuki Wildstar



14th of October, 2223

Wildstar Residences


“So what’s the outcome Stephen?” Wildstar asked him.

“It’s a good program I have to admit. But it’s done by an am muter. I can pull up the IP address and follow the strains from there. Not only will we find her laptop but the original strain. I would call Eager and let him know that his computer has been hack into a few times.” Sandor said as he moved his fingers over the key broad. “Hmm, looks like a few cadets have had their grades changed from the original ones.”

“I’m sorry Alex, I never knew she can be this vindictive.” Dee said as he patted him on the back.

“Thanks Dee, but it’s not your fault. I should have come to my parents before all this got out of hand. And my mom wouldn’t be walking around thinking of ways to kill her.”

“I explained to Peg what happened and she said she will talk with Annie. I think she can get her to talk with you.” Dee assured his friend.

“I’ll give Eager a call and inform him. We can all meet in his office first thing Monday morning. In the mean time your mother and I have an appointment with Ambassador Shelton tonight.” Wildstar said.

“Dad! Not mom. Please she is going to flip on them!” he begged.

“Trust me Alex, your mother will be alright. Give her credit, she knows when to let out her mean side. Sandor can you put that on paper.”

“I can do better than that. I’ll be there Monday. I’d like to see how she will explain that to Eager.” Sandor said. “As for her parents I know from what Yvey told me. Is that they are barley around, the kid has full reign over everything. And she can do no wrong in their eyes. Spoil rotten brat.”

“Hmm, then this is not going to go well. But I hope that I can make them listen to what we have to say.” Wildstar said. “Sandor thanks for everything.”




16th of October, 2223

Sheldon Residence




They stood outside of the house waiting. The door opened and the butler greeted them. “Come in Admiral and Mrs. Wildstar, Ambassador Sheldon and Mrs. Sheldon are waiting in the study.”  They followed him into the study. It seemed bigger then Derek’s study. Shelves where filled with books and artifacts that where from all over the world. The dark wood made the room look like an old charm library. The ambassador stood next to the bar drinking scotch while his wife sat on the couch sipping on some wine. He quickly walked over to Wildstar and Shock his hand. Wildstar noticed that he was average height, bold and completely over weight. His wife was older and Nova clearly saw all the plastic surgery she had done over the years.  “Admiral Wildstar, it is good to meet you.” He said as he stuck his hand out for him to shake.

“Very nice to meet you too, Ambassador.” Wildstar took hold of his hand and shook it noticing that it was also on the pulp side. It felt like shaking hands with sausages.

“My and this must be the famous Nova Wildstar. The press doesn’t do you justice.” He leered at her as his wife looked away in a huff. “This is my wife Amber.”

“How do you do.” She said in her southern accent.

“Hello,” Nova shook her hand and looked closer at her. She noticed that her roots needed to be done and her heavy makeup made her look older then she really was. “You have a lovely house.”

“I know.” She said in a snooty way that Nova didn’t like. “Please have a seat. Misty tells me that she is dating your son Alexander. Admiral Wildstar I see where he gets his good looks. Such a shy young man. And the fact that he comes from money is a plus. You can’t believe how many low income trash try to date our Misty. I don’t understand how they allow them into the academy. I mean it is for future officers. My God the trash that they let in there,” she huffed. “So Derek, may I call you Derek.” She said with a sly smile.

Nova could feel her temper starting to rise when Derek took hold of her hand and squeezed it. “I prefer Admiral Wildstar, Ma’am.” He replied.

“Hmm,” Nova wanted to take her bleach blond hair and choke her. “You know my husband came from simple means before he became so famous. I always said it not where you come from, it’s what you do with your life.” Nova said as she stared hard at Misty mother. Egotistic bitch! I’m sure you didn’t come from a well off family. From the likes of it you married into it, Nova thought. “I’m sorry, where are you from Amber, I can call you Amber, Right?”

She saw her stiffen up and said. “I’m from southern Texas, Nathan and I met while on vacation. The minute I saw him I just knew that he was the one for me.”

More like the minute he stepped into the strip club you knew he was wealthy, Nova thought. “So how long have you two been married?”

“About 15 years now. Isn’t that right darling.” She waved over to her husband. Calculating back it was clear that she got pregnant and they married. “And you and Admiral Wildstar.”

“Almost 20 years now.” She smiled at her husband.

“I heard that you two divorced, but you know those tabloids, they just about print anything.”

“Yeah I know how they can be.” Nova said with a straight face.

“Enough of the small chitchat.” Nathaniel Sheldon interrupted. “So Admiral to what do we owe the pleasure of you both?”

“Well I was hoping to meet at much pleasant time. But we have a huge problem.”

“We do, how so.” Her father said.

“Please don’t tell me that Misty is pregnant with your son.” Amber said with a smile.

“NO! No, no.” Derek quickly said. “God no! Nothing like that.”

Nova stood up and laid it out, “your daughter has been blackmailing our son. She set up a program in MY son’s laptop showing that he was hacking into the academy computer! Your daughter has been trying to hook her little claws into our son from the first day she seen him. What the hell are you going to do about it, because I have a few solutions for you.”

“Excuse ME!” Amber stood up. “My daughter would do no such thing. Maybe it was your son that did it and tried to blame it on her.” She snapped back at her. “Barnard!, go get Ms. Misty please.”

“Maybe if you,” Nova began to snap back when Derek pulled at her arm.

“Nova, please. Ambassador Sheldon we have found out that your daughter has been hacking into the Academy’s computers and somehow managed to pin it on our son. I’m really sorry that we have to tell you this. We were just as shock as you are but it was best to let you know. We just want to inform you before we approach the dean.”

“Are you sure about this Admiral? Because my angel would never think of doing such a thing. She wouldn’t need to.”

Misty walked into the den wearing a pink dress, her hair in pick tails. “Good evening everyone.” She sang then stopped when she saw Alex parents standing there.

“Misty sweetheart, this is Admiral Wildstar and Mrs. Wildstar. They tell us that you were hacking into the schools computers. Is this true?”

“Father why would I do that?” she said batting her eyes at her father.

“I would like to know too. See Admiral I believe you have the wrong information.” Her father said as she stood next to her father.

“Hmm, then why would you blackmail my son? He tells me that you blackmail him into dating him. That you place a program into his laptop that was linked to the schools computer.”

“Why Admiral Wildstar, I wouldn’t know how to do that.” She said.

“My son wouldn’t lie to us.” Nova snapped at her.

Standing closer to her father she started to cry. “Father I didn’t do anything. I don’t know why Alex would do something like that. He has been trying to go to bed with me and when I told him no he must have got upset and told them this lie. Daddy he tried to make his way with me.”

“Why you little,” Nova tried reaching for her as Derek held her back.

“Nova!” Derek said.

“Is this true, Misty? Their son tried to have sex with you?” her father asked.

“Oh daddy I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. After I said no I told him that it was over and he got mad and stormed out. Daddy please don’t get mad, he is just having problems at home.” She cried.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” Derek yelled.

“Are you calling my daughter a liar?” Amber Sheldon said as she stood up.

“Well if the shoe fits,” Nova said sarcastically.

“My daughter has nothing to lie about.”

“Well I think she is and not only that she nothing but a little,” Nova tried to say.

“NOVA!” Derek snapped.

“Well looks like you have her under control Admiral. She seems like a real biter, lucky you have her on a short leash.” The Ambassador laughed.

“EXCUSE ME?! What do you mean lucky I have her on a short leash. Maybe you need to muzzle your Chihuahua.”

“Are you calling my wife a dog? Admiral!”

“And a small minded one at fact!” Wildstar replied. How he wanted to punch his lights out. He realized that this wasn’t going as planned and took a step back. “Look Ambassador Sheldon, I just want to get the bottom of this. My son would never lie to me. If he tells me that Misty was blackmailing him I believe him. Now what are we going to do about it.”

“I’m not doing anything. I believe my daughter and she wouldn’t lie to me.”

“Why you little hussy! How dare you!” Nova lunged at her.

Shielding her from Nova advance her mother said. “You stay away from my child!”

“Well maybe if you control her better she wouldn’t be such a little tramp!” Nova yelled.”Perhaps you should concentrate on being a mother and stay home for once. Maybe you would have better control of her. Not to mention find out what a little liar and hussy she IS!”

“NOVA! Please, this is not going to work if we continue to do this. Ambassador, tomorrow we will be in the Dean’s office taking care of this problem. I will have one of the top scientist to prove where the original strain started and who has been tapping into the computers. If you wish to be present we will be there first thing in the morning. So I’d advise you to sober up and meet us there.” Taking Nova by the  hand he turned and began to walk away.

“Admiral Wildstar, you will be hearing from the council about this!” He yelled to him.

Stopping Wildstar turned and walked to him facing him closer to feel his breath on him. “Are you threatening me! Because I don’t take kindly to threats!” He snapped at him. “Anyway who do you think that they would believe? An overweight pompous airbag that drinks a lot and his bleach blonde stripper of a wife or ME!” Nova grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him away from the ambassador knowing that he would hit him. Pulling himself together Wildstar said. “If she has nothing to hide then we hope to see you there.”




17th of October, 2223

EDF Academy

Office of Captain Christopher Eager, Dean


Description: tonari[1] - Copy.jpg

They gather in the office of Captain Eager. Sandor sat behind the desk and they watched as he worked over the computer’s keyboard. “Found it.” He said. “Looks like it came from this IP address and then was inputted into this one and then transfer over to here. I’ll pull up all the files that were tampered with.”

“How many Sandor?”

“Hmm, a few. I’ll have them printed out. But this is the one that we were looking for. The original tampering came from this IP address. Looks like your daughters IP address Ambassador.”

“This is bull. How do I know that you didn’t set this up?” he asked in outrage.

“Ambassador Sheldon, your daughter has been tampering in the academy’s computer for some time now.” Sandor interjected.

“Captain Eager, I will not stand for this. I have,”

“What you have Ambassador is a daughter that has hacked into an EDF computer system. Now you have two choices. One, your daughter can face felony charges for tampering or two, she can leave here with her dignity and yours.”

“This is a conspiracy! You are all in this together and I will not stand for this. I will call the president and inform him about this!”

“You can call Jesus himself if you like. But the proof is here and I’ll be more than happy to show the council if you like. I would even encourage you to find a computer expert. I am sure that they will tell you the same. So I would strongly advice in taking number two choice. Once Dean Eager begins going through all the grade changes I am sure that your daughter’s name will come up.” Sandor explained.

“I will be conducting a meeting with the names that come up. Once I start to integrate them I am sure that they will tell me who was the one that hacked into my files. Would you like to be present for that ambassador?”

“I will make it to each and every one of them. And you will all see that my daughter had nothing to do with it.



Later that morning . . . .


One by one they sat outside of the conference room wondering why they were called. This time it was Casey Jones turn. He sat outside in hopes that someone would give him any information as to why they were called. Each time a name was called a few minutes later he saw them walk out of the Conference room with their parents their heads hung low. No one looked his way and he began to worry.  “Cadet Jones the Dean will see you now.” Eager’s secretary called to him. He sat there biting his nails and wondering what it was about. “CADET JONES! Go in!” she yelled again at him. “Don’t make him wait any longer.”

Description: thumbnailCAB1DD99.jpg“Um yes ma’am.” He stood up and stood tall. Walking into the room he was shock to see his parents sitting across the table. “Mom, Dad, what’s going on.”

“Sit down Cadet.” Eager said. “Cadet I have a question to ask.” Eager pushed the papers in front of him. “Can you tell me about this report you handed in to Commander Pesci? It shouldn’t be too hard since you wrote it, you should be able to explain the G-force of Cosmo Fighter and details of how the Wave Motion Gun works?”

“Um, it’s been a long time since I handed that in. I might have to glance at my notes, sir.” He said fluster.

“I would think if you wrote it then you can remember what you wrote. By the way, I spoke to Professor Takayuki and he doesn’t recall giving you an A in his class. More like a C minus. Something about plagiarism in a report that you handed in. So can you explain it, cause we are all a little confused as to how you received an A when he clearly gave you and C minus.” Eager said sitting back in the chair as he cross his arms.

“I, I, I.”

“Speak up son!” his father said. Casey can tell that his father was getting furious with him and he began to squirm in the chair.

“It wasn’t me Dad!” he finally broke down. “Well the report was mine, but the changing of the grade wasn’t my idea. I was willing to take the C minus. Cadet Sheldon is the one that suggested to hack into the computer and changed it. Dad I didn’t want to but she pushed me to do it. She’s the one that has been getting into the schools computer. I’m sorry Dad.” He said as he cried.

“Captain Eager I apologies for this I will be taking care of my son as soon as we get home. There is a lovely school that I have been thinking of sending him to since he will not be returning here this coming fall. We have had this conversation one too many times.”

“But DAD! Please I will be,”

“ENOUGH! I have had it with you and that tramp. She has been nothing but trouble since the day we caught you two in bed together. Now let’s go we have a lot to talk about.” He said pointing towards the door.

“Just one more thing, Commander Jones.” Eager said.

“Yes sir!” Jones Dad stood at attention.

“I have one more question before you all go.” Eager motioned Casey to sit one more time. “Were you and Misty Sheldon involved in hacking into the file of Alexander Forrester?”

He sat there stunned. I knew I should have walked away. Something told me to not get involve with her little scheme. Now he was getting kick out of school and being sent to Siberia to the academy there. The worst part is that it’s an all boy’s school and no women in sight from what he heard. “It was all her idea. I told her not to. She insisted that we find out who he really was. She said that it would never be trace back to her. Anyway she didn’t get any information from there. She managed to find it on the internet. I’m sorry sir, I really tried to stop her, but she was already hell bent on finding out.”

“I see. Thank you Cadet.” He watched as he father grabbed hold of him by the collar and escorted him out the door.  Looking up to the window in the room he nodded and the door opened. “Well Ambassador. What do you have to say to that?” Eager asked.

He huffed and then turned to Wildstar that stood behind him. “My apologies to you and your wife, Admiral and Alex.”

“What the hell are you apologizing for!” his wife snapped at him. “He tried to make his way with our daughter! What are you going to do about that?!”

“You have got to be kidding! My son would never take advantage of an easy little tramp like her!” Nova screamed. “If she lied about hacking into the computer, she’s lying about Alex! I will not stand here and listen to your crap. Face it she’s a little tramp and you need to send her to a convent.”

“Don’t you dare call my daughter a tramp!” Amber Sheldon yelled back.

“I’m sorry she isn’t a tramp that was wrong of me to say. SHE IS A SCANK!!” Nova screamed back. “And if she goes near my son again I will give her the beating she should have gotten from you.”

“How dare you!” she began when her husband pulled at her arm.

“Amber! Enough. We will discuss this at home. Admiral, once again my apologies to you and your wife. Amber let’s go and get our daughter we have a lot to talk about.” He said.

They watched as they left by the looks on the ambassador’s face he wasn’t too happy on the outcome of all the witness that came forward. “Well that solves a lot of things that have been going on around here. I was wondering why so many were passing with their back ground. Now to take care of outing Alex.”

“I think Pesh is taking care of that as we speak. There’s a new student attending the Academy. Maybe we should see how he is getting along with everyone.”

“Derek, I’m sure he will tell us once he gets home. Let him handle that part, he doesn’t need us hovering over him.”

“Excuse me? You are letting him handle it alone? Well that’s a first.”






They all sat in their seats waiting. Many talk among each other while some grew curious as to what has been happening with some of the students. Word through the grapevine leaked that many of them were getting expelled from school. Parents were summoned to find out that their children were no longer attending EDF Academy. Someone whispered to another student saying “The Dean found out that his files were hacked into. Not to mention some grades were changed. I know a few that will be getting kick out” he said. “I heard that Misty Sheldon was behind it all. She hacked into Dean Eager computers and she changed a lot of her grades, not to mention some of the guys she was with to keep them with her.” Another said. A hush began to come over the auditorium when Commander Pesci walked onto the stage.

He leaned on the podium and tapped onto the microphone. “Can I get everyone’s attention please?” waiting for complete silence he tapped once again and said with a stern voice. “I’d like everyone’s attention right now or there will be an extra 20 minutes at detention this afternoon for everyone.” Making everyone stop talking and focus their attention to him on stage. “Thank you, now I want to take a few minutes and introduce you to a new student. Now many of you have already met him and are friends with him. I would like to see that continue. Now, with no further ado, I give Alexander WILDSTAR.” The silence was deafening to Alex ears, everyone watched as he stepped onto the stage and walk over to the podium. Pesci stood to the side and encouraged him to speak. “Go on.”

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-11-21h10m17s67.png“Hello, I am Alexander Wildstar. I know that you all know me as Alex Forrester but I am Alex Wildstar. My father is Rear Admiral Derek Wildstar and my mother is Nova Forrester Wildstar. I would like to say is that well, since I started here you all have been good friends and I would like to keep it that way.”

“You have been lying all this time and spying on us!” someone screamed out. “What have you told your father?!”

“First of all I would never betray anyone’s confidence. That’s something my father told me, so you all do not need to worry about what you said to me or around me. Second of all, the reason for my secrecy, entering EDF Academy fear of my father’s name would create more of a problem then a positive. Because of my father I didn’t want people to see me different or try to use my family’s name to their advantage. Just because my name is Wildstar does not mean I am my father. I am Alex Wildstar. I am still the person you met on my first day here and I will always remain Alex. Thank you.”

Pesci walked over to him and pat him on the back. “You did great Alex. Good job.”

“Now let’s hope that they treat me like before.” He sighed. Another hush came over the auditorium and they both looked in the direction of the aisle. Derek and Nova walked past the cadet and onto the stage. He stood before his son and smile at him.

“You did great. I can never be any more proud of you at this very moment then I already am.” He stuck out his hand and they shook.  Despite her protest of watching as they walked by the auditorium they could hear his speech. They watched from the back of the auditorium as he gave his speech and their hearts went out to him. Wildstar saw his son in a whole new light and wanted to hug him right then.

“Thanks Dad.” He stood at attention, saluted and continued. “Sorry sir, Thank you Rear Admiral Wildstar.”

“Alex we are so proud of you.” Nova hugged him gently and began to cry.

Rolling his eyes he put his arm around his wife. “Okay Susie water works. Let’s go, your embarrassing your son not to mention me. Alex we will see you at home. Good luck.”

“Yes sir.” He step closer to his mother and wiped a tear off her cheek. “You know I hate when you cry, Mom. I’ll be alright.”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes and smile at him.



The rest of the day went smoothly. There were a few that kept their distance but most couldn’t help but ask why. His friend understood and advised him that he was and always will be the Alex they met the first day of school. The last bell rang and everyone ran out the building to talk about the day. Dee waited outside for Alex to come out. Making his way he got pats on the back and asked if he knew about the students that were expel. He quickly made his way out and waved to Dee. “Hey!”

“Alex! So how was the rest of the day for you?”

“Pretty smooth, thank god. I only wish now is that Annie would talk with me.”

“Sorry Alex but she told Peg that she never wants to see you again. I guess she was really pissed at you.”

“I guess I deserve that. I should have been honest with her from the beginning.”

“I’m sure she will come around. Come one Peg is meeting us at the Mall. She had to leave early she said she’ll meet us there.”

“Maybe I should go home. I’m sure you two don’t want me tagging along. Anyway my Mom and Dad are probably waiting for me to tell them how the rest of the day went.”

“Come on Al. You won’t be intruding.” Dee said as he pulled at him.

“Oh Alright, but only for a few minutes I have to get some things from there anyways.”




Peg waved to Dee and Alex as they made their way to the food court. “PEG!” Dee yelled out happy to see her. They embraced as they met making Alex uncomfortable.

“Alex I’m glad that it all worked out for you. It’s more like a relief that you came out. It was getting hard not to tease you about being a Wildstar.” Peg told him. They sat down and talk about the day’s drama. “I swear I thought that you were going to bolt when Commander Pesci announce you.”

“I was for a second there. But I’m glad too that it’s over. It was getting harder to avoid the parent thing. Who are your parents? Where are you from? Etc, etc, etc.”

“Shame that I couldn’t say anything to anyone it would have been nice to say that I was going out with Alex Wildstar.” He heard someone say behind him. Turning around he smiled to see her standing there. “Hello Alex, Dee and Peg told me that you would be here with them today. So did you really come out and say who you really are?” she asked smiling at him.

“Annie,” he got up and hugged her. “You’re here. Gosh Annie I’m so sorry for what happen.”

“And you should be. You broke my heart I would’ve stood by you against her. You could’ve told me about it.”

“”I’m so sorry Annie. How can I ever make it up to you?” He said.

“Diner and a movie and not just any movie, you will take me Friday night to see that new release and somehow we will make a grand entrance for everyone to see that we are together.” She said with a grin.

“You got it. Annie would you like to meet my parents?” he asked. “And I have to warn you my Mom can be very noisy.”

Laughing at him she took his arm and said. “I would love to meet your parents. When?”

“No time like present. Come on.”




Wildstar Residence


“It’s finally nice to meet you Annie, Alex hasn’t told us much of you but what he has have been all good. Come and meet his father.” Nova said as she hugged the young girl. “Derek! Come and meet Annie.” She yelled out to the patio.

She watched him walk into the house and found him handsome. Alex did indeed look like his father. She blushed as he stuck out his hand for her to shake. “Hello Annie, very nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Admiral Wildstar.” Her voice quivered as she spoke.

His smile was exactly like Alex and she wanted to melt as his eye met hers. “Mr. Wildstar will be fine. I hate being called Admiral unless it’s at work or when I am speaking to the troops. Would you like to stay for dinner Annie?”

“Yes, but I should call my parents and let them know.”

“Of course, Alex can I see you for a minute in my office.”

“Be right back Annie,” he said as she called her parents on her cell. “Mom, please be nice.”

“Oh Alex she’ll be just fine. Miku will keep her entertained.”

He followed his father into his study and sat down across from him. “So how was school? How did everything turn out?”

“Smooth dad, I thought I was going to get a lot of slack from everyone but they were cool about it all. They sure were happy to see Misty and Casey leave. I mean there were some of his old friends that gave me a hard time but I can handle them.” He grinned.

“I’m glad to hear that Alex. It’s good to have my son back. You know your mother name you after your uncle Alex.”

“I know dad, you and mom have told me the story over and over. I know he was your big brother and he stepped up after grandma and grandpa died. I know about how he sacrificed his ship so Captain Avatar could escape. How he married Aunt Starsha. They covered all that in history. I won’t let you down. Now that my teachers know who I am I guess I have to work twice as hard.”

“Alex we only ask that you do your best. Your work ethics shouldn’t change because you are out. You’ve done well so far and I’m glad that you have maintained it. Your smart and you work hard. We are both proud of you.” He told his son. “Just because they know that you are a Wildstar doesn’t mean that you have to change. You’re Alex first not Wildstar. We love you.”

“Thanks Dad, you and mom are the best.” He said.

“She’s a lovely girl, very pretty. I think your mother likes her. I’m glad we finally met her. Come on we shouldn’t leave her long with your mother. She may start telling her about how you ran around swinging your diaper around.”

“Dad she wouldn’t would she?”

“Yes Alex she would. Come on let’s go.”




29th of June, 2224


“Congratulations Alex, I’m so proud of you.” Annie told him as she lean over the class room table. They snuck off from everyone else to be alone. He long since took off his uniform because of the strange hot weather.

Description: i325658926_31896_5[1].jpg“I can’t believe I’ve made captain before my dad did in the Academy.” Alex grinned thinking of the thought.

“Will this mean you get commission as a captain in EDF?”

“No I will still be an ensign when I go. But that’s a long time away. I still have to go to EDF College before getting commissioned. So, how about some dinner tonight at Andre’s? My dad said it will be alright to take you and put it on his tab.”

“Wow Andre’s I’ve heard it’s a nice place to go to. What should I wear?”

“Just wear something nice. You don’t have to get all fancy or anything. I’ll pick you up around 7 tonight. See you later.” He walked her to her father’s car and then kissed her. “My dad said I can use the car service. So don’t worry about anyone picking us up or dropping us off. See you.”



Later that night . . . . .



She opened the door and saw him standing there with flowers in his hand. He looked handsome in his dark blue suit. His hair combed and his eyes sparkled in the night. “Wow you look great.” He said as she stood there in a black off the shoulder dress. Her hair was swept to the side making her look mature for her age. “Well shall we?” he stuck out his arm as she slipped her hand through it. Thanks to his father he agreed to order him a limo for his night with her.

“Alex! A limo?” she asked shocked.

“My Dad ordered it for me. Actually it was my Mom’s idea and my grandfather owns the company, one of many.” They jumped into the back of the car and it drove off towards the restaurant. They were greeted by Andre himself which impress Annie and escorted them to his mothers and fathers favorite table. “Thank you Andre this is great.”

“I have made the prefect dinner. So just enjoy. Gino! Bring them some spring water.” He told the waiter. “No alcohol for the youngsters.” He smiled at them. “Your fathers orders, sorry Alex.”

“I’d figure that Andre, it’s alright. Thank you.”

“Oh yes Congratulations Alex on making Captain. I know your father is very proud. You know this is the same table that your father proposed to your mother way back when.”

He smiled at the heavy set man and said. “I know that, and thank you. But I don’t think that will happen tonight. We are still in school and have a long time before we even think about that.” He replied and watched her blush.

“Yes, yes, Gino! Have them send out the entrees!”

“Sorry about that. He is always trying to set someone up. He thinks that this table is magical since my parents come here often and my dad proposed to my mom here.”

“It’s alright Alex. It’s a sweet gesture.” She placed a napkin on her lap and reached over to hold his hand. “You know it’s been over a year since we started seeing each other. Thanks to you, you have made me the most popular girl in school.”

“Oh really? How popular?” he smiled.

“Enough to fight off the most prissiest snobs trying to get me into their inner circle.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course I would. You’re my guy. And I love you.” She said. Dinner was fun and ended too quickly for them. “Dinner was amazing Alex. Thank you.”

Description: 176c831b011c136c21bb716fd88301d6[1].jpg“Well considering I had the most prettiest girl in the place it should be me to thank you.” He said as he helped her with her jacket. “It’s late I should bring you home.” The limo brought them back to her house and he walked her to the door. “I hope you had a good time.”

“I did Alex, it was, um, Magical.” She smirked. He pulled her close to him and looked into her deep blue eyes. Moving his head closer to hers he kissed her softly taking her breath away. “Alex, why don’t you come inside.” She whispered softly in his ear.

“Um, are you sure?”

“Yes I am.” She took his hand and led him into the house.

“Annie, how about your parents?”

“They left for the weekend.”

“Really,” he grinned. Walking up the stairs Alex felt his heart beat faster. She led him into her room and closed the door. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close as she kissed him. “Annie are you sure about this?” he said softly in between kisses.

“Yes Alex I’ve been sure for about a week. I want you to be my first.” She said.

“Your first? You mean you’re a,”

“Yes Alex I am.”

“Um Annie, I, I, um this is,”

She placed her finger in front of his lips and said. “Then it will be all the more special for both of us.” Slowly she started to help him take his shirt off and then she turned around and said. “Would you mind unzipping me?” With his hands shaking he slowly unzipped her dress and watched as it dropped to the ground. He watched in amazement as he realized she wore nothing underneath her dress and he marveled at her beauty. Taking her back into his arms he moved her over to her bed. She helped him take off his pants and she smiled at him letting him know it was alright. He felt clumsy as he began to move his hands over her body. “Ouch” she said as he tried to cup her breast.

“OH God I’m sorry.” He pulled away.

“No, no its alright. Just do it like this.” She moved his hand gently over her body. She could feel him getting excited and pushed him away. “Do you have protection?” she asked concerned.

Description: imagesCAGH11ET.jpg“I have one in my wallet.” He said. He got up and picked up his pants and took out a condom from his wallet. He fumbled with it before he finally got it on the right way. She giggled as she watched him trying to get it on and then pulled at him. “Sorry, its different when you’re actually doing it.” She laid back on the bed and he climb on top of her. “Are you sure Annie?”

“Yes” she said then kissed him. He could feel his body shake. She grabbed his face and looked him in the eyes. “Alex it’s alright. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He took a deep breath and kissed her with more passion. His body stopped shaking and could feel his confidence come back. Slowly he caressed her body and moved his hand gently over her. She moaned softly as he began to kiss her neck and down to her breast. “Oh Alex.” She whispered before they made love.

They lay next to each other smiling and breathing heavily. Wow I can’t believe we actually did it, he thought. She crawled up next to him placing her head on his chest. “Annie I hope I didn’t hurt you. I wasn’t really sure what I should do to please you.”

“Alex you were great.” She kissed him. “I love you Alex.”

“I love you too Annie.”



Wildstar sat in the living room waiting for his son. It was 1 am when he walked through the door. He watched as his father stood up and he stood at attention. “Dad what are you still doing up?”

“Waiting for you, Alex. It was either me or your mother. I think it was better that it was me to wait for you. So did you have a good time?”

“She was impressed. Andre says hello and can’t wait to see you and mom again.”

“I will have to make plans to go there this week with your mother.” He wasn’t a fool he could tell that he was a man. He had that same look when he lost his virginity. “Your mother was a little worried about you. But I convinced her that the driver knew not to leave you two alone. But seems to me you were alone for a while.” He said making his son fidget. “It’s alright son. I had a funny feeling that tonight would be special night for you. All I have to ask is did you use protection?”

“We did dad. Now can I go to bed?” Alex was mortified at his father remark.

“Just one minute. Look your mother wanted me to go over something’s with you. I think that you are mature enough that I don’t have to go over what it is that your mother wants. So if it’s alright with you why don’t we call it a night and just let her think that we talk.”

Letting out a sigh of relief Alex smiled at his dad. “Thank you dad.”

“No problem, by the way. You’re grounded for three days.”


“We told you to be home at midnight its one in the morning. Trust me your mother wanted to ground you for a month. I haggled her down to three days with labor. You have to clean the screens and wash the cars. Clean out the trash cans, scrub the bathroom and I am sure that your mother will have some other things in mind.”

“Clean out the trash cans? Really dad, what’s the purpose?”

“I don’t know your mother came up with it. Hey at least you get to keep your laptop. She was going to take that away plus your phone. Get some rest and be prepared to wake up early to start your chores. You know how your mother is. I’ll try to head her off at the past for any info about tonight. Goodnight son.”

“Goodnight dad. And dad?”


“Thanks for not making a big deal about this.”

“You forget that I was once your age and I had a first time too.” He said then ruffled his hair. “Go to bed.”



Wildstar walked into the room and tried to be quiet as he climbed into their bed. Nova opened her eyes and turned to face her husband. “Well?” she asked.

“Do you ever sleep? It’s late Nov, we can talk about it in the morning.” He said annoyed.

“No I want to talk now. What happened?”

“Traffic, now go to bed.” He said then turned away from her.

“Derek, are you going to tell me or do I have to go there and question him.”

“Come on Nov, leave the boy alone. He’s home safe and he’s sorry he missed curfew.”


“WHAT! Can you just leave it alone? You don’t want to embarrass him. He’ll never trust us again if you keep pushing it. Now go to bed.”

He was right if she pushed the issue her son would never tell her anything again. She sighed and said. “Fine but at least did he use protection?”

“He said he did and I believe him. Now go to bed.” He said and turned around looking away from her.


Rolling his eyes he turned to face her once again and said. “What is it now?”

“Do you think that this is really serious with Annie?”

Sitting up he placed his arms around her and said. “Listen they are both good kids. They want things in life and they know by not being careful their dreams of achieving things will be harder. They both don’t want to be young parents and are both looking forward to starting college or becoming officers. Nova their not stupid and you did a great job with Alex. He will use that pea brain that you keep calling of his. So please! Don’t interrogate the boy. He’s just starting to get his baring on being a man. He won’t need you on his back about things. Okay?”

“Okay, but you know I just worry about them all.”

“Sometimes you have to let go a little so they can experience life. They will make mistakes we just have to be there and catch them when they fall. We can’t keep them sheltered all their lives. Even thou you would love to. So give him the space.”

What he said was acid to her ears but she knew that he was right. “Okay, I will give him lead way. But I don’t have to like it.”

Description: firstlove_ss[1].jpg“Nov, why don’t we forget about them and concentrate on us.” He lifted his eyebrow and grinned.

“Hmm, what do you have in mind Admiral?”

“Come here and I’ll show you.” He said pulling her closer to him.



To be continued  . . . . .