Alexander Wildstar

Part 2

By Yuki Wildstar

I would like to thank Peg and Annie, two great gals that I have had the pleasure in meeting. Since our meeting you have both become my dear friends and I’ve always wanted to put you two in my tales. Annie you finally bang a Wildstar and Peg you’re the sweet sensible girl my other character will adore. Thanks chickies it was fun adding you two to my tale. Smooches!


12th of September, 2223

EDF Academy

1000 hours


Description: opaisoft_cute-anime-girl-2[1].jpgSummer came and went and the new school year was in full swing. Peggy Ann Stohlwell was a pretty girl. She had transferred from the states to Great Island a week earlier and caught Alex eye instantly. Her father was a high ranking officer that work with Alex father back in 2202 when the comet empire try to take over the earth. She was a pretty red head with cute pouty lips. Her eyes danced when she smiled and Alex was head over heels for her. So were others. “Ask her out Al before someone else does.”

“Why would she say yes to me?”

“Why wouldn’t she? Come on you had crushes on every girl here and just when you warm up to them jock face swoops in and asks them out. After that they don’t want to mess with anyone else. Go for it, Al” Dee said. “Look she’s at her locker alone now go and ask her or I’ll go over there and tell her.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll do it.” Alex said and walked over to where she was. “Hello Peg, my name is,”

“I know who you are.” She grinned.

“You do?”

“Yes I do, my dad knows your dad. Hello Alex you don’t remember me do you?”

“Um sorry, no I don’t.”

“We met when you first came to New York. Sorry about your parent’s divorce. My dad was really bummed when he heard. He really likes your parents.”

“You know who my parents are?” he asked hoping that she wouldn’t give him away.

“Yeah who doesn’t? Admiral,” she began to say.

Placing his hand in front of her mouth Alex said. “Peg, shhh, I don’t want anyone to know that.”

“But why?” she asked confused.

Looking around he stepped closer to her and spoke in a low tone. “See I just rather not let everyone know. Sometimes being a Wildstar can be a curse when it comes to the teachers around here.”

Giggling at him she finally said. “Alright, so what are you going under these days then?”

“It’s Forrester, Alexander Forrester. Please Peg, don’t say anything. I rather not let anyone know. The only one who knows is Dee.”

“Dee? You mean Derek Sandor.” She asked pointing at his friend.

“Yeah, do you know him too?”

“Sure do, although he doesn’t remember me. It was a long time ago when my dad came to visit here. Would you introduce us?” She said batting her eye lashes at him.

“You want me to introduce you to Dee?” he asked confused.

“Yeah, why is he seeing someone. I was hoping that he and I can, well.” She said blushing.

“Um sure,” Alex said with disappointment. “Come on.” She gave a small squealed. “Dee, hey, this is Peggy Ann Stohlwell. Peggy this is Derek Stephen Sandor.”

“Hiya, we’ve met before a long time ago.” She quickly said as she stuck out her hand.

Looking at Alex confused he shook her hand. “Excuse us for a minute will you Peggy?”


Pulling Alex over to the side he said, “What’s going on?”

“If you don’t get it she likes you.”

“ME! Why me?”

“Why don’t you go talk with her? I have to go to class. See you later.” He yelled back over his shoulder as he made his way to class.



1500 hours


They waited outside of the school waiting for Alex to come out. They talk between classes about how she knew him and when they met. “Don’t you remember? We were about 6 when we met. My dad was retiring from EDF and looking for work. Your dad had a position available in the states for him and we’ve been there since.”

“What brings them here now?”

“I wanted to go to school here. I want to be a communication officer and what a better school to go to then the one my dad went to.” She smiled.

“Why me?” he asked her finally. “I mean Alex there wanted to hook up with you. So, why me?”

“Well since the last time I saw you I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“We were 6 years old. What could I have done to impress you?”

“Well the fact that you were cute and funny had a big thing to do with it, not you pulling on my hair.”

He laughed at her as Alex walked out of the school. “Alex!” he waved over to him.

“Hey, Dee, Hey Peg. What are you two up too?” he said in a sad voice.

“Dee can you give me a minute with Alex.” He nodded his head and step aside for them to talk. “Alex I’m sorry. I mean it’s not you it was me. I always had a thing for Dee since way back and well.”

“It’s alright Peg. He deserves someone like you. I’m happy for you both.” He said in a low tone.

Putting her hand on his face she gently kissed him on the cheek. “Alex, you’re a great guy. And I happen to have a really good friend that thinks your drop dead gorgeous. She’s not so bad looking herself. I really would like for you to meet her. She goes to St. Martin academy and we are meeting up over at the mall. Why don’t you come with us? I think she will be happy to see you.”

“I don’t know Peg.”

“Come on, I promise you’ll like her.” She said taking his hand and dragged him with Dee to the mall.


She had short dark brown hair with piercing blue eyes and small button nose. Alex stared at her as she smiled to meet him. “Hi, I’m Alex.” He said blushing to her smile.

Description: 640x869_4715_My_Yesterday_2d_anime_girl_woman_picture_image_digital_art[1].jpg“I’m Annie, nice to meet you Alex.” She giggled slightly as he fidgeted with his hair. “I’ve seen you once at the social dance that our schools do each year. I thought Peg was lying when she said you were going to join us.”

“Yeah well, Dee and I always hit the mall after school. That’s if we don’t have exams the next day. So how long have you known Peg?”

“Oh our parents know each other. We grew up together. But then she decided to go to EDF Academy and well I rather just go here. She tells me that you lived in New York City and your parents are divorced.”

“No they’re not. They got back together and got remarried. Long story, I rather not talk about it.”

“No problem I understand. My parents divorced a while back. I live with my dad now. My mom lives on Omega 13. I get to visit her on school break. I just hate being bounce back and forth but every time my parents get together they are always at each other throat.” She let out a sigh and continued. “I guess it’s for the best.”

“I know what you mean. When my parents separated I thought that’s how I would spend my summers. Being ship back and forth but my dad couldn’t stay away and he moved out there with us.”

“You’re so lucky that he loved you enough that he needed to be there. My mom, well,” she trailed off.

Alex put his arm around her and said. “You don’t have to explain. Hey you want to get something to eat?”

Dee and Peg looked on as they talk. Dee was happy to see his friend with someone. She was as pretty as Peg and didn’t giggle all the time like some girls. It looked to him that they were getting along which put a smile on his face knowing that his friend found someone.





Wildstar Residence

23rd of September, 2223


Nova noticed it first. The mysterious phone calls, the smirk that he had when he came home. She knocked softly on his door and waited until he answered. “Come on in.”

Description: 005 (2)a.jpg“Hey Alex, how was school?” she hummed to her question.

Blushing he knew his mother all too well, “Come on Mom.”

“Just asking, can’t a mother ask how her son’s day went in school today?” Alex rolled his eyes and smirked at his mother. “SOooo who is she?” she ruffed his hair and smiled.

“Come on mom, do I have to?”

“If you want me to leave you alone, yes.”

Rolling his eyes he blushed harder than she ever saw him. “Her name is Annie Smyth, she goes to St. Martins.”

“Hmm, does she know who you really are or does she know only your alias?”

“She knows who I am. And I ran into Peggy Clark.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that the Clarks were back. Does she,”

“Yeah she knows about it. She’s cool Mom, I don’t have to worry about her.”

“Are we going to meet her?”

“Meet her? I don’t know Mom. Are you going to grill her? She is really nice I don’t want you scaring her off.”

“I wouldn’t do that.” She said with a straight face.

“Yeah right, Mom. Well I’ll see. We only started seeing each other I don’t know if this will get serious.”

“SERIOUS! Like how serious?” she asked concern.

“Not like that mom. And trust me dad already covered it. I’m taking things slow Mom so don’t worry.”

“Hmm, well let me know if YOU need ANYTHING. Alright Alexander?”

“I will.”

“Dinner is in an hour.”



Later that night . . . .


“So what did you and Alex talk about?” he asked his wife.

“Nothing much.”

“Come on Nov, now you’re taking me for a fool.”

Description: futarilove[2].jpg“Really nothing, we just talk about his little friend.”

“Nov, leave the boy alone. Trust me you don’t want to alienate him. He’s a good kid and has a good head on his shoulder.”

“I just want to meet her. That’s all.”

Taking his wife in his arms he pulled her close. “Leave him alone. If he is even thinking of being intimate I’m sure he will let one of us know ahead of time.”

“Oh Derek, I can’t even think of that with my sons, especially Alex. I mean DJ maybe but not Alex.”

“What do you mean DJ?

“Have you not notice how he and Marisa seem to steal little glances at each other.”

“He’s 9 years old what could they possibly steal?”

“Yeah he’s 9 but it seems like they have this connection with each other. How she stands by him and they seem to have a secret with each other, like we do.”

“There you go picking your sons wives again. You can’t medial into their lives Nov, you didn’t like it when your mother did it and they are not going to either. Just let them be kids, please.”

“FINE! But I can’t wait when Miku starts to date. You’re going to be just as bad.”

“That’s never going to happen. Anyway, I’m sure Alex will shake them down way before I do. Now I can think of other things to do with my time then talk about Alex and his little friend.” He grinned at her.

“If he is anything like you in that department then I really do need to worry.” She said making him roll his eyes at her and then he threw her onto the bed.





Residence of Misty Sheldon



“What do you mean you didn’t know he was seeing someone else? I told you to keep them side track!” she snapped at him.

“Look Misty, I didn’t know he was dating someone from another school. You wanted me to keep the girls here distracted. Not that I don’t mind. It’s been really fun. I never knew that so many of them can give it up so easily. But some of those girls whine up really being scary. Like that one that camp out of my house for a week. Gosh one night and she thought I was going to marry her.”

“Well how would you like to start fresh in another school?”

“Hmm, sounds interesting but, I like it here. I do intent in being an officer.”

“No silly,” she purred into his ear. “You can stop the girls from bugging you here by saying your seriously dating someone from another school. I am sure that you can handle one more pretty face.”

“And how am I going to handle that?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it.”




Sun Mu Mall

6th of October, 2223



Annie walked around the store. She stopped at a shirt rack that caught her eye. This will look nice with those jeans I bought yesterday. She thought to herself. She looked at her watch and notice that she had another 30 minutes before she had to meet with Alex, Dee and Peggy. I think I have enough time to try it on. She grabbed her size and walked into the dressing room.

Description: moodle_etcata_ca[5].jpg“That’s a pretty shirt.” She heard someone say. “I have one in every color.” Annie turned to see Misty standing next to her in the dressing room area. “Oh I’m sorry my name is Misty.”

“I’m Annie.” She said.

“I see you're here a lot with Peggy.”

“Do you know Peggy?”

“Not really, but I’ve seen her around school. I see she and Dee Sandor are seeing each other. They make a nice couple.” She saw her walking in mall and decided it was the perfect timing for her to find out some information on their dear friend Alex.

“Yeah she’s had a crush on him ever since I could remember. I’m glad that she finally got her guy.”

Misty smile and then said, “That’s a pretty color on you. You should get it.”

“Thanks, I think I will.”

“Hey, I see you’re seeing Alex Forrester.”


“Alex Forrester. You know he hangs with Dee Sandor. Or is he going under a different name?” She said.

“Oh Alex, Um, I guess we are seeing each other.”

“Well are you or aren’t you. I mean he is a catch. Handsome like his dad and smart, I know he wants to be a pilot. It will be nice to snag yourself a pilot.” Misty said feeling her out. She looked around and then softly said for only her to hear. “I know who he really is. Shame that he has to hide behind his little sheared, I mean I wouldn’t hide who I am, but if,”

“He told you who he is?”

“Sure he did, but he swore me to secrecy. So mum’s the word.” She said in a low tone as she continued to look around. “Well have you met his parents yet? I mean if you’re seeing him I’m sure you’ve met his mom and dad.”

“Well no, not yet. Have you?” Misty said trying to hook her in.

“I haven’t had the pleasure. But I heard that they are very nice. Mrs. Wildstar is so beautiful and Admiral Wildstar is so handsome. I think he looks a lot like his father. Don’t you?”

 Ding, ding, ding, the bells in Misty’s head went off. “Listen I know that this is supposed to be hush hush on everyone so it’s best not to let anyone that we talked about this. Alex is a very private person. And he doesn’t want anyone to know about who his parents are.  SOooo.”

Annie nodded and then looked at her watch. “Oh my look at the time, I have to go. Well nice meeting you.”

Standing there with a grin on her face, Misty step aside and said, “Right, well nice to meet you too.”

Annie raced down the stairs to meet Alex and the others at the coffee shop. Her smile widen as she saw him standing waiting for her. She waved at him and the others and raced to be by his side forgetting about Misty altogether. Misty watched as she made her way to him and giggled to herself. I can’t believe he is THE ALEXANDER WILDSTAR! She thought. This is going to be just fun.





8th of October, 2223

EDF Academy



She stood outside of the class room waiting for him to come out. How juicy this is going to be, the son of Derek and Nova Wildstar. Who would have thought? Fidgeting she felt that she was going to burst with information. This will shut everyone up for good. How dare he turn down her advancements! He will pay for it. She thought to herself. Now he will have no choice I will make sure of that. Hearing the bell ring she began to get excited. Student after student began to spill onto the hall way. She stood there waiting as some pushed past her. What seem like forever she finally saw him make his way towards the door.

“Cadet Forrester can I have a word with you? Commander Pesci called out.

“Yes sir,” ‘Damn!’ she said under her breath. Now I’m going to be late for my next period. She waited as long as she could then turn and ran to her next class. The halls now empty she knew she was going to get scolded by her teacher. “Guess it will have to wait until lunch. Yes then I can reel him in.  She raced to her class and threw open the door. Everyone looked up and she realized class was already started.

“You’re late, Cadet Sheldon. See me after class.”

“Shit this is all I need.” She said softly

“What was that, Cadet?” he snapped at her.

“Sorry sir. Yes, sir.” She managed to recover not wanting to make things worse for herself. Quickly she took her chair and drifted on and off waiting for the class to be over.  I can’t believe no one has figured out who he is. But Sandor knows. He and Alex are friends. They always are with each other.  By the end of class she already had her plan in order. After getting reprimanded by her teacher she hurried to the cafeteria. Looking around she saw who she wanted to see. “Hello there Casey, can we talk?” she purred into his ear. The girl that was with him gave her a discussed look and rolled her eyes at her. “I won’t keep him long honey, I promise.” She winked at her. They walked to the other side of the cafeteria and down the hallway.

“What is so important that you took me away from my next prey?” He asked looking back to where she sat.

“I have wonderful news. And you are going to love this.”

“Whatever, what’s the big news.” He said pissed that someone else was now homing in on his prey.

Moving his face towards hers she said, “Look at me!” she snapped. “You’re going to forget about little miss prissy when I tell you what I found out about our friend Alex Forrester.”

Rolling his eyes at her he sighed, “And what have you found out about Alex now. Really Misty maybe you should forget about him. Find someone worth your time.”

“His real name is Alexander Wildstar.” She blurted out.


“Alexander Wildstar.” She said smiling widely.

“Seriously? How do you know this?” he asked weary.

“From his new flame. She just happened to drop the information without knowing.”

“You have better have something to back this up.”

“I know and that is why I need your help. Listen, this is what we are going to do.”

“Wait a minute Misty, is this going to be legal. I don’t need to have something on my record.”

“Don’t worry no one is going to get caught. This is what we need to do. First we have to look into his school records.”

“And how do you intend to get a hold of that.”

“Easy, since we can’t get into the head master office we will just have to hack into the records on his computer.”

“Are you serious?! That’s a felony charge, computer tampering with government records is a sure way to get expelled and if I get expelled from school my parents are going to ship me to boarding school somewhere in Siberia. No thanks! Find yourself another sap. Not interested.”

“Relax bone head. You won’t get caught. I just so happen to have a program in my laptop that cannot be detected. Something my little computer geek installed for me when I needed my grades changed. Funny how a little hand job can get me about anything from a little geek like him. Meet me at my house after school.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“You get the bonus.”

“And that would be?”

“Fresh meat.”



Sheldon Residence

Room of Misty Sheldon


Working her laptop Casey stood behind her and watched. “Finally! I’m in.” she giggled. “Now here we go.” Going through page after page they finally came up to what they were looking for. “Found it.”

They looked through the file and found nothing, “So what now, there is no picture of him. Nothing that claims that he is Alexander Wildstar.”

“There has to be, everyone has a photo taken before they enter the academy.”

“Maybe he is someone more important than a Wildstar. I mean why would they hide his identity if he wasn’t some one important?” he said. “Wait a minute! Wasn’t there something back a few years about his dad in the papers?”

“Yeah, I remember my dad and mom talking about it. Something about a court marshal.” Her fingers race over the keyboard and began to search it.

“Back up, there hit on there.” Casey pointed. She hit on it and read the head line from a paper website. ‘HERO OFFICER CLEARED!’ they read on and then saw it. In the middle of the page sat a picture of Alex sitting next to his mother while his father stood up in front of them holding his wife’s hand. “Holy crap Mist, your right! He is Alexander Wildstar.”

“I just knew it.” She laughed out loud. “Okay this is what we do now.”




10th of October, 2223

EDF Academy


She waited outside of the school to see him come out. Misty was giddy from the information. It was the first day Dee wasn’t around. She watched him walked out the school and walk towards the bus stop. “ALEX!” she yelled. Alex turned and rolled his eyes. What does she want now? He thought. She doesn’t seem to get it. “What is it Misty, I have to go.”

“Come on Alex, we need to talk. I have something you just might be interested in.” she slipped her arm through his and pulled him towards the school playground. “So how was school today?”

“What are you my mother? What’s going on Misty? I have to get going I have someone waiting for me.”

“I’m sure she is. I would love to know if she really knows you, Alex.”

“What are you getting at?” he looked at her with suspicion.

Pulling out the printed paper she handed it to him. “This is what I am getting at ALEXANDER WILDSTAR!”

Alex heart stopped to the see his face and his parent’s picture on the printed page. “Where did you get this?”

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-10-14h08m39s54.png“Funny what you can find on the World Wide Web. I should have thought of it months ago.”

“What do you want Misty?”

“Hmm, well you see I have had this crush on this certain guy since he came to the Academy. He just seems interested in everyone else except me. I was kind a hoping that well maybe he can finally reciprocate those feels. How lucky I would be to walk through the halls of the Academy with you as my new bu. Oh don’t worry about Annie she will be well taken care of.”

“You little bitch what makes you think I will go along with that?”

“Well considering that you are hiding your true identity from everyone I know you have your reasons to keep it that way. So what is it?”

“None of your damn business! I don’t know what you think you will accomplish but I don’t care. And what do you mean Annie will be taken care of?”

“Hmm,” she said as she looked at her watch. “Right now Casey is bumping into her at your usual meeting place and showing her a nice little pic of you and me walking arm in arm. What do you think she will think of her boyfriend now?” she sang.

“You CUNT!” he yelled and started to leave.  Misty reached for him and he pulled away. “Get off me! You’re not going to black mail me into your little thing Misty. I’m not as shy as you think I am when it comes to getting my back against the wall. So back off!”

“I think you will go along with what I have in mind, considering that if they find out that it was you that tapped into the headmaster computer from your laptop. What will your parents think of that when they have to get called down to the headmaster office?” Alex stood there shock at what she was saying to him. “So are we in agreement? Come on Alex, It’s going to fun. I will make it worth your wild. Trust me.” She grinned.




It broke his heart to tell her. How can he tell her that she had him corner? Who would believe him after she showed him proof of how she made it look like he was the one to tap into Captain Eager’s computer. Placing his hand on his face where she slapped him hard he wanted to just cry. “Don’t ever call me again!” she screamed loud enough to have people turn their way.

“Annie I’m so sorry. I never met to hurt you.”

“Get away from me!” she yelled. Then turn and ran out of the mall. Alex stood there head bowed and close to tears.

Peggy sat across from them and listened to everything. She got up and walked over to him. “How could you. She really liked you and would never betray you.” Then slap him on the face.

What did I do to deserve this? He thought.  He rubbed his face and then made his way home. He went straight into his room and slammed the door shut. He threw himself on the bed and cried. Nova could tell that something was wrong the minute he walked into the house. She waited for an hour before she went to his room and knocked on the door. “Alex can I come in?”

“Yeah mom.” He said and quickly wiped the tears from his face.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah everything’s fine. Just a really bad day.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Naw, nothing worth talking about. Tomorrow will be a better day.” She stared at her son closer and knew that he was lying to her. “Trust me Mom it’s really nothing. I should get back to finishing my homework.”

“Alright, but if you want to talk,” she said ready to leave.


“Yes honey,”

“Would it be alright to have dinner in my room tonight? I have this big report to do and I want to be able to finish it and hand it in tomorrow.”

“Sure baby, I’ll have dad bring it up for you. And Alex?”


“I love you.”

“Love you too Mom.”



“What do you mean you want me to talk with him?” Derek questioned her intentions to talking with his son.

“Something is wrong with him and he is not telling me anything. I want to know what is wrong. Now go and find out what is wrong.” She shoved the tray into his hands and pushed him towards his son’s room.

“Hey Alex, I have your dinner here for you.” His father placed the tray on the table and then sat down on his bed. “Listen let’s get this over with. Your mother sent me here for a reason and she will stop at nothing to find out what happen today. So what happen?”

“Nothing Dad, just a really bad day that’s all.”

“Is there someone that is bugging you?”

“Come on Dad you know I can handle myself.” He grinned.

“Yeah I know you can handle yourself. But we need to know what’s going on.”

“Seriously Dad nothing’s going on.” He lied.

He looked closer at his son and said. “Look Alex I know you want to handle what it is that is bugging you on your own. But just remember that if things get out of hand we are there for you. We would never let you drown in the ocean alone. We love you and we both would die for you, your brothers and your baby sister. So if you need to talk I’m here for you. Okay?”

Smiling at his father he wondered if he ever got himself in such a situation with a girl. How can he tell them that he was being blackmail by a girl just to date him? “Alright Dad I will. Oh Dad if it’s alright with you and mom, Dee asked for me to go to the movies next Friday night. Is it okay to go?”

“I’ll let your mother know. But I don’t see a problem with it. Finish up.”





14th of October, 2223

Friday night . . . .


“Hello Alexander Wildstar, come in.” Misty purred into his ear as she hugged him.

Taking her arms he pushed her away. “Listen I agreed to take you out to a movie that’s all.”

“Alex you have to show everyone that we are meant to be. Just taking me to the movies isn’t going to show everyone we are a couple now.” She kissed him on the lips.

“Can we just get this over with? The movie starts soon.”

“Fine, but I expect more when we get there. And who knows there might be a bonus in there for you.” She oozed out her words. Rolling his eyes he turned and walked to the awaiting car in front of her house. She snuggled next to him in the car and played with his chest while he looked out the window hoping that their night would end quickly. Pulling up next to the theater all the kids turn knowing it was her car and driver. A gasped was heard when she step out of the car and Alex was right behind her.  Dee stood next to Peg and was shock to see him with her. “Dee,” she waved in his direction. “Hi I see your out with your little friend. Hello Peg, I’m Dee’s ex-friend.” She said. Peg looked her over and grabbed Dee by the arm away from them. “Well I would have thought she could at least say hello.”

“Come on let’s just get the tickets and go watch the movie.” He said pulling her away from everyone. They sat down and watched as others made their way into the chairs. Alex watched as Dee and Peg sat a few seat down from them. He looked away from Peg stare and Dee gave him a questioned looked. Misty took hold of his arm and wrapped it around herself snuggling closer to him. She gently kissed him on the cheek and gave Peg a mischievous look. The movie began and Alex caught Annie and Casey walk into the theater. His heart almost stopped when he saw them together.  He wanted to just leave, how did he get himself into this and with her out of all people! “Misty I’m not feeling well can we go, please.” He sounded like he was begging.

“Now! But the movie just started.” She said out loud as people around them hushed them from the noise. Alex got up and made his way out while she follow suit. “Wait! I don’t understand why we are leaving.”

“I’m not feeling well. I’m going home.” He snapped.

“Hold on one minute!” she snatched his arm. “I said a movie and then back to my house. Now are we going to back out of our little deal?”

He turned to her and took her by the arm to a quiet place. “I don’t care what you do. As a matter of fact I will beat you to it! Now I want to go!”

“Fine! If that’s how you want it! First let me go to the ladies room and then we can go.” She stormed off.

Standing in the hallway he was fuming to what happen. From the corner of his eye he saw her walk out of the theater towards him. “Annie? Can we talk?”

“Go away Alex. It’s over. It didn’t take you long to move on with someone else. So just go away.”

Still fuming he snapped at her, “And you didn’t waste time either with the jock of the year! You could’ve gone out with anyone else and you chose HIM!”

“You’re the one that made the first move with miss easy lay snob. If that was all you wanted me for, then I’m glad that we didn’t last long. GO AWAY!”

“Alex?” Misty heard them arguing and went to see what the commotion was about. “What’s going on baby?” she sang. Annie looked at her with an evil stare and walked away.

“Nothing!” Alex said. Then grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her closer to him, kissing her on the lips as Annie turned to see it. “Let’s get out of here.”

The car made its way back to her house and he walked her to the door. “Would like to come in?” she said. Still upset over their fight Alex decided he needed to forget about her. Misty was willing, why not. He thought.  She took hold of his hand and led him up the stairs to her room. Opening her door she turned to kiss him and began to help him with his jacket. She guided him to her bed and eased him onto it. She moved his hand onto her breast while moving her other hand down to his pants.

 He found himself getting excited and pushed away. “Misty I’m sorry. I can’t I want my first time to be special with someone I really love.”

“You’re a virgin?” she said then let out a laugh. “You’re serious, you are a virgin!”

He never denied that fact that he wanted to wait until he found the right girl and he wasn’t going to let her belittle it. “I have to go.” He turned and left her there on the bed laughing.



Description: L8.jpgNova and Derek sat in their living room talking as Miku danced around. “What do you say? It will make it much easier for me. You know the routine and I know you’ll never over book me. That way I can get home in time for dinner.”

“I don’t know Derek. I have enough her e to keep me busy. And I was thinking of heading back to the hospital.”

“So you can work longer hours? Come on Nov, it would be better for you to leave when you can and be home for the kids.”

“Us working together, I just don’t know. And to see all those women again after all that happen?”

“I don’t care about them and you shouldn’t either.”

“Easy for you to say you weren’t the one who was humiliated.” She said. “It’s hard enough walking into the building without thinking someone is snickering behind my back.

He wanted so much to turn the clock back and change everything but he couldn’t. “I’m sorry but I know that you can handle those nosey know it all. Plus there you get to fool around with the boss.” He kissed her on the neck and whispered into her ear. “What do you say?”

“Wouldn’t that be sexual harassment Admiral Wildstar?” She giggled.

“Only if you want it to be, so what do you say? Will you be my personal Aid?” he got off the couch and kneeled down in front of her.

Laughing at him she said, “I will think about it. Promise.”  Hearing the door open they both looked as their oldest son walked into the house. “Alex your home early, did the movie finish early?” Nova asked. He walked past his parents and ran to his room slamming the door hard. “ALEX!” Nova yelled out then got up to see what happen.

“Nova maybe we should wait a minute.”

“Not this time Derek, something is wrong and I want to know.” Making her way to his room she knocked on his door and opened it slowly. “Alex, honey can we come in?” she peeked in and found him faced down on his bed crying. “My god Alex! What happen at the movies?” She ran to him and began to rub his back. Derek stood over them worried for his son also wondering what happen.

“Alexander sit up and talk to us.” Derek said with a stern voice. “Crying is not going to make anything better. Now tell us what happen.”

Sitting up he wiped the tears from his face and began to tell them what happen with Misty. “She said that she was going to tell Uncle Eager that it was me that hacked into his computer. And somehow she made it look like I did. Mom, Dad I don’t know what to do. I lost Annie because of her. She’s never going to talk with me and now she is with that pig Casey Jones.” Nova felt her blood boiled. How dare this hussy blackmail her son?!

“This is something I knew would happen, that’s it Alex. Monday morning we will straighten this out. It’s time that you become Alex Wildstar. There’s no way of hiding this anymore. If she is gun hoe to expose you she will do it. We have dealt with enough of girls like that to take ideal threats. But first we have to make things right with your friend.”

“She won’t talk with me Dad. And I really liked her.” He whined.

Hugging her son her heart broke for him. “Who is this Misty girl anyway?”

“Her name is Misty Sheldon she’s the daughter of some ambassador. She’s a cadet at the school. She went out with Dee.”

“That little tramp!” Nova yelled. “Alex why didn’t you come to us with this? We could’ve had this resolved in no time.”

“Nov, I’m sure he had his reasons. No need to get all twisted, we will take care of it all first thing Monday.”

“Oh we will take care of this Monday. You got that right. I’m gonna take her little head and twist it like a chicken. How dare she blackmail my baby! The little tramp!”

“Mom, mom please calm down.”

“Nova he’s right you have to calm down. We will take care of it all this week. First I would love to talk with her parents.”


“Alex the only way to handle this is to go directly to her parents. Obviously they don’t know what she has been up to. They need to control their kid.”

“I think just choking her will work better then talking to her parents. She must be one of those prissy pre-Madonnas’s. And her parents will never believe what we tell them about her blackmailing MY SON!”

Rolling his eyes Derek knew that she would carry out her threat to choking the girl. “You’re not going to choke her Nov, we will handle this with her parents.”

“Fine, but if they are anything like her I’ll choke her mother too!” she said angrily and left the room.

Taking a deep breath Derek ran his hand through his hair. “Let’s hope that her parents are sensible people because your mother is out for blood. And I have seen her temper one too many times when it comes to you guys. Now to see how she managed to make your laptop look like it tapped into Eager’s computer.”

“How Dad?”

“Have you forgotten that your Uncle Sandor is an expert to programs? And I think Dee is just as savvy. Come on lets go call them over.”





To be continued . . . . .