Alexander Wildstar

By Yuki Wildstar




5th of September, 2222

EDF Academy Fall Classes



Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-11-19h58m16s118.pngHe watched as students ran around seeking old friends and new. Sitting in the back of his father’s car he watched nervously as they slowly pulled up to the school. “Dad you can drop me off here.” He told his father.

“Alex we can drop you off closer. You don’t have to walk. It’s raining!” His mother said.

“No mom, just drop me off here.”

“Nov, let him go.” His father said as he stopped the car and his son jumped out. “Are we going to pick you up?” Derek yelled to him.

“No I’ll take the bus.” He yelled back over his shoulder.

Nova rolled down the window ready to yell out when Derek pulled her in. “Let him go. You’ll embarrass him. Listen I know this is hard for you. And it irks me a little for him to change his name. But I remember when I was in school and they kept referring Alex to me. It drove me nuts at times. Now put your best poker face on and don’t look his way if you see him.” They parked their car and made their way into the building. The hallway was alive with teenagers rushing to get to class or talking with friends. Nova almost lost her balance when a group of teenagers rushed by them. He took hold of his wife hand and led her down the hall. Some watched as he walked down the hall in full uniform. One boy stood at attention and he saluted him. “Can you tell me where the headmasters office is, cadet?” he said returning his salute.

“Sir its 6 doors down this hall and then you turn right. The second door on the left, SIR!” he said still at attention.

“Thank you, cadet.” Curious he asked. “Do you know who I am, cadet.”

“It’s Cadet Hiroshina, yes Admiral Wildstar I know who you are.”

Derek grinned at the young boy and said. “At ease cadet, carry on. And thank you again.”

“They’re so young, Derek. Do you remember when we were this young starting out?” She said.

“There’s his office come on. Let’s get out of the way of raging teenagers.” They made their way into his office. Wildstar placed his cover under his arm and said to the elderly lady on the other side of the counter. “Hello I am,” Wildstar started to say.

“I know who you are, Admiral Wildstar. He will be with you shortly. Right now he is trying to clear the halls. Would you like to wait in his office?”

“Thank you, I’m sorry what is your name?”

“It’s Agnes. Would you and the Mrs. like some coffee?”

“Yes thank you Agnes. Black for me, cream and sugar for Mrs. Wildstar.”

 They sat in his office looking over some pictures that were on the wall. “Hey do you remember this one?” he asked his wife.

“That was when we got back from Iscandar. My god, look how young we were. Derek look there’s Mark. Oh my, its Stephen with IQ. Look at you in your fighter. What a turn on.” She smiled.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and looked at his picture. “Wow I was 19 then.”

“You were so cute.” Nova said.

“He wasn’t that cute. Look more like a wet rat caught in head lights.” Eager said in his southern drawl. Nova and Derek turned as Nova giggled at the thought. “Hello Admiral.” He saluted his senior officer.

“At ease Eager, I am here as a parent.” He blushed. “Is everything taken care of?”

“Relax Wildstar no one knows who he is except for Pesci. As far as the rest of the academy Alex will be known as Alex Forrester. No relation to Nova. But why all the secrecy?”

“He doesn’t want anyone to know who he is. He wants to do this on his own. I really don’t blame him. It’s not going to be easy for him being my son.”

“I understand Wildstar. My youngest daughter wants to join but because of my status she also wants to go under an assume name. Although she wants to be known as Sasha Fierce a total change from Margret Eager.” Making them all laugh. “Here we thought we would make life easier for them and to be proud of their names. Now we have to hide from them because they don’t want their friends to know they are even related to us. Kids! Geeze.”

“Well the minute he gets out of line I will expose him to all his little friends.” Nova said under her breath.

“Nova, you will not. The minute I walk through the door he will be exposed to it all.” Making them all let out more laughter.

Calming down he sat down behind his desk and opened his file. “He’s a good kid, Derek. Good grades too, all A’s. We can put him in our leadership program,”

“Eager no, he doesn’t want that. For sure they will consider him the teacher’s pet or something. No, let him work for it. If he wants it then he will work hard for it.” Wildstar said.

“I can understand. When my oldest son went here he didn’t want anything to do with me. And on top of everything I was not allow to either pick him up, drop him off and when he was in trouble I wasn’t allow to come to the meetings. Poor Roxy had to take the time off and deal with it. God forbid if I show up. I was totally ignored. Teenagers!” he said rolling his eyes.

“I had to deal with the fact all of Alex teachers were still alive to throw how he was one of their best students. What a pain. At one time I told Alex I never wanted to be his brother anymore because he was such a great student. So I can imagine what Alex will go through if they find out who he is.” Wildstar said. “Well I know you have a lot to do so we will let you get to work. Thanks again Eager for the favor.”

“Anytime Wildstar, I’ll keep you informed.” He said and then turned to Nova and took her hand in his hand. “It’s good to see you again. Don’t worry I will watch over him.”

“Thank you Eager.” They walked out of his office to see Alex’s standing at the counter waiting to receive his class schedule with three other new cadets. Wildstar took Nova’s hand and squeezed it tight. All four boys stood at attention and saluted him. Wildstar smiled at them returning there salute.

“Well I see you have a few more cadets Captain. They look like mighty fine young man. What’s your name son?” Wildstar said to one of the boys.

“Cadet Donovan, David. Sir!”

“Cadet Takashi, Hachi, Sir!”

“Cadet Hon, Akira, Sir!” they all said.

“And your name young man?” Wildstar looked down to his son.

“I’m cadet Forrester, Alexander, Sir!” he stood at attention and said to his father.

“Good to meet you all. Well Captain Eager I will leave you to deal with your new recruits. Carry on men.” He said trying to look away from his son. Nova tried hard not to cry and looked away from all of them and pulled at Derek arm. Alex let out a sigh of relief that his parents didn’t expose him. Eager walked them out of the office and the other three boys turned to each other.

Takashi finally said. “Wow do you know who that was!”

“Tell me about it. That was Admiral Wildstar. My father talked about him all the time. He served with him on the Argo back in 2202. I can’t wait to tell him about this.”

“My dad said he was awesome to work for. I almost took a dump in my pants when he asked me my name.” Donovan said. “I can’t wait to tell my mom that I met him. She has a big crush on him. And did you see Captain Forrester. Wow what a dish!” Alex looked away blushing in embarrassment to what they said about his mother. “Hey you said your name was Forrester, are you her son?”

“NO, no, I’m not related to her.” Alex said quickly, “But she is pretty.” He said trying to fit in.

“Shame it would be cool to have a friend with a hot mom like that. Not to mention to have someone that can get us out of jam.”

Alex rolled his eyes and turned to Agnes. “Can I get my schedule ma’am?”

She smiled at the young man and searched for his schedule. “Here you go Cadet.” She lean forward and whispered for him to hear. “Don’t get yourself in trouble alright? These guys here aren’t your friends if you get what I mean.” Alex smirked at her and thanked her. He knew all too well what she meant. This was one thing he was avoiding because of his last name. He took his schedule and left to his first class.


By lunch time Alex figured out which teachers already knew who he was. He kept a low profile with them and they were discreet to his status. He sat in the far end of the lunchroom looking over his schedule and drawing on his notebook. “Alex,” he heard someone say. He looked up and was happy to see his long time friend.

Description: study[1].jpg“Dee!”

“My dad told me that you were back from New York and enrolling. This is going to be a blast.” He said as he sat down across from him. “My mom wanted to stop by but she is back in the states doing some maneuvers. She should be back next week.”

“I thought that you were going to regular school?” Alex asked.

“Naw my mom wanted me here. She is hoping that I would be a pilot like her. But my dad knows better. I still can get into Yale for business once I get out of this joint.” As much as Derek Stephen Sandor loved his mother EDF was not for him. His father seemed always stress when he comes home from headquarters and not to mention running an enormous company. He wanted more to take over for his dad and he was going to the academy just to please his mother. “How’s it going so far? My dad told me not to call you Wildstar. What gives Al? I thought that you were proud to be a Wildstar.”

“I am but I just don’t want people asking about my dad. Also I would hate that they are letting me skate through because of him.”

“Gotcha. Don’t blame ya in that. You know how many chicks try to hook up with me because who my dad is. I started dating this one chick and all she kept asking for was jewelry. We would go to the mall and the first thing she did was go straight to the jeweler. My mom was flipping when I told her. She called her a little hussy and threw her out of the house. Needless to say she never said a word to me again.” He laughed. “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. So what classes are you taking?”

“Same old class, math, language, art, history, etc, etc, etc.” He said rolling his eyes. 

“What are your side classes?

Grinning he said, “Agronomics and space travel.”

He laughed at his friend. “Of course you always wanted to be a pilot.”

“HEY! Sandor what’s going on!” someone slapped him on the back. “Who’s this guy?” Dee looked up and saw Casey Jones standing over him. He was in his second year and a total jerk to everyone. His father was diplomat that no one cared for. He stood tall and lanky with sandy brown hair and blue eyes.

“Hey Casey, this is Alex Forrester. He’s from the states.” He said. “Alex this is Casey Jones. A.k.a. Jock to all others that actually study.”

“Oh come on I can’t help that the women like me because I’m a good looking guy. I mean you got the dough that can attract any chick looking to be set for life. So Forrester what are you doing with this loser?”

Alex felt his temper climb, who was this creep to call his friend a loser. “It beats hanging with what’s on the bottom of his shoe which is even worst then being a loser.” He replied with sarcasm.

“Watch your step newbie. If you haven’t noticed I hold a higher rank then cadet status. So you should be saluting me worm.”

“Back off creep. I’m not in the mood.”

“You’re not in the mood. Well I think it’s time you get in the mood. Get up and give me 20, scab.”

Alex stood up and looked him straight in the face. “I don’t think so. Lunch is strictly off limits to ranks. So you’re nothing here. Get lost.”

Jones looked around and watch as everyone else watched their spat. He reached for Alex and tried to swing. Alex duck in time to his swing and swung back smashing his fist into Jones nose. Dee got up quickly trying to stop the brawl that was in front of him. A crowd soon circled the two that now were on the floor swinging at each other as the crowd screamed at them to fight. Within minutes three teachers raced to the commotion and pulled them apart. “ENOUGH!” Commander Pesci yelled as he held onto Alex. “Get back to your tables! Right Now!” he yelled. “You two come with me now!” Pesci snapped at the two boys.

Dee stood up and tried to explain. “Sir, it wasn’t his fault.”

“Cadet Sandor, sit down. They know the rules.” He said over his shoulder and led them both out of the lunch room and down to the headmaster office. Alex sat in the office waiting to be called in. He could hear the yelling from the closed door and then it swung open.  He watched as Jones walked out of the office head slightly bowed giving him a stare of hater.  “You! Come in here now!”  Alex heard Pesci called to him. He stood straight and followed him into the office. He stood at attention as Eager looked him over.

“Well what do you have to say for yourself!” he said with disappointment.

“Uncle Eager,” he began.

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-09-19h13m03s208.png“WHAT DID YOU CALL ME CADET!”

“Sir, my apologies Sir, I was only protecting myself. He took the first swing.”

“I don’t care who took the first swing there is no fighting! I can’t believe this is your first day and you are in a fight. How do you think your parents will react to this?” he yelled. Taking a deep breath he said in a stern voice. “Because this IS your first day we will be leant. You will help in the chow hall at lunch tomorrow. You and Cadet Jones! You two will learn to get alone even if it kills you. I will not have cadet’s fighting! Now get to your class and stay out of trouble! Dismiss Cadet!”  Alex saluted, turned and left the office. Looking at Pesci he rolled his eyes. “Now to tell his father something I really don’t want to do.”

“That’s one call I’m glad I’m not doing.” Pesci said.

“I don’t blame you. Thank god the kid decided to go with his mother’s name. For sure if they knew he was Wildstar kid they would give him a worst time. Though he is diffidently his father’s son.”

“Really? How was Wildstar when he was young?”

“That’s right. You met Wildstar all grown up. OH he was a hothead guy when we worked together. He fought with everyone. Even Venture and he had a fist fight a few times. Hard to believe it’s the same Wildstar thinking about it.  Well make sure that they get back to class I have to make those calls to their parents. See you letter Pesci.”

“Yes sir.”




Description: 27000h[1] - Copy.jpgThe rest of the day Alex was approached by other class mates patting him on the back to standing up to Jones. To them he was somewhat a celebrity. Dee waited for him after school and asked what happened. “I got KP duty tomorrow at lunch with dick head.”  He told him. Now he stood at his door debating whether or not he should tell his parents what happen today.

Taking a deep breath he opened the door and walked in. His father sat on the couch and then stood up when he walked in. “Upstairs in my office NOW!” Taking a swallow he followed his father up to his office. Wildstar closed the door and sat down at his desk.  “What happened?”

“Dad it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t take the first swing he did.”

“Alex there is no excuse. If you don’t want anyone to know who you are then this is not the way to hide it. Fighting will only get you expelled which will mean your mother will be on a rampage. Now Eager called me first and I manage to keep your mother from finding out. I agree with Eager and KP duty fits the crime. Next time this happens I have to go up there and your little charade will be exposed. Now go get cleanup and get ready for dinner.”

Bowing his head he said, “Yes sir.”


“Yes dad or is it Admiral.” He answered him with sarcasm.

“Don’t be a smart ass. Look you are the one that wanted this. I can’t stand in front of you and lecture you. I was a little bit of a hot head too. I’ve made many mistakes, but that was a different time and we had to grow up fast. Earth was in need. We took on a lot at your age.  I was 18 when I was in my first battle and 19 when we went to Iscandar. That’s something I don’t want for you. Just please stay out of trouble will ya?” He smirked at him.

“I’ll try dad. But I can’t guarantee you anything.” He smirked back at his father that rolled his eyes at him and then smiled.


Since their return back to Great Island, Wildstar went back into work full force. His first appointment was to oversee the upgrade of the Argo and two other ships. His conversation with his son put a smirk on his face. I have to admit he does stand up for himself.  Nova walked in and over to where he was sitting. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, just going over some paper work.”

“I wasn’t talking about work, Derek. I was talking about our son.”

“Oh just seeing how his first day went.”

“Derek, you’re taking me as a fool again. What happened at school and don’t lie to me. Or else I will ask him.”

“I promised him I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Fine, I’ll ask him myself.” She said walking towards the door.

“Wait,” he called out to her.

“Well are you going to tell me or am I going to ground him and trick him into telling me?” She said annoyed.

“Come on Nov, I have to have some kind of sacred code with my son. Don’t worry I have this one. It’s nothing.”

“Fine I’ll let you have this sacred code with your son. But just to let you know, Eager call the house too and explain what happen.”

“You little sneak. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because he needed you not me, but in the future I would love for you and him to know that there is nothing you two can’t hide from me. You know I am not the screaming fly off the handle mom you think I would be. You forget that I am married to you and I remember your wild days fighting with your best friend and many others. So don’t take me for a fool, ADMIRAL.” She grinned at him.

“Come here you.” He took her by the hand and pulled her closer. “You are incredible. I love you very much.”

“Love you too. So how are you going to deal with it?”

“I’m not. Eager gave him KP duty. He has to show up at lunch, which means he will probably be hungry when he gets home tomorrow.”

“Not a problem, I’ll send him to school with a snack and cook a little extra tomorrow night.”




6th of September, 2222

EDF Academy

Chow Hall


Alex raced to the chow hall. Damn I’m late, he thought to himself. He was talking to a pretty girl that was flirting with him during class. Rushing into the kitchen the head cook turned around to see him breathing heavily at the door. “You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago! I’ll deal with you later. Now get to work! Go to the line, you’re on peas and carrots.” Alex rolled his eyes and grabbed an apron and hair net then went over to the line. Jones was next to him on meats, or at least that’s what they told him. Alex looked over to the tray and stuck out his tongue in disgust.

Jones looked back at him and giggled, then began to slop the food on trays as the students past by. “Today’s special Forrester slop!” he hallowed out making everyone giggled. “Come get your Forrester Slop! It’s as gross as he is!”

“Jones! Enough! You’re not here to be a comedian, you’re here to work or else you will be here early tomorrow to do breakfast like Forrester.”

“WHAT!” Alex yelled.

“That’s what happens when you’re late. Now back to work!” the head cook snapped at both of them. Alex blushed at what he said and went back to work.

“So who was she?” Jones asked in a low tone.


“Who was she? It’s obvious that it was a girl that made you late. What else would it be?”

“Oh shut up. You don’t know anything.”

“I’m just asking because I’ve been with most of them. I can tell you if she will be an easy lay and if you’ll need protection. If you know what I mean, some of these skanks can give you something you just don’t want your parents to know about.  Anyways you should wear one even if they are clean. You don’t want to knock any of them up. Some of these chicks just want to trap a guy, especially if your parents are famous. Like Sandor’s parents. That chick he dated was nothing but trouble. Lucky for him his mom got wind of her and tossed her on her butt before he slept with her. And trust me when I say she was going to give him a piece in hopes that she gets knock up with his kid. SOooo what’s her name?” he asked intrigued.

Slopping some peas and carrots onto a student’s tray he blushed and said. “Misty Sheldon.”

“Misty, Oh my god, Sandor’s ex girl friend. She’s a really sweet piece and easy. But make sure you wear something.” Reaching into his pocket he tossed him something. “Here it’s on me.”

“What is this?”

“You mean you don’t know what a condom looks like.”

“Ah yeah, sure I do.” Alex blush a deep red.

Staring closer at him Jones let out a loud laugh making Alex blush harder. “You’re still a virgin!” he yelled out.

“Am not!” he said through grit teeth. “Geeze, can we just get this over with?”

“Sure Forrester, if you need any pointers let me know.” He said giving him a jab at his side.



Description: moodle_etcata_ca[5] - Copy.jpg

The bell rang and Alex was glad the day ended. He grabbed his things and made his way out of school. “Hey Alex, where your ignoring me?” he heard someone say.

“Oh hey Misty what’s up.”

“I was hoping that you could walk me home.” She said twirling her golden light brown hair.

“Gosh, I’m sorry. I can’t I have something to do. Maybe next time?”

“ALEX!” Derek Sandor called out to him.

Alex looked over to him and gave him a wave. “Misty I gotta go.”

She watched as he made his way over to her ex boyfriend and wonder more about the new kid on the block. Who was Alexander Forrester? How does he know Derek Sandor and where did he come from. This was something Misty was going to find out. She was now gun-ho to find out more about the new kid.

“Dee, I’m so glad you showed up when you did.”

“I see you met Misty, stay clear of that one. She’s that girl I told you about that my mom threw out of the house.”

“Oh, she does come on pretty strong. I was late to my KP duty because of her. She wouldn’t stop asking me questions. Now I have to show up to morning chow duty.

“Just be careful with her. She can be very conniving. And she’ll stop at nothing to get her way.”

“Thanks for the heads up.”

“So how was KP with the Jock of the year?”

“As expected, a total jerk and trying to give me women advice.”

“Ha-ha, yeah he thinks that he knows everything. Only thing is that he lies about everything with girls. He claims to have slept with most of them and turns out that he didn’t even get up to bat. A total jerk.” He said rolling his eyes. “Hey I’m heading to the mall want to come?”

“I have to call my parents first and tell them but yeah I’m game.” He said. Making the call to his parents from his cell they told him to be home in time for dinner. Derek and Alex got on the bus and headed to the mall. They walked around and then walked into a music store. Alex picked up some CD’s and an MP3 then stood on line to purchase them.

“Well fancy meeting you here. Hello Alex.” He heard someone purr. Turning around he came face to face with Misty. “So what did you buy?” she looked at his hands that were holding it all.

“Just some things.” He shied away from her.

“Hmm, looks like a really expensive MP3 there.”

“Huh, Oh I didn’t notice. I just picked it up.”

Getting closer to the registered she looked into her bag, “Damn I forgot my wallet. Alex sweetie you think that you can get these for me.”

“I, huh, I guess.” Alex fidgeted.

“Alex, you don’t have to get that for her.” Derek said, looking at his ex-friend. “She will only use you. My mom was right about her. She’s just one of those girls.”

“Well that’s not nice to say about your ex-girl friend, I thought we had something special.” She said

“More like you and my wallet had something special. Come on Alex, let’s hurry up and get going. I have to get home soon.”

“Um yeah, let me just finish paying for these.” He said and paid for his things.

She watched them leave and thought that she had to find out more. He’s pretty cute, shy though. Slowly she followed them out of the mall. She watched them both hop on the bus and it drove off. I will know who you are Alex Forrester. She thought to herself. She waved over to her driver and got in. “Daniel followed that bus.” She ordered. The car follow the bus make its way up and down the city street and then into the canyon. That’s strange only military personal live down there she thought to herself. The bus stopped at the bottom of the street and she watched Alex get out. He waved at the bus and started to walk further down the mountain. “Pull the car over.” She ordered the driver again. She ran towards him and yelled out. “ALEX! Wait up.”

He turned stunned to see her there. “What are you doing here?” he asked confused.

“Oh just wanted to see where you lived.” She said as she put her arms through his. “Come on I’ll walk with you.”

“Ah Misty, I’m not going home. I was just taking a walk on the beach.”

“How romantic, I’ll walk with ya.”

“It’s alright, I was only going to check something real quick and then head home.” He said quickly in hopes that she leave.

“No problem, I don’t have to be home for a while. Come on lets walk.”

“Ah Misty really you can go. I’ll even walk you back to your car.” He took hold of her hand and began to walk back to the bus stop.

“What’s wrong Alex, you don’t want to take a lady for a romantic walk.”

“Listen it’s getting late and I have to get going home.”

“I can have my driver take you. Where do you live?”

“No it’s out of the way. Really you should go.” He led her to her car and opened the car door. “Thanks for offering but I can catch the next bus. See you in school tomorrow.” With that he closed the door and told the driver to go. Taking a deep breath he turned and headed back down the mountain. “I’m home.” He yelled out. Walking out unto the porch he saw his mother and father sitting. “Sorry I’m late.”

“Who was she?” his father asked.


“Derek, stop it. Sorry Alex, but your father saw you walking with some young lady down the mountain.”

“So who is she?”

His heart started to beat faster thanking god that he didn’t give him away. “She followed me home. She’s no one.”

“Alex dear, don’t worry your father would never give you away. But why was she following you?” His mother asked.

“I don’t know. I thought I left her at the mall. Next thing I knew she was calling my name. Anyways Dee told me to stay away from her. Not that I would mess with my best friends ex.”

“Dee’s ex girl friend. This wouldn’t be the same girl your Titi Yvey threw out of the house?” Nova asked with slit eyes.

“Um, yes ma’am.”

“Please be careful okay Alex.” She said.

“Oh come on mom,” he said fidgeting with his hair. “I better go do some homework. I have to hand in a report on space.”

“Okay baby, if you need help just let me or your father know. Love you.” Nova yelled to him as he raced to his room.

“So what’s that look for, Nov?” Derek asked.

“What look?”

“You know that look. The one when you don’t approve of something.”

“Yvey told me about that one. She tried to get Dee to spend money on her. She almost had him buy her a four thousand dollar ring.” She said as Derek spit out his drink.

“Four thousand dollars! Kidding right?”

“Yvey took her to the side and told her to take her little hussy self and get out of the house. To put it nicely.”

“Well in order to spend that much on a girl she had to give him something in return.”

“I don’t know about that. But if Yvey finds out she will have her head on platter in a heartbeat.”

“Nov you can’t stop him from being inmate with someone. We just have to make sure that he is responsible and we don’t become grandparents before our time.”

“Grandparents! Over my dead body! He is not going to have sex until he is at least 30!”

“Well you keep thinking that. But I think it will be sooner than that. I’ll go and have a talk with him later.”





Later that evening. . . .


Derek Wildstar knocked gently on his son door. “Alex, can I come in?”

“Come on in Dad.”

“Hey kiddo what cha doing?”                                             

“Just finishing up my report what’s up?”

“Your mother thinks it’s time to have a talk.” He said sitting down on his bed.

“Come on Dad, I think we already covered that. What else do you want to know?” He smirked.

“You’re a real comedian. Really I think it’s more like about girls and their intentions.”

“Huh I don’t get it.” He said scratching his head.

“Well, your 14 now and there will be some girls out there that just want to use you for who your parents are and what you can do for them. They may kind a sweet talk you and act like they want to be with you, but in actuality they just want to use you. You know that this is something your mom should talk to you about but she wants me to tell you. Maybe it will sink in better. But anyway, you should know that there will be girls out there that their intentions aren’t on the up and up. But I am sure that you will date some deceit girls that your mother will approve of. Trust me when I say that if your Titi Yvey is tough on the girls Dee brings home she has nothing on your mother. What I am trying to say is,”

“I got it dad, not only do I have to hide my identity but be careful as to who is in my circle of friends. Trust me I’m not in the dating mood yet. Though I do like girls I just want to work on my studies and get to know everyone.”

“You’re a good kid Alex. Your mom did a great job with you guys.”

“Dad you had a little hand in this too.” He grinned at his father. “I really should finish this report.”

“Right, right, I’ll leave you to that. Dinner should be ready soon. We’ll yell for you. Alex?”

“Yeah Dad?”

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”




15th of February, 2223



Months later . . . .


For months now she tried to find out where Alex lived. She waited outside of his last class to catch him. I don’t get it, I have been throwing myself at him and still nothing. Could he be gay? Why all the mystery? He doesn’t answer any questions I ask him and he never talks about his family. Oh my, maybe he lost all his family in the last war? Misty went over in her mind as to why he ignored her completely. He stepped out of the class and she saw him with Miya Takashi. Grr, why is he with her. She thought to herself. She watched as he laughed at something she said then said goodbye. She replied with a shove which made him laugh again. Misty walked quickly to his locker and stood there waiting. “Hello Alex.” She purred.

“Hey Misty, what’s up?” Alex said as he looked into his locker for some text book.

“Oh I was just wondering how come you don’t say hi to me in the halls. I mean it seems like your avoiding me.”

“Sorry, just busy. I have to get going the bus will be here soon and I have to catch it.”

“You know my driver can drop you off at your house if you like.”

“Geeze, thanks Misty but I’m good. Anyway, Dee and I usually head over to mall and hang out for a few.” He said then saw Dee standing near the door. “Gotta go, see you tomorrow.”

“Well Misty, looks like you struck out with him again.” She heard Casey Jones say.

Turning around he leaned closer to her making her press against the lockers. “Why don’t you just shut up?”

“Is that how you treat one of your lovers? Come on Misty forget Forrester. I can remember when you use to chase me around for some fun in the sack. Anyway, Forrester looks like he is interested in Miya. Have to say she is kind of cute. Smart too. Why don’t you forget him and let’s go somewhere quiet like old times. I can be at your place in about an hour. What do you say?” she could feel his breath on her as his lips brushed past hers. She ran her hand down his chest and smiled. He was fun to be with, she thought.

“Hmm, aren’t you curious about the new kid?”

“No, and actually I don’t care. He hangs out with Sandor and he’s nothing but a loser. Forget him.”

Moving her hand a little further down to his navel she purred into his ear. “I’d be really grateful if you can help me.”

“And what do I have to do?” he smirk at her feeling her hands on his stomach.

“I think you know what I want. I want you to intervene with Alex’s interests why I figure something out.”

“That’s too easy. What do I get out of it beside a lot of fun in bed with most of them?”

“I can really make it worth your wild. Tonight my place, my parents are going to some big gala and I’ll be home all alone in my bed.”

“Well someone as pretty as you shouldn’t be all alone in bed. What time?” he said then kissed her.

“1930 tonight. Oh and Casey.”

“Yeah.” He asked in a sinister tone.

“Don’t you dare go around bragging about it, because I will tell everyone that it was too small to even please a small animal. Remember mums is the word.”




Later that night . . . .


They both laid in bed giggling. “So what’s the big interest in Forrester? Finally found someone that is not into your charms.”

“He is a little challenging but I always get what I want.”

“It looks like he is not interested in you at all. Why don’t you just forget about him? I’m mean, there are a lot more new guys for you to get your hooks on.”

“Yeah but I know all their parents and what they do. Forrester is kind of a mystery. No one knows what back ground he comes from. And he is always at the mall with Dee.”

“So that’s it,” he laughed. “You want him to spend money on you. Really Misty don’t you have enough stuff from all the other saps. You’re the only one in the whole school that has a driver drop you off and pick you up. It’s bad enough that you flaunt your money now you want everyone else. What gives?”

“Oh come on. I don’t actually keep those things. I give them to the maid half the time. I just like to see how far a man would go to be with me. Dee was just about to cave in getting me that diamond ring until the evil witch found out and threw me out of the house. What a bitch!” she said rolling her eyes.

“What makes you think that Forrester is loaded?”

“I just have a hunch. And even if he is not, there has to be something he is hiding. Something we can use later. Don’t cha think?” she purred as she cuddled closer to him.

“I have to admit Misty. You can find trouble when you look for it and even when you don’t. But I’m in. This should be good.” He said then dove at her making love to her again.




6th of March, 2223


Dee and Alex walked around the mall before heading home. Making their way to the video store Alex heard someone yell out his name. Turning he saw Miya walking towards them.

“Alex,” she sang waving at them.

“Hey Miya, what are you doing here?”

“I was here with Casey looking at some CD’s.”

“Casey Jones?”

“Yeah, would you believe that he asked me out today? I never knew that he liked me.”

Alex heart broke knowing that he beat him to it. He was just getting the courage to asking her out. And now his arch enemy is now going out with her. “I’m glad for you.” He said in disappointment. Oh well better that I find this out now then to be involved and then it happens. “Well I should go. I’m happy for you Miya. See you around in school.” Dee stood there listening to what was said and walked beside his friend.

“Sorry about that Alex, I knew you like her a lot.” He said sympathetic.

“It’s alright guess its best that I find out now. Let’s go, I need to get home before dinner.”



Nova could tell something was wrong with her son. All during dinner he said nothing. She finished up in the kitchen and made her way to his room. Knocking softly she waited until he call out to come in. “Hey Alex.”

“Hey Mom.”

“So you were quiet during dinner. Something wrong, do you want to talk?”

“Naw, not really.”

“Are you sure Alex? Maybe I,” she began when he looked up and she saw the tears in his eyes. “Alex! What happen in school today?”

“It wasn’t in school. It was at the mall. I was hoping to ask a girl out and she told me that someone else asked her out.”

“Is this the same girl you were telling me about?”

“Yeah, I thought that we were getting along and I figure I ask her tomorrow but then she told me that idiot Casey Jones asked her and she said yes.” He said then began to cry.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry.” Nova felt like chocking the little tramp. How dare she hurt my son! If I ever get my hands on her, Argh! “Alex sweetie there will be other girls. If she couldn’t see how handsome you are then it’s her lost. You know the minute I saw your dad, I just knew that I was going to marry him. He is handsome, witty, and his smile just makes me melt. You look so much like him. And I know that once they get to know you they will find a really great guy inside and out. I love you baby.” She told him then gave him a hug.

Wiping the tears from his face he said. “Thanks mom. I love you too.”

“And if they don’t, then they’re not worth your time.” She said pointing her finger at his nose.






To be continued . . . . . .