Another Winding Road

Introducing Alexander Wildstar


By Yuki Wildstar

Part 6 Final




25th of November, 2221


“DADDY!” their children screamed when he walked through the door. He knelt down as they all jumped on him. “Hello guys, I missed you so much.” He said as he tried to hug them all. Nova stood to the side as she watched her kids fussed over their father. A tear ran down her face knowing that he was happy to see them again. Alex stood next to his mother watching also. A smile came to his face as he watched their father with them. He could see his mother smiled. She was happy to have him with them. It’s something he rarely saw on her face when they were together. “Mom, can I talk with you?” He finally said. She turned to her oldest child and looked at him confused.

“What’s wrong Alex?”

“Now that Dad is here what is going to happen now?”

“I’m not sure what you mean Alex?”

“I mean are you and dad going to get together. Will you two get married again?”

“Alex! I don’t think that we are at that point yet. We still have a lot to discuss.” She knew that he worried about her and she thought about how her oldest came to her when they first were in New York. She had just finished crying and went in her room to collect herself when he knocked on her door. “Mom can we talk?” he announced.

“Sure Alex, what’s up?”She tried to smile as she wiped her tears away.

“Well now that we are here in New York will Dad be coming to live with us too?”

“I’m sorry Alex but dad is not coming to live with us. We just aren’t on the best of terms and I don’t think that it can ever be fixed. It’s best that we don’t live together.”

He stood before her with fist clinched and said, “I hate him for making you cry mom. I never want to see him again. It’s his fault that you cry. He left us all alone when he went into space and now he,”

“Alex, your father loves you and your brothers. He will never deny you or them. It doesn’t matter what happen to me and him. The only thing right now is you and them. He loves you he would never stay away from you.”

“But he makes you cry and I hate seeing you that way.”

“I’m sorry Alex, I will not lie to you. It hurts to know that my marriage is over. But it doesn’t stop me from still loving him. After all he is you father and he gave me you, Mark and DJ. I can never hate him when he gave me the most precious gift any person can give someone else. And you are so much like him, more then you know.”

“I’m nothing like my father. I would never hurt someone I love. I hate him and I don’t ever want him back in our lives.”

Sighing she stood closer to him, “You don’t mean that. In time you will realize that. Now please go and get your brothers ready for dinner. We’re going to that place DJ and Mark like.” She tried to sound a little more cheery. Thinking now at all that has happen she smiled at her oldest son and continued, “But you shouldn’t worry about that. Just be there for your father he’s going to need your help in getting back his Barings. He’s lost weight and his focus on what is important.”

“I don’t know what you mean mom. How can I help him focus?”

“You may not think you can help him but you can and will. Right now he is thinking of retiring after how they treated him and being the captain of the Argo is something he could never walk away from. He will try in order to make us happy but it won’t make him happy. We have to help him understand that we are behind him in staying and being the captain of the Argo. Alright?”

“Yes ma’am,” he looked past her and watched as his father held on to his sister. To him he was always a strong man. But as he stared closer at him he could tell that this trial took a toll on him. He looked frail and his eyes were tired making his dad look older. He walked over to his father and stood tall. Gosh I hope he is not still angry with me, Derek thought as he looked up to his son. “Dad?”

“Yes Alex.”

“I’m glad that you weren’t convicted.”

“Me too, I missed you guys very much.” He said as he stood up to his full height. He realized that his son was growing up and to him he looked mature. How he hated himself that he had a hand in him growing up so fast. If he could change time he would have never left them for a year and he and Nova would be still married. “So you guys must be tired. I mean your grandfather said you landed just this morning. You guys must be feeling jet lag. Why don’t we grab something to eat and then get to bed early?” He said and looked over to his ex wife. “How long are you staying?”

“It all depends on how things work out here.” She said.




Later that night it was quiet in the hotel suite. Their kids didn’t fight with them about going to bed. Their long flight and day took its toll on them and they quickly fell asleep. Nova threw herself on the couch and stretch across it. “I don’t understand how you are still standing after all this. You look tired maybe you should sleep.” He said.

“You look like hell yourself. When was the last time you got a decent night’s sleep?”

“Hmm, you got me there. Maybe the night I arrived. I really can’t remember.” She reached for him and motioned him to lie down next to her. “Thanks, it feels good to have you here with me.”

“I only wished that you told me before you left what was happening. I would have come with you.”

“I didn’t want you to get into this mess I created. Let alone live through all that again. And to drag the kids into it, I just couldn’t.”

“It’s over now and we can finally get on with our lives.”

“Our lives? Do you mean us? Or will there be someone else part of this family?”

Description: Description: 008 (2).jpg“Hmm, there’s something you should know first. While you were gone I bumped into Michael while he was in New York. Well we were seeing each other in all ways. You stopped calling and I just thought that maybe you didn’t want to be a family again. I figure I just get on with my life and move on. Derek he asked me to marry him and moved to California with him. Had I known Derek, I would have been by your side the whole time.”

He laid there next to her, how could he get mad her? He didn’t call her. He knew if they convicted him he would never see them again. He didn’t want to expose his kids to visiting him in a jail. “I knew about Michael. I heard everything when you called Yvey and I really can’t get mad at that. I should have trusted you and told you. I may not like you and him getting married but at least I know he loves you and will make you happy.  So will you marry him once you are back in New York? ”

“It all depends, will you still have me?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“Still have you? It’s all I ever wanted.” He said as he stared back and then gave her a kiss.

Trying to keep her eyes opened she kissed him back. “Derek as much as I want to I just can’t keep my eyes opened.”

“I know what you mean.” He crawl up closer to her and held her tight. Within seconds they both fell asleep on the couch.




26th of April, 2222


Months past and the press finally left them alone to go on with their lives. Derek and Nova resumed dating and Alex finally made peace with his father.

“Do you think that she will say yes?” Derek asked his oldest son.

“You won’t know until you ask.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve asked your mother to marry me since we got back together? And each time she said no.”

“Dad asking her after you two slept together is something Mom doesn’t think is the right time.” He giggled.

“Geesh Alex!” Derek blushed with embarrassment. “I didn’t think that your mother talks to you about those things.”

“She’s my best friend. She tells me everything.”


“Well, not everything, but enough.”

Curious Wildstar hated to grill his son but he wanted to know. “Alex, can you tell me about your mother when you guys left.”

Description: Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-10-15h25m44s232.pngTaking a deep sigh he sat down on the bed. “She cried a lot when we got here. I remember one night I walk in on her in the kitchen when she was crying and she told me what happen with you and her. She told me about the Queen and you. That you had a baby with someone else but it died. Then she told me about the past when I was small.”

“She did what?!”

“Dad! She didn’t want to keep anything from me. She knew that some day it will come out and she didn’t want me to get caught off guard. Dad, why, well, why?”

“It’s complicated, Alex. I can’t justify what I did. I never met to hurt her or you guys. I prayed that once I returned back that it would never come out. But even the universe is not big enough to hide such a secret. But I promise you this that I will never hurt her again. I love you and them very much and I couldn’t live without you guys.”

“Dad I was so mad at you when she told me. I swore that I would never talk to you again. But then she told me about Uncle Michael and her. That she wasn’t so innocent in it all. She made her mistakes and the outcome was Miku.”

“Alex, Miku is,”

“I know dad. She is our full sister. She told me that she was relieved that you were Miku natural father. That it would have been hard to explain if Uncle Michael was her dad. She never meant to hurt you either. She cried for her mistakes and yours. She truly believed that you and she would never get back together again. But when you moved here, she was scared to death that you would weasel your way into her life again. In the beginning I wish you two would get together. But it just seemed each time you and she were in the same room all you did was fight. I hated you for making her cry so much. It killed me to see her like that. I hated the fact that you and she were dating others. She with all those losers grandma tried to fix her up with and you with all those bimbos. I always knew when she had a bad date. I’d hear the door slam harder than usual. Except when you and she were arguing, that was a total different slam.” He said rolling his eyes.

 Derek tried not to giggle but knew all too well. It was the same slam that he did after their argument. “Sorry Alex. We tried not to bring you guys into that. If anything she made it a point not to argue in front or even in ear shot of you guys.”

 “Anyway, I think if you ask her this last time you might get another answer. Now I’ve made dinner arrangements at Au Petit France. The limo will pick you guys up at 6 tonight. So you have all night to ask her. So don’t chicken out.”

“Are you kidding me, I was more afraid of asking you then her.”

Alex laughed at his father and took out the ring. “Don’t forget the ring. Wear that one dark suit with the blue turtleneck she likes a lot.”

“Alex,” he turned serious to his son. “Are you sure about us getting back together? I mean we are going to argue and she may cry as well as me. But that’s part of marriage. I can’t guarantee you that everything is going to be perfect because it’s not. But I love your mother very much. I loved her from the first day I saw her walking down the hall. My screw ups have nothing to do with loving her. She is my best friend and my soul mate. So will you be alright with this?”

“I’ll be alright with it dad.”

“Would you be my best man if she says yes again?”

“Oh dad, sure I will.” He said as he gave his father a heartfelt hugged.


He picked her up at 5:45 pm sharp. Alex answered the door and smiled at his father. “She’s almost ready.” Miku ran from her room and jumped into his arms giving him kisses. “Miku your messing dads clothes up. Stop it!”

Description: Description: yuki01[1].jpg“It’s alright Alex. Your sister will always have a soft spot in my heart. And how is my little princess?”

She giggled and gave him a hug. “Mommy pretty.” She said in a shy tone.

“You and she are the prettiest two girls I know. No one can ever take your places.” Derek said and kissed her.

She walked into the room and they all stared in awe. She wore a simple red dress her hair down and a pair of platform shoes. She wore a simple gold choker and bracelet that matched. Alex whistle at her and she blush from head to toe. “Wow mom you look beautiful.”

“Thank you Alex. Now remember help out Misha with Miku and make sure that Mark and DJ don’t try tying her up again. They’re going to make her go crazy one day.” She gave him a kiss and then turned to Derek. “Are you ready?”

“Your son is right, you’re just stunning. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my eyes off of you.” He stuck out his arm and she put her arm through it. They walked out the door and Alex smiled to see them together. Now if he gets the courage to ask her we will all finally be together as a family, Alex thought to himself.



She found dinner fun and wonderful. He fidgeted threw out dinner and try to make conversation to relieve the stress of asking. So many times he asked her, but she seemed to joke about it with him and always turned him down. But tonight was different for him. He shook nervously trying to get the courage to ask her. They ate desert and he paid the bill. “Why don’t we go for walk?’ he asked.

“It’s a little chilly Derek,” she said and he took off his jacket and placed it around her. “Thank you, but aren’t you going to be cold.”

“I’ll be alright.” He said. They walked down to central park and sat at the fountain. “It’s really nice out here. Sometimes I feel like I am back on Great Island. I kind of miss it. Don’t you?”

Description: Description: vlcsnap-2011-06-25-19h52m41s34.pngShe smiled at him. He looked so handsome in his dark blue turtle neck sweater and black pants. His hair flowed in the wind and his eyes sparkled into the night. “Sometimes I do.” She said looking up at him. “Hmm, remember our first date? You brought me to this same fountain and we danced into the night.”

“It was one of the best times of my life. Hey why don’t we make a wish?” he took out a coin and handed it to her. “Go on make a wish.” She took the coin and turned her back to the fountain. Closing her eyes she stood quiet and then tossed the coin over her shoulder. “I hope that your wish comes true.”

“Me too.” She said. He began to walk away and she took his hand and pulled him back. “Aren’t you going to make a wish?”

“Naw, I have everything I could ever want.” He said.

“Oh come on there has to be at least one thing out there you want.” She said. “Come on make a wish.”

“It’s your night, Nov.”

“Come on, just one wish.”

“Okay, but I can’t.”


“Well I have no more coins.” He said feeling his pockets for more. “Wait I think I have some in my jacket pocket. Can you reach inside and see if I have some.” She opened the jacket and started to feel for coins. Feeling something velvety she pulled it out of the pocket and looked at it. She saw him grinning at her. “Open it.” He said looking nervous. With her hand shaking she opened the box and gasped at what she saw. Before she knew it he was on one knee looking up at her. “Nov, I love you very much. And I miss you as my wife. Will you please marry me again?” He said as couples walked by them. “Please say yes. I don’t want to look like a fool, especially if there are paparazzi hiding in the bushes.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to speak. “I, I, yes, yes, yes Derek I’ll marry you!” she yelled and broke down and cried. Her wish came true. All the times that he asked and she turned him down. But this time she wanted him to ask once again.

He took her into his arms and swung her around. “FINALLY!” He took the ring out of the box and slipped it on her finger. It was her original engagement and wedding ring that he gave her. Something she thought she would never see again. Kissing her once again he was happy to finally getting her to say yes. “I love you, Nov.”

“Oh Derek, I love you too. You held on to them. I thought I would never see them again.”

“I thought I’d keep them. I was hoping to give it back to you someday or at least Alex to give to his future wife. You know, when I got it in the mail my heart broke into a million pieces. It was the day that I started to drink. I knew then that our marriage was over. I’m so glad that I am able to give them back to you.”

“You added a new stone.” She smiled to see their daughter’s birth stone on her wedding ring. “Now it’s complete.”

“So what was your wish?” He asked.

She held him tighter and said. “I wished that you would ask me one more time.”




3rd of May, 2222


The ceremony was simple, a week later the Wildstar family went to city hall and quickly got married before anyone found out.

Alexander Wildstar stood in the door way with his mother as his father stood next to the judge. She wore a simple dress. It was off white strapless and made of satin. Alex and his brothers wore suits to match their fathers. Miku look like a princess in a light purple dress with flowers in her curly black hair. Derek and his son’s wore a rose in their lapels to match Miku’s dress. He walked her into the room and smiled at his dad that stood tall staring at her as she came towards him. “Who gives this woman.” The judge asked.

“I do sir.” Alex replied.

Handing his mother’s hand to his father Wildstar smile slightly to his son and asked. “Are you sure, son?”

Returning the same smile to his father he put his hand on his father’s shoulder and said. “I am dad. Just keep her happy. We love you.”

“I will son, and I love you too.” He took hold of Nova’s hand and squeezed it slightly. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Derek.”

“Nov, are you sure.” He asked.

“With all my heart.”

The Judge cleared his throat and began. “Shall we? Do you Derek Wildstar take this woman to be your wife again? To love her, respect her, bringing her breakfast in bed.” He said as they all laughed. “In sickness and in health, for richer or poor and in trying times as well as happy times, till death do you part?”

“With all my heart I do.” Derek said looking into his wife’s eyes.

“Do you Nova Forrester Wildstar, take this man to be your husband, to love him, respect him, bring him chicken soup when he is sick and in health, for richer and for poorer. In trying times as well as happy times, till death you part, again?”

She let out a laugh and said still giggling. “I will.”

“By the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of New York. I pronounce you both husband and wife. Now, Mr.Wildstar I can see that you are itching to kiss your bride so now you may kiss your wife.” The judge smiled at the couple. By coincidence Judge Emerson presided over their divorce and was happy that they chose him to preside over their nuptial. “Congratulations I’m glad that you two managed to work things out. Now I’d advice you two to get out of here before this gets leaked out to the press.




13th of May, 2222



That night Nova and Derek honeymoon in his apartment for the night before he put it up for sale. They sat in the living room waiting for their kids to come home when Misha interrupted them, “Admiral, sveak in kitchen?” she asked. Derek looked at his wife and then followed her into the kitchen. Standing in the kitchen was his oldest son dressed in EDF uniform. Derek stared at him shocked and then placed his finger over his mouth. He looked out into the living room and then waved him to his room. Closing the door behind them he sat on Alex’s bed, “Your mother is going to have a fit. When did you decide this?”

Description: Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-09-18h26m42s58.png“Is she going to be mad, Dad?”

“I don’t know, but we will find out soon enough. Have you talked to her about this?”

“No, but.”

“Oh Alex, you put me in a really tight spot. Okay, I’ll try to keep her calm and from killing you. Not to mention me. Come on cadet Wildstar let’s get this over with.” He said rolling his eyes.

Derek entered the room first and Alex stood in the hallway waiting until his father called for him. “What’s with the secrecy?” she asked.

He sat down next to her and took a deep breath. “Nova, Alex has something to show you and please don’t get angry with him.”

“Am I going to like this?”

“I don’t think you will. But let’s just hear him out.” Derek said. “Alex it’s alright come on in.”

Nova watched her son walked into the room and her eyes widen to seeing him. “ALEXANDER WILDSTAR! TAKE THAT THING OFF RIGHT NOW!!!” she yelled.

Alex stood there shaking to her reaction. Derek stood up and stood between her and their son. “Nova calm down, we should talk about this. Just hear him out.” He said holding her back from tearing the uniform off her son.

“HE IS TOO YOUNG TO GO! She cried.

“NOVA, NOVA! Sit down! Yelling is not going to help the situation. We all need to talk about this.” He said then turned to his son. “Alex go to your room, I’ll come get you in a few minutes.” He waited until he was gone and then turned to his wife. “Now can we have a calm conversation without going off the deep end?”

“Did you have something to do with this?!” she snapped.

“As much as I would love to take credit, no I didn’t have anything to do with it. Now what’s the big deal?”

“After the way they treated you, how can you allow our son to join?!”

“Baby, look it’s not like I left EDF. Even after all that, I did think of leaving but you and he convince me to stay. And we always knew that he wanted to be a pilot. Now, yelling and carrying on will not solve anything. Looks like he already made up his mind anyway.”

“But it will mean him leaving us back to Great Island to the academy. I’m not ready to let him go. He’s my baby.” She cried.

“Nova, if you haven’t noticed he is not a baby anymore. He’s growing up to be a young man. I mean we both went to the academy.”

“That was a different time. We had to grow up, and grow up fast.  I want him to have a childhood.”

“Baby, this is what he wants. We have to support him. He’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulder. Remember we always said whatever they decide to do that we would support them.”

“He’s too young to know what he wants.” She said.

“And if he changes his mind then we will support that too. You got to admit he’s always wanted to learn how to fly and command a ship.” Derek said with a slight smile.

“What the hell are you grinning at? He is my child and I forbid him to go!”

Rolling his eyes he took a deep breath. “Nova you know the more you try to stop him the more he will want to go. So this is not a winning or losing battle. We have to be supportive.”

“Fine! But I don’t have to like it.” She huffed.

“Now I’m going to call him back in here. Please try to be happy for him.” He begged. “Misha can you ask Alex to come here?” he said. Alex walked into the room with his hands in his pockets and head down shaking as to what his mother was going to tell him. “Alex, your mother and I spoke and we will support you in joining EDF. I am assuming that you will be going in the fall.”

With wide eyes he looked towards his mother that had tears in her eyes. “Mom, please don’t cry.” He said as he sat down next to her and put his arm around her.

“I’m alright Alex, it’s just your growing up so fast. You’re not my baby anymore.” She sniffed back tears. “Dad will make sure that you have the best teachers in the academy.”

“Mom no! I don’t want them to treat me different. So Dad, please don’t get upset. I don’t want to use Wildstar. I rather use mom’s name.” Derek sat there a little disappointed but understood. “I just want to make my own way and if they see Wildstar they will treat me different. Not to mention if one of the teachers there remembered you and then I have to prove myself as a Wildstar.” He said making his father grin.

“Alright Alex, we will enroll you as Forrester.” His father said.

“Alex it will make life easier if you use your father’s,” Nova began when Derek took hold of her hand.

“He wants to make his own way. You have to admire that. It kind of bothers me that he doesn’t want to use my name but hey, if that’s what he wants then so be it. Let’s just hope that no one recognizes you. I think Eager is the headmaster there. So I can count on him to keep your identity secret. And if you need anything than Uncle Stephen and Titi Yvey is there for you.”

“We will be there for you too Alex.” Nova said.

“Thanks mom.” He said and hugged her. “And thanks for supporting my decision.”

“No worries, baby.” She tried to sound chipper. “Now go and do your homework, dinner is at 6.”

They watched as he made his way to his room and Derek turned to his wife, “how are you holding up.”

“Hmm, looks like you got your wish and your son is following in your footsteps.”

“Oh come on. We always knew that this is what he wanted. I just thought it would wait until he was out of high school.” Looking closer at his wife he took her face in his hand and made her look at him. “You did good, for a second there I thought you were about to pop.”

“We’re going with him.”

“Huh, what are you saying?”

“I’m not going to be around the world if something happens to him. I need to be closer to him. That way he doesn’t have to travel too far to see us.”

“You mean too far to see him.” He laughed.

“Whatever, I need to be near my child. I’ll call Yvey and have her hire a crew to get the house ready.” She said as she got up and headed to their office.  Derek grinned and finally knew that they were going back home to his beloved Great Island and this time as a family.



The end. . . .



Thanks for reading. Now back on Great Island Alexander Wildstar finds it hard to keep his identity a secret. He has to be weary of all especially a certain girl that is determined to find out who he is and who his parents are. Will he be able to make it threw his first year of the Academy without being exposed? Read on to find out.


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