Another Winding Road

Part 5

By Yuki Wildstar


Description: toplarge[1] - Copy.jpg29th of September, 2221

Later that evening

He opened his door and she stood there in a beautiful pale purple dress that clang to her body. Her hair glimmered as the light hit it. Derek smiled to see her standing there smelling sweet. “Hello Ms. Forrester, come in. You look beautiful.” He said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“It smells great in here. Did you do the cooking?

“You’re a comedian tonight. No I order in. So how did the warden act this morning?” He asked thinking of their oldest son grilling his mother about their date.

“Are you kidding me! He had a thousand questions. I thought my mother was living with us. Did he take you to the right restaurant? What did you order? Was he nice? Etc, etc.,” she laughed. Wildstar looked at her worried to his sons questioning. Relieving his mind she said. “Actually he didn’t ask much only if I had a good time and was I happy. So how was your day?” she asked.

He thought hard about telling her what will happen when he leaves but decided it was best not to. He was just starting to work things out with her and he didn’t want to argue with her now. This would definitely put him in the dog house with her and he didn’t want that. “It was work, nothing exciting. The only thing I looked forward to is seeing you again.” He took her into his arms and kissed her. “I have a surprise for you.” He whispered into her ear. Walking to his desk he opened a draw and pulled out a long velvet box. He took her hand and placed it into it. “I hope you like it.”

Opening up the box she gasped to what was inside. “I can’t take this Derek. It’s too expensive.” She stared inside the box and in it sat a 4 carat diamond tennis bracelet.”

“Take it Nov, you deserve it. Anyway it’s not like I’ve been told that I spent too much.” He took the box and took out the bracelet. Taking her hand he put it on her. Remembering what she once told him years ago he smiled and said. “It looks great on you,” then kissed her on the lips.

“Thank you Derek, it’s just beautiful.” They talked for hours over dinner. He made her laugh at some of the horrible dates he went on. They talk more about the kids and how Alex seemed to be alright with them dating. Miku took most of their time in conversation. He was amazed at how big she was getting and how smart she was. They talk about how he coupe with her leaving and his many nights of drinking. She opened up to him about how she felt in what happened to them. He stared away as she explained and felt horrible that he wasn’t telling her what will be happening to him. Now is not the time to say anything, he thought. If I tell her now she would never speak to me again. To bring up them charging him with court marshal will ruin their night together. Yes it’s best not to mention it to her now. She would only worry or worst, they start to argue about how he made this mess and now his kids will pay the price. No its best to stay quiet. Once it’s all over then he can tell her. Until then he wanted this night to be perfect for her.

They walked outside to his terrace and looked out into the dark city sky line. “Nov, I have to head back to Great Island. They need me to take care of something’s. It shouldn’t take more than a week. I’ll be back before you know it.” He said as he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Oh Derek, just when things here are starting to look good. So what’s so important that they need you back there?”

“Just some meetings that I have postponed for far too long. I’m just going to finish up everything and then I’m all yours.”

“Can’t you do it through video? I mean Alex is actually starting to put his guard down.”

“I wish I could, but they need me there. It shouldn’t take too long. Before you know it I will be back.”

“I guess Alex will be alright, he’ll understand.” She sighed.

“Look let’s not let this ruin our night.” He said as he turned her around to face him. “I love you Nova Forrester. Let’s make tonight worth remembering.”



3rd of November, 2221


As predicted, Wildstar received orders to return to Great Island days later. He met with his lawyer as much as possible going over the possibilities. A week later he left for Great Island and as Sandor told him they arrested him on the spot. His lawyer went into full gear preparing for his court marshal. The first week there he called her every night thanks to Sandor and a few guards that worked with him on the Argo. His trial started two weeks later and his calls became less and less. Nova wondered why eventually he stopped calling completely. Alex once again became a hand full. She tried calling the house to find the phone was disconnected. She tried calling his cell phone but went straight to voice mail. “What the hell could he possibly be doing that he can’t return my calls? If he doesn’t want to talk to me then at least talk to his kids.” She told Misha one day. “I should have known better then to let him back into my life.” She said as she slammed her coffee cup on the table.

“I think he too busy. He vill call soon.” She answered her.

Description: Gundam00LockonStratos-1[1].jpgNova huffed and went to get dress. For weeks she tried to contact him and nothing. Well if that’s how he wanted to start out trying to get back into my life then so be it. I have to move on. No longer will I fall for his smile and eyes. Let alone his charming ways. She put on her running clothes and headed out to the park to run.

She ran for an hour trying to clear her mind. Stopping at the fountain that they had their date she sat down and watched as people passed by. “Nova, is that you?” she heard someone call out to her.

“Michael, oh my word it’s been so long. What are you doing here?” they hug and looked at each other.

“Too long, how have you been? How is the baby and the boys?” he couldn’t believe how good she still looked. The last time he saw her was in the hospital when they finally brought her back from surgery. It was the day that he found out that he was not the father of her baby girl. He visited New York City often after that but chose not to call her when he was there. Last he heard she and Derek were getting together.

“She’s doing well. She’s so big and running amuck at home.” Her eyes dance as she spoke of her. “Mark and DJ are doing great in school.”

“And Alex?”

“Hmm, not so good. He’s having a hard time right now.” She said with a sad tone.

“Alex having a hard time, but he was so out going. What happen?”

“Well it doesn’t help that his father went back to Great Island and we haven’t heard from him in weeks.” She said in an angry low tone.

“Geeze Nova I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

“It’s alright. Enough about me, how are you doing? What brings you here to New York? Are you still on the west coast?”

“I’m still there, just here on conference. Wow I can’t believe I’m here talking with you.” He stared at her more and could see that she looked sad. “Listen I have to get back, but how about dinner tonight?” he asked as he looked as his watch.

“Ah sure, here let me give you my number.” She wrote down her number really quick and he gave a kiss on the cheek.

“See you tonight then. It’s really good seeing you again.” He said then he ran to his appointment.



“Uncle Michael?” Alex Wildstar asked.

“Yes you remember him. I’m having dinner with him tonight.”

Alex remembered that he was always nice to him and his brothers. And he always made his mother smile whenever she was down.  He knew that his father wasn’t too happy with him when he came around, but he never made her cry. He was always there to help his mother get through it. He smiled at his mother and gave a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Have fun mom,” then ran to answer the door that went off. They all raced to the door and Alex swung it opened to see his Uncle Michael standing there with a bunch of flowers in his hand. “Hello Uncle Michael. MOM! Your date is here.” He called back. “She’s almost ready.”

“Hello Alex, my you have grown a lot. You’re almost as tall as I am. Mark, DJ wow it’s been so long you two are all grown up.” He looked behind Alex and saw his sister hiding behind him, “and this little lady here?”

“This is Miku, our baby sister.”

“Well I’ll be, the last time I saw you, you were only an hour or so old. You’re just as pretty as your mother. Hello there Miku, I am your uncle Michael.” He bow down to her and pull out a flower for her. She took the flower and giggled.

Nova watched as they all stood around him staring. “Alright guys it’s time for bed.” She said. They all gave her a kiss on the lips and made their way to their rooms.

“Their great kids Nova. And Miku is just beautiful. I can’t believe she grew up so fast.” He said as he handed her the flowers.

“Thank you, I say the same thing about all of them.” She took them from him and gave them to Misha. “Well shall we?”

He stuck out his arm and they left for dinner. They talk for hours about their adventures in space. Then he asked her. “Why didn’t you tell me about Miku?”

“I wasn’t sure if you were the father or Derek was. So many times I wanted to call you. But I just couldn’t. Anyway I didn’t want you or Derek fighting. Not to mention the fact that if she wasn’t yours. You would have put time into being there and then had been crushed to find out that she wasn’t. Same for Derek.”

“And how is Derek in all this? I heard that the divorce was final not to long after Miku was born.”

“We made peace with it. For a second there I thought that maybe we could work it out. But,” she drifted off.

He lean forward and touch her hand. “What happen?”

“I don’t know. We were trying to work it out and the next thing I knew he was getting called back to Great Island something about finishing up some lose ends. But I thought he took care of that before he moved here. He called every night for about a week and then all of a sudden nothing. I don’t know if he found someone else or he was shipped out. Either way it just told me to wake up and smell the coffee. We could never be together again. I mean for him not to call me is one thing. But for him to stop calling the kids just pisses me off completely. Alex is just a mess and Miku just keeps asking when he is coming home. Mark and DJ are the only ones that are taking this in stride. And that’s because they have each other. I guess that’s the only good thing about being twins. They will always have a connection with each other.”

“It’s not like him to not even call the kids. Maybe something came up and he was shipped out like you said.”

“That’s no excuse to not at least call the kids to tell them. Anyway, I’ve had enough. I have to move on with my life.”

He could see that she hurt and he wanted so much to make her happy. “So Ms. Forrester would you like any desert? I hear that the apple pie here is good.” He said changing the subject and making her laugh. “Wow I didn’t think apple pie can make you giggle. I can’t wait to see what chocolate cake will do,” which made her laugh harder.



He walked her into her building and up to her apartment. It was a nice night for them to walk back and the fresh air from the autumn wind helped her clear her mind. “Well, Ms. Forrester it was nice to see you again.”

“It was nice seeing you too. How long are you in town for?”

“Another couple of weeks and then back to Cali for a week then I leave for South America to do an inter ship. I’ve been trying to get this gig for a while now.”

“Sounds like fun. Shame I have kids or else I would go with you.”

“Why don’t you come down in the summer? The kids will be out of school and it will give them a chance to see another part of Earth.”

“I just might take you up on that.” She said then threw her around his neck pulling him closer to her. He leaned down and began to kiss her. She pushed opened the door and took him by the hand. They both tiptoe to her room hoping that they didn’t wake the kids.




11th of November, 2221


She watched him sleep next to her. What a night it was, they made love into the morning hours. She grabbed her robe and walked over to her window and looked out. The sun slowly came up bringing the city back to life. The faint sounds of the city could be heard as the taxi cabs race down the street to catch an awaiting customer. She smiled to herself feeling free to do what she wanted. He’s never coming back, she told herself. And even if he did she’s not letting him back in. I have to think of myself for once and the kids. I have let him weasel his way back to many times. I just can’t keep crying over him. She felt his arms come around her waist and she forced a smile on. “Good morning Nova.” He said taking her by the hand and sitting down giving her a passionate kiss.

“Good morning Michael. Thank you for last night.” She almost felt liberated to have another man in her bed.

“I had a great time too. I missed you.” He gazed into her eyes.

“I missed you too.”

“Nova, I thought about this for a long time and I promised myself that if I ever saw you again I wouldn’t hold back. I love you, I always have.” Reaching to his pants he fumbled into the pocket and pulled out a small leather box. Opening it he took out the ring and slipped it on her finger. “Marry me, Nova.”

“Michael, I just,” she began to say.

“I can take care of you and the kids.”

Description: tumblr_lf9abwOoJn1qasqcto1_500[1].jpgShe ran her finger down his face and gave him a smile. “Michael I, I, I just can’t not now. I have to figure out what I want. It wouldn’t be fair to you. I need to be me first. I don’t want to just fall into another relationship and it not work out. I have to think of my children.”

Feeling rejected he looked away, “I understand. But I want you to keep it and think about it. Don’t say yes but don’t say no. Think about it. When you’re ready then call me. I love you.”

“I should hurry and get dress the kids will be up soon.”

“Are you throwing me out so soon?” He laughed.

“No, no it’s just the last man I brought home was Derek and I don’t want the kids to be confused. We’ve been careful and I just don’t want to explain things to them right now. ”

“Gotcha, I understand. Better get dress and sneak out before they get up.” He kissed her neck and then went and got dressed. They quietly went to the door and he gave her a passionate kiss goodbye. “So will I see you later?”

“I hope so. Thank you Michael I had a wonderful time. You were great.” She softly said.

“You weren’t so bad yourself. I’ll call you,” then kissed her one last time before leaving her to tend to her children.


Later that night . . . .


She couldn’t get his proposal out of her mind. Should she accept his marriage proposal or turn it down. Her mind shift back and forth all day. She had to face the truth with her ex sooner or later. Would he drop everything once he learned that she was thinking of being with someone else? Michael has always been there for me. She thought to herself. If I wasn’t married to Derek for so long Michael would be someone that I could fall in love with. Looking at the ring on her finger she sighed out loud and picked up the phone and called.


“Hello Nova.” Yvey said.

“Is he there?” she asked annoyed.

Yvey looked over to him and he shook his head no in reply. “I’m sorry Nova he’s not here.”

She huffed into the phone. “Well can you give him a message? Tell Admiral Wildstar that I no longer want him to be in our lives. Please make sure that whatever he is doing that he stays there. I cannot have my children’s lives in constant turmoil because he chooses to walk in and out of our lives when he feels like it. I will be seeing my lawyer and will start proceedings to take full custody of them. That to sign the papers and please give up his parental rights so if I do decide to re-marry, that there are no loose ends. I have had it Yvey! I can no longer live like this. The least he could have done is call his children and tell them that he loves them and thinks of them!” she huffed. “Anyway Michael asked me to marry him and I’m seriously thinking of saying yes.” They heard her sigh. “Just tell him that it’s over. I don’t want him in our lives anymore!” With that Yvey heard the phone slam down.  She turned off the speaker phone and turned to him. “Well what are you going to do now?” she asked Wildstar.

He said nothing the whole time she spoke and his eyes weld up with tears. “She has to do what she has to do. When the papers come in I’ll sign them.”

 Yvey screamed in frustration with him. “WHY DON’T YOU TELL HER! You are selling her short, if you tell her she would be right here with you. You wouldn’t be losing her or your children. She’s planning on actually marring Michael and I know how much you hate him. Tienes que decirle” she yelled.

“And what will I say! I screwed up again! That now this will become a public trial. That I am embarrassing her yet again! To protect her and my kids I will do as she asks! My kids do not need to go through this!” He yelled back.

“Mira!” Yvey screamed. “She loves you and she wouldn’t care if this is dragged through the mud!”

“YVEY!” Stephen yelled over them. “Enough! Leave him alone. I’m sure once this is all over that he will tell her everything.”

“She’s not taking him back! Or does he not understand that. I just think she should know, because if she does she would be here by his side.” Wildstar turned and left the house slamming the door behind him.



23rd of November, 2221

Great Island

Trial Part 11


Description: wrmm39[1].png

Description: 024.jpgWildstar sat in his commander’s full military uniform with his lawyer next to him. With the prosecuting attorney continuing to bring up his fraternization it wasn’t hard to tune them out. His lawyer continued to objected, on grounds that they were given permission by top brass. The press went wild to get a glimpse of Queen Mariposa enter the court house to testify for the defense. She was cross examined by the prosecuting attorney making her trip over her words, which did not look good for Wildstar. He felt someone’s hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Sandor and Yvey sitting behind him. Trying to give them a smile he looked tired to them and they wanted him to rest. After arriving on Great Island he was arrested and brought back to the brig. His lawyer tried to arrange for his release on bail as quickly as possible. He pleaded not guilty when he stood before the judge and Mr. Ganci requested a close court to keep everything away from the press considering Wildstar’s status. He stayed with Sandor and Yvey at their house and they found him quiet and withdrawn most of the time. Each day they encouraged him to call Nova. He declined each time. He didn’t want her to be dragged into his mess. Whatever the outcome he would face it with his head high. He watched as Mariposa step down from the witness chair then turned his head when she looked his way. He hadn’t spoken to her since they buried their daughter and he wasn’t about to now. It just hurt too much for him to think about and what he put his wife through. The judge finally motion them the end of the day and that they would resume proceedings in two days. They all stood up and he turned to his friends. “Well there goes another day shot. I could’ve been fishing.” He tried to joke.

“Not to worry Derek, we are here for you. The whole star force is behind you on this.” He put his hands on his shoulder and could see that it was starting to take a toll on him.

“Admiral, the prosecutor would be wrapping things up soon then we both will have a chance to give our closing arguments. It looks good, so don’t worry. There are too many people on the panel that have worked with you and found you a fair and excellent captain. Try to get some rest. You look like you haven’t slept in days.” Little did he know that he wasn’t sleeping at all since his return, this was worst then being in battle. He would rather fight in a war then go through this, Wildstar thought.

“Come on Derek. Let’s go home.” Sandor said. They made their way out of the building and the Press where waiting in full force. Even with his lawyer request to keep everything out of the press word seeped out to his court marshal and now they were out for the story. Now it didn’t matter which way he tried to leave they were always waiting for him. They pushed through the crowed and into an awaiting car to drive out of the city to Sandor’s house. “Have you talked to her?” Sandor asked.

“No I can’t, to drag her into my mess is not what I want.”

“Derek, papi, you should call her. She’s probably wondering why you haven’t call to speak to the kids. It’s not fair to keep this away from her.”

“Yvey I know you mean well, but please this is one of those favors I have to pull. Please don’t say anything. I’m, I’m just too embarrassed.”

“All the more reason to tell her, you need her and she probably needs you too. You have to tell her.”

“Yvey,” Sandor gave her a push. “He needs rest we can talk about this once he is rested.”





24th of November, 2221



He tired to sleep but found himself tossing and turning all night. He sat up and placed his hands on his face rubbing to clear his mind. Gosh I feel worst now then I did last night, he thought. He couldn’t sleep and he barely ate anything. Yvey knocked gently on his door and poked her head in. “How do you feel, Admiral?”

Description: 42197_00-08-27_122_252lo[1]a.jpg“Oh come on Yvey, you know not to call me that when I’m here.”

“Sorry, you don’t look to good. I brought you something to eat.” She said placing the tray next to his bed.

“Thanks Yvey, but I’m not really hungry.” He looked tired. His eyes were dark and hollow and she could tell that he didn’t sleep again last night.

“Maybe you should call her. You could use some cheering up.”

“Not now Yvey, it’s just too early to begin grilling me about it. I just need some sleep. If you don’t mind I’d like to be left alone for a while.” He looked at her, “sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but I just need to think. Alright?”

“It’s alright papi. We are going into town so it will be quiet for you so try and get some sleep.”

“I’m sorry Yvey, I’m over staying my welcome. Maybe I should stay at the house or a hotel.”

“Nonsense, you are staying here. And it’s not because they ordered you to stay with someone. But because we want to be here for you.”

“Thanks Yvey, you and Stephen have been the best. I really appreciate everything you guys are doing.”

“Anytime, anyhow get some rest. I’ll leave the tray try to eat something.” She said and left him to his thoughts.



23rd of November, 2221

New York City

Home of Nova Forrester Wildstar



Back in the states Nova kissed her sons goodbye as they all went to school. She sat in her daughter’s room twirling the ring Michael gave her as she sat in front of Miku and watched her play with her doll. Her mind raced as to her decision to his proposal while the T.V. played in the back ground. Miku pushed the doll in her hand and Nova smiled at her knowing she wanted to play when she heard it in the back ground.


~And top story today goes to Great Island. Thomas what is the latest word on the trail of Admiral Wildstar?’ the news caster said. ‘As you know this has been just released today from Great Island since word leaked out about his ongoing court marshal. A few days ago the prosecuting attorney question Queen Mariposa about her affair with the Admiral on his last mission. As you know he was once married to Captain Nova Forrester Wildstar but has since divorced due to his affair with the Queen. They both have four children together,’ she heard him said. Her heart stopped and she watched as they show pictures of him and her on some return trips and of their wedding. Miku ran to the T.V. and smiled. “Daddy.” She pointed as it showed him coming out of the court house with his lawyer and Sandor in the back ground. She quickly got up and ran for the phone. It took a few minutes but she finally got through. “Yvey,”


“How is he?” she cried into the phone.

“Not good. He’s lost weight, he’s not sleeping and you can see the stress in his face.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? I should be there with him.”

“He didn’t want you involved.”

“I’m on my way,” and hung up before she could say anything else.

Just in time Misha return from taking her sons to school. “Misha! I need you to go back and get the kids from school. I’ll pack something for them.”

“Miss vhat wrong.”

“I can’t explain now, please get the boys. We are leaving as soon as I can get a flight out. So hurry, please!” she began to put things into suitcases and then dial the only one she knew could get her out of there. “Daddy, I need the jet.”


“Daddy, please I need the jet. I have to go to Great Island.”

“He finally told you. Thank God. I told him to tell you.”

“You knew about this and you didn’t tell me!”

“I’m sorry honey, he swore me to secrecy. Please don’t worry he has the best lawyer with him.”

“I need to be there with him. I’ll deal with you later! Now I need the jet. I can fly it myself.” She screamed into the phone.

“I’ll have it ready for you. I’ll get my best pilot you are in no condition to fly. I’ll meet you there.” He said quickly and hung up the phone. He will deal with his daughter on the way to Great Island. She would need him even though she was going to chew him out.




25th of November, 2221

Great Island




They arrived without anyone knowing, especially the Press. A car waited for them and they were whisked to a hotel. Wildstar sat at the court room head bow and dozing on and off from the lack of sleep. The prosecuting attorney talked for an hour on his closing speech making Wildstar drift in and out of sleep. A few times the judge would look his way and stare at his lawyer making him give Wildstar a shove to wake him. The door opened and a young man walked in and waved to Mr. Ganci then past him a note. “Your honor can we get a short recess.”

“Very well, maybe your client can catch a few needed Z’s. Please fill him up with some coffee I don’t appreciate him sleeping in my court room. Court will reconvene in 10 minutes.” He said and slammed the gavel down hard.

“Sit tight I’ll be right back.” Ganci told Wildstar.

“Wildstar you have to wake up.” Sandor shook him.

“I’m sorry. But what difference does it make. I’m good as gone anyway you put it.”

“Derek you have to pull yourself together! You have to think about the kids. It’s not all about you now. Your kids are the ones that will suffer. They won’t have you there to see them grow up. So, get it together!” he said threw grit teeth. Ten minutes went quick and the court officer yelled out for order. They all sat down and Mr. Ganci ran back into the room.

“Your Honor, permission to approach the bench?” Wildstar watched as they argued back and forth until the judge said something. Both nodded in agreement and then walked back to their tables.

Description: ya28.jpg“Mr. Ganci, seeing that this was closing argument I have bent the rules to enter your last and final witness. Please call your witness.” The Judge ordered.

“Yes sir, thank you. I call Mrs. Nova Forrester Wildstar.” A gasp rang throughout the court room and Derek stood up to see his ex wife walk in.

She walked past the room of people head held high. Dressed in her beige EDF uniform her hair down and simple pumps. She stood facing him and was sworn in. “Can you please state your name.” his lawyer asked.

“Captain Nova Forrester Wildstar retired, Sir.” She said.

“Ms. Wildstar.”

“It’s Mrs. Wildstar.” She corrected him.

“Mrs. Wildstar, can you please tell us the reason why you left your husband.”

“I’d rather not but yes. He had an affair with Queen Mariposa.”

“Was this the first time he cheated on you?”

Description: 51905[1].jpg“As far as I know, yes sir.” She replied.

“Wasn’t there a time that he had feelings for another woman right after you gave birth to your son Alexander?”

“Yes sir he did.”

“And what was the outcome of that?”

Wildstar grabbed hold of his arm and stood up to him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Stop this right now.”

“Don’t worry I’m wrapping this up. Trust me and your wife.” He winked at him. “Mrs. Wildstar what was the outcome of that?”

“I threw him out of the house.”

“Later on you finally got back together. Correct?”

“Yes sir, we did.”

“Now Mrs. Wildstar in order for you to take the stand you wish to say something to the prosecuting attorney and the judges as well as the jury.”

“Yes I did. It was what I requested.”

“By all means ma’am, go ahead.”

“Well I am not here to per swayed you into my husband outcome. I know he is not a perfect man. But I wanted to tell you about his character. My husband is a fair man. He would lay his life for his men as well as EDF and Earth. At times I didn’t agree with his logic in battle but he always managed to pull us out of a tight spot. When he told me about his affair I was furious and left him. But I am sure there were many before him that has had affairs. Bringing charges on him now has only opened up old wounds, something we worked hard to overcome. And I find this more like a witch hunt to tarnish a good officer’s name. Never mind that he has risked his life not once but more times than I can count. When Earth is being threaten it is him that you call upon for help.” She snapped. “He had the weight of the world, literally, on his shoulder. I have stood back in the shadows and watched as he took on enemies without hesitation.  When I lost my first child we were in the midst of a battle. Not one second went that he didn’t lose control. He always manages to put his personal life aside and took charge of his duties. If you are charging him with fraternization then most of you should be charged also. This is a waste of good citizen’s taxes and instead of using that for use within the military you all sit here charging an outstanding officer. So what will happen if Earth is threaten again? Who will you call to protect her?!” The room stood silent to her words. She looked in the direction of his lawyer giving him his cue.

“Thank you Mrs. Wildstar. Consular you may question Mrs. Wildstar if you like.”

The prosecutor sat there quietly and thought hard as to what to ask. If I question her the jury will surely see me as a cold hearted man. Anyway, I do not agree with this. I never wanted this case to begin with. If his boss didn’t insist that he take this case he would have passed. Now he looked like he was tarnishing a good officers name and the press are dragging his name through the mud. He stood up and looked away from Nova. “I have no questions your honor.” To question her would make him look like a fool. She was a highly decorated officer, her record was spotless and to make her look bad would only make the jury sway to his judgment. No its best to not question her.

“Mrs. Wildstar you can step down.” The judge ordered. She stepped down and looked in his direction for the first time. She could see the stress in his face and his eyes were tired from lack of sleep. She gave him a quick nod and walked out of the court room. He turned to his lawyer and grabbed his arm. “How,” he asked.

“You’ll get a chance to ask her that yourself. She’s waiting outside for you.”

“Mr. Ganci, you can start your closing statement.” The judge ordered.

“Thank you your honor. Ladies and Gentleman of the jury I don’t have to go into detail about my client’s action. But this is not a public matter. This is more of a private matter that should be between his former wife and him. Yes he admits to his infidelities but he paid the price to that with the lost of his wife and children. As for fraternizing with the enemy when have we been enemies with the Queen of Zazba? As you all know from her testimony she admits that Earth and Zazba are allies and she sees no war between the two. She also tells us that they are not a fighting planet and wish to only live in peace. My client devoted his life to this planet and his wife stood back patiently as he took on war after war. Is this how we repay a well decorated officer that serve with their lives? If that is the case then how about the officers that aren’t so well decorated and are the true souls of using their power to get their way. Do they get a free ride while he takes the fall? I asked that you not only clear him of these charges but to give him his full rank back. This is not a matter for EDF or this court this is a matter between he and his wife. Thank you.” He said then walked back to the table.

“Ladies and Gentleman, we will now deliberate. Please weigh out all closing arguments and come back with your verdict. Thank you, this court room is now adjourned.” The judge said then slammed down his gavel.

Wildstar got up and tried to make his way as reporters jumped in front of him asking questions. It seemed like forever until he reached the doors and then began to look for her amidst the people in the hall. “NOVA!” he yelled out into the hallway. From the corner of his eye he saw James Forrester standing near a door and he waved over to him. Wildstar fought harder to get to him pushing people out of the way. Microphones were thrown in front of him as reporters asked questions. He simply told them, “No Comment,” and pushed past them. Finally what seem forever he stood face to face with his ex father-in-law. “James where is she?”

“She’s in here. Come on.” He said then opened the door.

She sat leaning against a table crying, looking up she saw him standing in the door. Her heart raced faster to see him after all this time.


23h of November, 2221


She raced to get there before they came down with his verdict. She packed as quickly as she could, taking only what she thought she would need. Misha returned back with the boys within the hour and they race to the airport to her father’s private jet. She made her call to Michael from the car and explain that she had to be with him. Disappointed and hurt he wished her well. Alex Wildstar sat in the plane looking out not knowing what it was all about. Misha came to his school and already had his brothers in tow. “What’s going on?” he asked her.

“Vour mama asks to get vou and vour brothers.” She said.

He sat quiet when he felt his mother’s hand on his shoulder. “Alexander, are you alright?”

“I don’t understand mom. Why are we going to see dad. I thought it was over, I thought you and Uncle Michael were getting together? It’s not fair every time dad calls that we pick up and go. I hate that he hurts you and it’s not fair that we go to him he should be the one to come to us. Why is it always about him?!”

“Alex your dad needs us right now. We are not dropping everything for him and Uncle Michael and I are not a couple. We just went on some dates. That’s all.”

“Yeah right.” Alex said under his breath.

“Listen here young man don’t get fresh with me. He is still your father, last time I check and he loves you no matter what. He would die for you.” Taking a deep breath she continued hoping that he would understand. “Alex honey, he is in big trouble and he didn’t tell me about it. I had to see it on T.V. Please Alex he really needs us to be there.”

“What did he do?” he asked curiously.

“They are trying to court marshal him for having an affair with Mariposa.”

“But that was over two years ago and you moved on. Why now?” She knew it was best to be honest with her oldest child. She didn’t want him to get blindsided by someone telling him. Plus she always thought of him as her confident and best friend.

“I guess they’ve had enough of officers having affairs and wanted to make a primer example of your father. Never mind that this is opening up old wounds and dragging you guys with it. So, will you be alright in seeing your father again?”

Thinking hard to what she said he agreed to be there for his father. “I’m with you mom.”

“Thank you Alex. I love you.” She said and gave him a hug.


Now she stood before him placing her hand on his face. “How are you Derek?”

“Much better now that you’re here.”

“Why Derek? Why didn’t you tell me? Is this why you were called back?”

“I didn’t want you involve. It was my mess and I needed to deal with this on my own.”

“And what would happen if they find you guilty. How were you going to tell me and our kids? Just because we are divorce does not mean we are not a family. We are in this together. I’m sorry that I file for sole custody of the kids. Had I know I would never have done it. But you should have told me. I was so angry at you coming here. You could have told me.” She shook him. “You have no clue as to what your kids were going through not knowing when you will be back and not calling them. I had to hear it on the news! Do you think I am that closed minded that I would not understand. I love you! You’re the father of my kids! And whether you like it or not, we are in this together no matter what!” she said fighting back tears.

“Nova,” he said then broke down and cried into her arms.

“Derek, there’s someone here to see you.” Nova finally said then looked over to a far corner of the room. “Alexander come say hello to your father.”

Wildstar turned to see his oldest son and walked towards him. He stood almost as tall as his mother and gave nothing away in his face. “Alex,” Wildstar said softly. Without another word he ran into his father’s arms and cried. “Oh Alex, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. You are my oldest and my pride and joy. Have I ever told you how proud I am of you?”

“Dad we are here for you.” He said once he calm down.

“Thank you, son.”

“Derek, your son is right we are here for you.” Nova said.

“Thank you for testifying for me.”

“Derek, Nova, I think they are ready with the verdict.” His father-in-law announced with his lawyer standing next to him.

“Well that was quick. I guess that shows no good sign. At least I will be able to sleep tonight no matter what.” He said trying to sound chipper.

Nova took hold of his hand and squeezed it hard. “We’re walking in as a family Derek, and we will leave as a family.”

They walked into the court room together hand in hand. He escorted Nova to a seat that was behind him and Alex sat next to her. She squeezed his hand one more time as a photographer took a picture. He sat down and waited until the judge walked into the room. All stood and were then order to sit. The court officer handed the judge a piece of paper, he nodded and then said, “Madam Juror do you have a verdict?”

“We do your honor.”

“Rear Admiral Wildstar please stand up. Madam Juror, please tell the court room what your verdict is.”

“Your honor we find the defendant Rear Admiral Derek Wildstar, not guilty on all counts. Also your honor we would like to make a statement.” She said as the judge nodded in agreement. “We would like to give thanks to Rear Admiral Wildstar for all his bravery in protecting Earth. We are sorry that you had to endure this witch hunt,” she said as she stared over to the prosecuting attorney. “and opening up wounds that you and your family tried hard to forget. Good luck Admiral we wish you well.”

Description: 51725[1].jpgWildstar stood there relieved to hear those words. He thanked the jurors and turned to Nova. “I knew they would have come through with a not guilty. Congratulation Admiral, now go and get some much needed rest.” His lawyer said.

“Thank you Mr. Ganci. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

“You can repay me by at least working things out with your ex-wife. She insisted that she be announced as Mrs. Wildstar. Sounds like you are a shoe in for reconciliation. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” He turned to Nova and pulled her closer to him. “Should I call you Mrs. Wildstar now?”

“We will see about that. Come on let’s get out of here.”

It took more than an hour to make their way out of the building. Wildstar lawyer stood on the court steps and announce the verdict then answer as many questions as he could. One reported asked, “Where is Admiral Wildstar?”

 “The Admiral is in much need of sleep and wanted to resume his time with his family. I am sure that once he is settled he will answer your question.”


To be continued . . . . .