Another Winding Road

 Part 4

By Yuki Wildstar



28th of September, 2221

Residence of Admiral Derek Wildstar


Morning . . .


He awoke to see her getting dress. Nova put on a robe that lay on a chair of his. He sat up and smiled at her, “hey sneaking out on me?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to wake you.” She said covering herself with his robe. “I should go, the kids will be heading out to school soon and they’re going to wonder why I’m not there.”

He walked to her and stood in front of her naked. “Nova our night together, you’re not regretting it, are you?”

“No Derek, last night was wonderful. I just want to make sure the kids go off to school alright. I’ve been there for them every morning and I’m not intending to stop now. Why don’t you get dress and come over. I’m sure Misha made some coffee.”

“I would love too but someone has my robe on.” He grinned.

“You would rather I walk over to my place naked?” sounding appalled.

“Well it is my best robe. I can give you a towel to wrap yourself with or maybe a sheet.”

“And here I always thought you were a true gentleman. Here!” she took off the robe and started to walk out of the room.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!” He pulled at her arm.

“I’m going home. I live right across the way. It’s not like the hall is filled with people.”

“Here take it. I can’t have the mother of my kids running around in the hallway naked. People will talk.” Derek smirked.

“Are you sure you can spare your favorite robe?”

“Take it before I change my mind. And trust me if I do you will not make it past that door before I take advantage of you again.”

She walk back to him took the robe and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you Admiral I knew you were a gentleman under that sly smirk. See you at my place in a few.”


Nova walked into her kitchen glowing from the night before. Alex looked up and saw how different she was looking and acting. ‘I hope she and the creep aren’t serious.’ He thought. She never stayed out all night with a guy before. But she was happy. Whenever she is with dad she always has a scowl on her face.  “Good morning.” She sang as she walked over to the coffee pot and poured herself some coffee.

“Mommy how come you are in daddy’s robe?” Mark asked.

“Oh this, Daddy must have left it.” She said looking away.

Alex stared closer at his mother. It was his father robe alright. What is going on here? He thought. Why is she in daddy’s robe? Maybe he left it when he watched Miku. Something was not right. “Good morning!” His father walked into the kitchen a minute later. “How is everyone this morning?” his father said. “Would you like some coffee, Derek?” his mother asked. Alex watched as they made idol chat. His mother giggled at something he said and gave him a shove. “Well it’s almost time for you guys to go to school.” Nova said. Alex looked from his mother to his father with slit eyes. He watched as his mother put her hands on his father’s chest and rubbed it. With wide eyes Alex stood up and pointed to them, “you two slept together!”

“Alex!” Nova yelled out as she dropped her cup to the floor.

“Are you going to deny it!” he said angrily. “I won’t let you hurt her again!” he pointed to his father.

“Alexander Wildstar you need to watch yourself!” Derek said with an angry tone.

“Why are you doing this to her? All you’re going to do is hurt her again! Just leave her alone!” He screamed and ran to his room.

“ALEX!” Nova yelled after him.

Derek watched as he raced to his room and heard the door shut with a slam. Nova looked to Derek with a worried look as Mark and DJ watch in horror to their older brother. “Nova, I’ll take care of this. Misha, please take the boys to school. I will deal with Alex.” He said as he marched down the hallway to his son’s room. He knocked on his door and peek in. “Alex can I come in?” he heard his father ask.

“Go away!” he yelled back.

Derek walked in and sat down next to him. “We need to talk, Alex.”

“I said leave me alone. Go away!”

“Alex! What’s going on I thought that this is what you wanted?”

“I do dad, but I don’t want to see mom hurt or cry either. She cried every night when we got here. She thinks I didn’t know or heard her but I did. I don’t want to see her hurt. What happened to what’s his face?”

“Never mind about him, he’s never coming back.”

“Good because I didn’t like him at all. He called me Alan. He should’ve at least got my name right.” He said making his father laugh.

“Alex a lot happen between your mother and I. And I’m sorry that I made her cry. I can’t promise you that it will never happen again. It’s just part of being a grown up. I never meant to hurt her or make her cry. I love her very much and miss her as my friend and wife. I only wish that we were family. Anyway your mother looks like she is willing to give us another try. And well, Alex I have something to ask you.” He watched as his son sat staring at him with folded arms, “This is not easy for me. And I feel like the first time I asked your grandfather. But, here goes, Alex because you are the man of the house. I should do this the proper way. I would like very much to date you mother. Would it be alright with you if I take her to dinner tonight?”


“If you haven’t got it yet, I am asking permission to take your mother out for dinner. I promise that I will be a total gentleman and bring her home at a decent hour.”

Alex looked at his father and gave him a stern look. “Will you bring her flowers?”

“Um, yeah sure.” He replied. He looked away as his son’s stare began to make him feel uncomfortable.

He jumped off his bed and walked across the room. “You will bring her two, no three dozen roses, one dozen in pink, one in red and the other in white. You will pick her up at 7 tonight. Not a minute late. You will take her to that French restaurant that everyone is talking about. Ewww Peanut France,”

“It’s called Au Petit France, Alex.”

“Whatever dad, yeah that place. You will buy her the most expensive Champaign. Of course you will pick her up in a stretch limo. Oh yeah, when you pick her up, you will have a video game for Mark and DJ. They’ve been asking for that battle force one. You will bring Miku that doll she keeps eyeing on T.V.”

“Alex! Really I don’t think getting video games for your brothers will make any difference,” he began to say as Alex stared harder at him making him feel more uncomfortable. “Okay, okay a video and a doll. Anything for you?”

“I don’t want anything. You will have her back here no later than 12 midnight. No excuses! And she better be laughing and smiling. Because the minute you make her cry we are out of your life forever. Understood Admiral.” He snapped.

Blinking his eyes he couldn’t believe what his son was saying. “Yes sir, by midnight. No later.” He answered him. “Mr. Wildstar I promise it will be my duty in life to keep your mother happy. You know you drive a hard bargain. Where on earth did you get all this? Au Petit France, that’s like the most expensive place in New York City. Geeze Alex, are you trying to put me in the poor house?”

“It’s either there or she doesn’t go!” he snapped again at his father.

“Alright, alright I promise it will be Au Petit France.”

“Now I have to go to school. I’m late.” Alex Wildstar grabbed his backpack and ran for the door leaving his father sitting on his bed stunned.

“Why the little extortionist,” he said in amusement then started to laugh.

“I’m going to run and take Alex to school.” Nova peeked now fully dress. “Be right back. Hey what’s so funny?”

“Nothing. Only that your son just extorted a date for you.”

“Well he is your son. You can tell me all about it later when I get back.”

“Hmm, I think I better check my finances. Cause this date is going to cost me,” and then broke out in laughter again.


True to his promise Derek arrived at her apartment at 7 p.m. sharp holding three dozen roses. A dozen in pink, one dozen in white and a dozen in red as his son requested. “My goodness, they are beautiful. Thank you Derek.” Nova said taking them into the kitchen. Looking down to his oldest son he handed him a package for his brothers. Alex opened the package and grinned.

“Well did I do good?” he asked his son. Nodding his head he looked at his baby sister that clung to her father’s leg. “I didn’t forget you Miku, here you go. Something just for you.” He said giving her the doll she wanted. Alex watched as Miku scream with delight. Derek stood tall in front of his son and gave him a smile. “Mr. Wildstar I will be escorting your mother to Au Petit France the stretch limo is waiting outside, not to mention a bunch of paparazzi. I made reservation for 8 and we will be having cocktails prior to the main course. They have their best Champaign on ice as we speak. I have left my cell number with Ms. Misha in case you would like to check in on us and I was hoping after dinner that I may take your mother for a walk in the park for a late night stroll.”

“I told Misha to make sure that she checks the time you come home.” He stood in front of his father with his hands crossed. Nova stood to the side and watched her son grilled her ex husband making her giggle. Derek looked over to her and tried to give her a smile but her son made sure that he focused his attention on him. “Mom! Your date is here.” He said to his mother.





They made their way into the limo and Derek poured some wine in a glass for her while it made its way through the city to the restaurant. “Boy is he tough. I thought he was going to frisk me and make sure that I had enough money. How did he become so cynical?”

“Where are we going?”

“As if you don’t know, we’re going to Au Petit France.”

“Au Petit France, how much is that setting you back?”

“Let’s say this whole night is setting me back a week’s pay. I’m gonna have to go to Washington and get in some travel pay to make up the difference.” He said as she laughed at him. “I think our wedding was nothing compare to this.”

“I’m sorry Derek. We can go someplace else if you like.”

“No, no Au Petit France is it. I told him I would take you and I am. Plus he threatened to take you and the kids away if I didn’t follow his instructions to the letter.” He said which made her laugh harder. “It’s not funny. He was serious it was like asking your father for your hand in marriage. He scared the crap out of me.”

“Oh Derek it’s not that bad. If you like I can pay for the meal.”

“Hell NO! How can I have you pay for our date? Don’t worry I’m pretty set in financing.” They pulled up to the restaurant and a swarm of paparazzi stood at the entrance flashing their cameras. Wildstar took hold of her hand and guided her through the maze. They yelled out questions asking about their date. Derek stopped at the entrance and turned to the flashing bulbs. Taking her into his arms he pulled her closer and kissed her. “Admiral, are you and the Mrs. getting back together?” one guy yelled out. Derek just smiled and said. “Thanks a lot guys but we are here to have dinner,” then took Nova into the restaurant. After being seated he reached over to her and said. “Now they have something to print.” He told her about what Alex said and she laughed that he would agree to it all. He held her hand most of the night and they danced for a while on the dance floor. Nova felt like she was in heaven in his arms. He kissed her neck on and off while she giggled to his pecks. After dinner he took her for a stroll in the park and they sat near the water fountain. “So Ms. Forrester are you having fun so far?” he asked her.

“I’m having a lovely time. But for minute there I thought I was going out with one of those fame hogs when you kissed me in front of all those paparazzi guys.”

“I just wanted to show Alex that I took you to Au Petit France. It will be nice for him to see you with someone that he approves of for once.”

“What makes you think he approves of you?”

“Cheap shot Ms. Forrester. I hope he approves. Or else I spent extra for nothing.” He said then waved to someone. Music began to play and someone began to sing. He held out his hand for her to take and said.  “May I have this dance, ma’am?” taking his hand he waltz her around the fountain. It was beautiful piece that they play ‘I believe in you and me’ which filled the air as other sweethearts join in the dance. Nova held him tight as they danced. She listened to the girl’s voice, as a tear ran down her cheek.  Slowly he danced her around then stopped at the end of the song. Raising her face to his he wiped the tear and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

“Yes Derek it’s just that,” she tried to talk.

“Shhh, Are you happy?”

Shaking her head, “Yes Derek, very much.”  He kissed once again as others watched while they walked by.Their night ended with a stop for ice cream.

They made their way to both their apartments and Derek looked at his watch. “Made it with 20 minutes to spare, well I hope that you had a nice time.”

“It was just heavenly Admiral Wildstar. Thank you.”

“It’s Mr. Wildstar, let’s not be too formal. Well, I hope I was able to put a smile back on your face. I don’t want your dad to come at me with a gun or anything. So will I get another date?”  She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. “Is this a yes?” he asked as she nodded and kissed him. She gave him the key to her apartment and he opened it as he kissed her with more passion.

“Excuse me.” They heard him say.

They pushed away from each other shock to see him standing there. “Alex what are you doing up?” his mother asked as she wiped her mouth from kissing.

“I wanted to make sure that he brought you home on time.” He stared more at his mother and saw her blushing. A smile was on her face and his father looked away also blushing and smiling.

“Alright young man. It’s time for bed. I think I’m old enough to deal with the rest of the night on my own.” His mother said.

“But mom, you have to tell me how it went.”

“Go to bed. I love you sweetheart. We will see you in the morning.” She said pushing him in the direction of his room. Turning to Derek she couldn’t help but giggle at the whole thing. “I’m sorry.”

“He is very protective of you. I hate to see him when Miku is dating. Well Ms. Forrester I guess this is the end of our evening. I’m glad you had a great time.” He pulled her closer and gave her a hug.

“You know the night doesn’t have to end.” She purred into his ear making him smile. “Stay the night.” She whispered.

“Are you sure the warden won’t put me in solitary confinement? He seems tough.” He whispered back.

“Don’t worry about him.” She took hold of his hand and quietly led him to her room. “I have leverage over the warden.”

“Leverage over the warden? And what leverage is that?” he let out a quiet laugh.

“I’m his mother.”



Nova looked up to Derek and placed her hand on his naked chest. “You know this means absolutely nothing. Just because you’re here in my bed doesn’t mean that I have forgiven you and want you back.”

“I totally understand Ms. Forrester.”

“It’s been a long time since I had someone touch me. And most of my dates couldn’t get pass the home plate to bat. You on the other hand Admiral, have always won me over. I don’t know what it is about you, maybe your smile or your eyes. There’s just something about you.”

“What my smile is not enough?” He joked.

“Hmm,” she said and drifted off to sleep.




29th of September, 2221



Derek was already gone when she woke up. A single rose lay next to her with a note attach.



Good morning my darling,


Figured I’d escape before the warden woke up. No need to upset him. Last night was just amazing. I totally agree with that something. There something about you that I can’t live without either. If the warden would permit it I would love to see you tonight. Dinner? Maybe someplace quiet away from the press, my place? I would love to see you if you’re free?


I love you,



She grinned at the note and took hold of the pillow that he laid on. ‘Hmm still smells like him’ she thought. ‘Nova what do you think you’re doing. For god sake’s he is your ex husband, your ex husband! You can’t toy with him and you shouldn’t let him toy with you.’ Staring to a shirt he left behind she smiled to herself and thought, ‘you still love him.’





Derek walked into his apartment and took a shower readying himself to go to work. He whistled a tune to himself as he finished up. What a night for him. To be with her was everything he ever wanted. Hearing the phone ring he threw a towel over his head and race to answer it. “Hello?”

“Wildstar, its Sandor.”

“Sandor, hey! What’s going on? When are you and the family coming out to visit the big apple?”

“Yvey has been talking about going there in the spring. She wants to see the kids and take in some show as well as put me in the poor house with some shopping. How are things going with you and Nova?”

“Actually, it’s going great. Nova and I had dinner together last night.”

“As a family?”

“Nope, a regular date, flowers and dinner at Au Petit France, not to mention a stroll in central park.”

“That’s great Derek. I hope that it will all work out with you two.”

“So what’s up everything alright with you and Yvey?”

“Derek you need to know. There has been a lot going on over here.”

“How so?”

“Derek they will be calling you back to Great Island. Wildstar they’re planning on arresting you once you get here.” He blurted out quickly.


“They’re using Mariposa as an excuse. I think you should get a lawyer and get one fast. You should be getting orders within the next week.” He felt his heart beat faster and he sat down to what Sandor was telling him. Why now after all this time? That happened over two years ago. And that was between Nova and him. “I’m sorry to give this bad news to you, But since Singleton retired the new council has be turning things upside down here. They are running havoc here with stupid little things.”

 “Thanks for the heads up Sandor. I’ll be in touch with you.” He hung up the phone and began to dial his number. “James Forrester, please. This is Derek Wildstar.” Within seconds his ex-father-in-law was on the phone. “Hello James”

“Derek, how are you son. Do what I owe this pleasure.”

“Are you busy, I need to ask for a favor?” He said quickly.







He walked into his office and James Forrester stood up to greet him. “How are you holding up son?”

“Well considering my whole life is taken a turn for the worst I’m holding up alright.”

“Don’t worry about this Derek. I have an excellent lawyer in mind. He has won many military cases and comes highly recommended. Have you told Nova?”

“No, and I really don’t want to bring her into this. This doesn’t concern her and I don’t want her stress for my stupidity.”

“Derek, she should know. You shouldn’t keep this from her. Anyway don’t you think that she will see this on T.V.?”

“It probably won’t be televised here. Anyway we are no longer married. DAMN IT! Just when I thought that we were going to get together this comes up! For sure she will stay away from me. And the kid’s how is this going to affect them? I was hoping that this was the start of us working things out and maybe getting back together. I kind a thought that maybe the next time I was in this office was asking you for Nova’s hand in marriage again. Right after I ask Alex.”

“To tell you the truth, I was hoping for the same thing.” His aid walked in and nodded at him. “I believe he is here. Send him in Alfred.” He was a tall obese man with thinning hair. Older man with dark blue eyes and at one time you could tell his hair was blond in color. He placed his briefcase down and stuck out his hand to James. “Thank you for coming on short notice Dan. This is my Son-in-law Admiral Derek Wildstar. Derek this is Dan Ganci your lawyer.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet the worlds famous Admiral. Let’s get down to business. Have they sent you orders to return yet?”

“No not yet, but I was told that I should be expecting them this week.”

“Good it will give us more time to prepare.”

“Not to be blunt but how many of these court marshals have you done?” Derek asked.

“Too many to count Admiral. I’ve won 89 percent of my cases and the other 11 percent is because my client weren’t as honest as they should have been. Surprise is something a lawyer does not like and if that happens’ it will take days to redirect our focus. So I ask that you tell me everything even things that you will not think that will come up in court. The littlest detail can sometimes mean the most important. I will give you 200 percent if you are honest with me.” Feeling a little relief Derek sat down and began to tell him everything. “So this is the reason why you and Nova divorced?”

“Yes pretty much so. I’m not saying I am a prefect man let alone a husband and father, but I rather not get her involve in all of this. She’s doesn’t need the stress and I don’t want my kids exposed to all of it. They had enough of drama in their life.”

“Admiral Now I don’t mean to be blunt. But she could be helpful in all this. And don’t you think that this will eventually get back to her and the kids in the most unusual way.”

“We are not married and this shouldn’t affect her.”

“Very well, I will have my team start on this right away. When you leave to return to Great Island I will be there with you. If they arrest you it’s good to have council with you when this happens.”

“I can’t explain how much I appreciate this. Thank you very much Mr. Ganci.”

“I will be in touch, Admiral.” He shook his hand and left the office.

“James I don’t know how I am ever going to repay you. Please, if Nova finds out I’d rather it comes from me.”

“Derek, don’t worry about the lawyer I will take care of that. All I ask is you be honest with her and tell her everything. Not that I approve at what happen with you and that woman. Nova is my baby girl and I want to see her happy. She and my grandkids are my first priority. And don’t worry about Sandra I will deal with her. I think she is due for a nice vacation somewhere quiet and warm.”

“Thank you James.”




To be continued . . . . .  


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