Another Winding Road

Part 3

By Yuki Wildstar





Metropolitan Hospital

27th of March, 2220


He sat in the room waiting for the doctor to come in. Sick with worry he stayed with her all the way to the hospital.  He paced back and forth as they worked hard to bring down her blood pressure. Now he sat in her room with his head on her bed and held her hand. After a long night of fighting to bring her pressure down it was finally quiet in her room. All he could do now was prayed that she would be alright. Hearing the door opened he looked up and shock to see him standing there. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“They called me. I was on her emergency contact call list.”

“Well I’m here we don’t need you here. So you can go.”  He waved as to dismiss his servant.

Michael Spada stood on the other side of the bed looking down at her. “I’m not going anywhere. She had me on the list for a reason and I’m staying. You don’t hold any authority here Admiral so you’re going to have to suck it up. I love her too and she needs me.”

Wildstar stood up fist clenched and ready to fight. “Am I interrupting something?” her doctor said as he walked into the room. “Must I need to remind you gentlemen that this is a hospital and she is not well enough to have you two fighting. Her blood pressure is high and she has a lot of stress right now.” He said with a stern voice.

“How is she Doc.?” Wildstar asked.

“Not well, her blood pressure isn’t any better. Not that two men fighting over her is helping it. I warned her to try to relax. At least try to reduce her stress.” He huffed then turned to Wildstar and Spada, “Here is the deal, gentlemen. If we don’t take the baby now we could lose them both.”

“Doctor,” he began looking at his name tag. “Doctor Flagg, I don’t think that is what she wants. She wants to carry full term. We have to find another option.” Spada said

“And you are?” her doctor said.

“Doctor Michael Spada.”

“Doctor what do you suggest?”

“We can give her Methyldopa it will help until she is full term.” Michael said.

“That would help but it could do more harm than good. It can affect her kidneys. She also has diabetes that is another big factor. The fact that her pressure has sky rocket its best to take the baby now. She’s 30 weeks the baby can survive.”

Michael stood there stunned. Calculating back he realized what Nova feared.  Derek too calculated back and looked over to his wife and then to Michael. “Do what you have to do Doc. If taking the baby is going to save her life then do it.” Wildstar said.

“NO! We can save her and the baby with medication.”

“Doctor Spada we can’t wait any longer. If her blood pressure continues to climb she can go into cardiac arrest and we can lose them both.”

“I don’t care! If we start her on Methyldopa now we can bring it down.” He began to panic. He didn’t want to lose her or the baby.

Wildstar stood there in disbelief how can he discuss his wife’s health without his consent? “Hold on a minute. Who are you to decide what is right for my wife’s health?!”

“She is not your wife anymore.”

“Correction, she is still my wife the papers have not been signed and registered yet.” He snapped at him.

“You’re Mr. Venture?” Her doctor said. “I was on the assumption that she was single.” His words stung like acid to what he told him.

“We are married, she is my wife.” He said with vile. “Now if taking the baby now is going to save her then do it. I give you my consent to take it. Draw up the papers and I’ll sign them.” He looked at Michael and then turned to his wife that laid in bed fighting for her life.

“You can’t do this, she’s carrying my child!” Michael yelled.

“She’s my wife and it’s my child that she is carrying. Now I am calling it. Doctor Flagg do what you have to.”

“Very well Mr. Venture.”

“It’s Derek Wildstar and her name is Nova Wildstar. Please make note of that.” Derek said as the doctor nodded his head and walked out the door.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Spada spat at him.

“She’s my wife and until those papers are signed and registered I still have say in what goes on in her life! As for the baby we both slept with her on the same night. But she also slept with me every night after that until we separated so the possibilities of you being this child’s father is very slim. Now get out of here.” He waved him out.

“I’ll leave but I’m sticking around to find out about my child and Nova.” Michael said as he walked out of the room.

Derek took a chair and placed it next to her bed. Taking her hand he squeezed it tight once more. “Nova, why didn’t you tell me? Is this why you never wanted to be around when I called to see the kids. God Nov, even if it is Michael’s baby, I will still love you and it. I never wanted this for us. I never wanted to lose you. All I ever wanted was us.”

“Sir, we have to prepare her for surgery. I’m sorry.” The nurse said as she and two orderlies brought a gurney into the room.

“Yes, yes of course. Please do what you have to.” Derek said as he wiped the tears away. “Nurse, can I have a word with you?”

“Yes sir what can I do for you.” She asked as she looked closely at him. How handsome he was. She thought.

“I want a paternity test done on the baby.”

“Yes sir. I will need a sample of your DNA, it is for you and the baby, correct?” she asked.

“Yes, and nurse the gentleman over there also.” He said pointing in the direction of Michael.

“Yes sir.”



Hours pasted as they both waited in the room for them to bring her back. Derek looked out the window and stared into space, worried sick for her. Lucky for Derek his mother in-law was staying with Nova to help out. He managed to get a hold of her and explain what was happening and could she please pick up the kids from school and glad that she didn’t start a fight with him. They both said nothing to each other as they waited. Spada agreed to the DNA test and sat in the corner head bowed in his hands as he waited for the results. Could he be the father of Nova’s unborn child?


She called him once she arrived on the west coast on a layover. He was happy to see her. “Hello Michael.” She said to him. “Nova, I’m so glad to see you. So when do you head out to NYC?”

“Not until tomorrow afternoon. I’m staying at the Grand Hotel.” She said. He drove them to their hotel and had them settle in for the night. They sat in the living area as she explained what happened. “I’ just had enough Michael. This time he actually went too far. How could he do this to me? No wonder he was so forgiving after I told him about us. He had a child with another woman already.”

“I’m so sorry, Nova. I really was hoping that you two would work things out.”

“Thank you Michael. Once I get to New York I have to contact my lawyers and start the procedures.” She sighed.

 He seen the pain in her eyes and he took her in his arms. How could he do this to her after all they went through with each other. The bastard!  He lifted her face to his and kissed her gently on the lips. She took in his kiss and held him tighter.  He wanted to pick up the phone and call her as soon as he landed. To his surprise she called him the minute he step foot in San Diego. Now she was here with him. He kissed her with more passion letting her know that he wanted her. She pushed away and stared into his eyes. Standing up she led him into her room. She wanted to forget about him. All the pain he put her through the best way to forget him is to be with Michael. At least she knew that he would be true to her at least for the night. She wasn’t sure if she loved him but just for one night she wanted to be loved.  He picked her up and brought her to her bed and laid her down. “I’ve always loved you, Nova.” He whispered into her ear.

“I know.” She whispered back. They made love until morning and he wished that she would stay with him. “Come on Nova, stay. They could probably use you here too.”

“I can’t I need time to myself. I need to figure things out. I can’t just run into another relationship. I need to be me.” She said as they lay in bed naked.  Later the next day he drove them to the airport for their connecting flight. “Thank you Michael. I’ll call you once I’m settled in.”

“Take good care of  yourself,  Nova.” He said then turned to her sons. “You guys too. And make sure you take care of this lovely lady. She’s very special.”

After that he visited her in the city a few weeks later and thought that they would actually make it work. Since he returned to San Diego her calls became less and less. When they did talk she never told him about her condition. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he looked up to see Derek standing over him. “I’m going to get some coffee do you want some?”

“Only if it’s not poisoned,” which made Derek grinned.

“I’ll refrain from killing you this one time.”



They wheeled her back into the room and Derek ran to her side and held her hand. “How is she?” he asked the nurse.

“She’ll sleep for a while. But she’s doing fine. Admiral you have a little girl. Would you like to see her?” Thinking hard he wasn’t sure if he should. If she wasn’t his he didn’t want to get attach. He already lost two babies to lose this one to another man would send him over the edge. “Sir?”

“Have the test results come in?” he quickly asked.

“They should be in, I’ll go see.” She said then ran to fetch them. 

He moved the strains of hair from her face and lean down to kiss her. “I love you baby, I only wish that we can work it all out. I’ve resigned from my position and asked to be transfer here so I can be closer to you and the boys. I know you don’t want to see me but at least let me see my sons. I can never take back what happen in Zazba but I can’t lose you either.” Hearing a knock on the door he looked up to see the nurse standing in the door with a large white envelope. He squeezed her hand one more time and then walked out of the room. Spada stood at the nurse’s station waiting also for the results.

“We can do this in private if you like?” she asked.

“No just tell us.” Wildstar said getting nervous as to who is the father of her baby.

Pulling out the paper she gave it one last look. What took a few seconds felt like an hour to them. Wildstar could hear a drum roll in his head when she turn and then said. “Admiral Wildstar she is 99.99 percent yours. I’m sorry Doctor Spada.” She turned to him with sympathy.

He couldn’t help but smile at Michael and finally said. “I’m sorry Michael.”

“Congratulations Derek. Looks like you finally got a daughter.” He said then turned and walked away.

 “I’ll see the baby now.” Wildstar said as his heart sore with pride. She brought him to the nursery and guided him to where his daughter was. She was a tiny girl. A little bigger than his hand, brown locks of hair. Her eyes were covered from the light and she was hooked up to machines. The incubator was warm keeping her snug. She only wore a diaper as her stomach moved up and down quickly. They gave him a gown and he put his hands through the holes of the incubator. He moved his finger gently over her stomach. He melted to this tiny miracle that fought for her life before him. He sat there for a few hours looking at her thinking how small and delicate she was.

“Have you both picked out a name for her?” the nurse asked.

“No not yet. I will have to speak to her mother before we decide. I’m thinking Miku.”

“That’s a pretty name. What does it mean?”

“It means Beautiful Sky in Japanese. I should get back to my wife. I’ll be back to check in on you again Miku. Your brothers are just going to love you.”

Walking back to her room he felt himself float all the way back. He had a daughter to complete his family. Now only if she takes him back. He had to make things work with her. She sat up in bed looking out the window tears streaming down her face. She looked to the door as he walked in. “What happened?” she asked as she choked back some tears fearing that she lost her child.

 “You collapse at the office and we brought you here.”

“The baby?”

He walked over to her and sat down on the edge of the bed. “She’s beautiful Nova.”

“She? I had a girl?”

“We did. She’s premature but she is hanging in there. Nova I don’t want to upset you but I have to know. Why didn’t you tell me about the baby?” he asked in a soft tone. “I don’t want to argue I want to have a calm conversation without lawyers. Please baby, tell me why you didn’t want to tell me.”

Turning her head away from him, she lowered it and looked down to the floor. “I wasn’t sure who the father was. I didn’t want to start another fight with you. We both said some ugly things to each other and this was one thing that I didn’t want to make ugly.”

“Well I have to give our sons credit they never said a word to me about it.”

“I never really admitted to them that I was pregnant. I just figure that they thought I was getting fat. Derek, is she really ours? The other possibility would have been,”

“I know about Michael. They called him. He was on your call list. He was just as shocked about your condition as I was. And yes she is ours. I had them take a DNA test once she was born.”

“How sure are they?”

Grinning to her questions he couldn’t help but show his pride. “99.99 percent she is mine.” He said making her cry harder. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “I love you baby, we have to name her.”

“I didn’t think that far ahead. So many times I thought of getting rid of her. It scared me so much not knowing. But I couldn’t go through with it. Is she beautiful?”

“Just like you. So what are we going to name her? I was thinking Miku.”

She smiled at him and said. “That sounds lovely. Miku, meaning beautiful sky. I love it.”

“Is that alright with you unless you have something else in mind?”

“No, no I like it.”

“What will be her last name? Venture or Wildstar?”


“Will it be Venture or Wildstar? When they brought you in to the ER they called me Mr. Venture and the last time I check it was still Wildstar. Have I hurt you so bad that you took on Venture’s name?”

“It was best at the time. They would’ve have asked questions I wasn’t ready to answer. And anyway I didn’t want the press snooping around. It’s bad enough they hound me when I am walking in the park.”

“Nova do you think that maybe we can, well, work it out.” He pleaded with his eyes.

Her face softened, “I don’t think we can. There was so much we said to each other. Hurtful things. You led another life with someone else. You almost had a child with her. I can’t live with that on my mind. Just knowing that you slept with someone else and conceived a child is something I can never live with. No Derek I don’t think we can. But I have been a little mean in not letting you see the boys. I’m sorry about that. They miss you so much. Alex just seems to withdrawal and Mark and DJ constantly fight. It’s no wonder my blood pressured sky rocketed.”

“No baby that was my doing. And I hate myself for losing you. I resigned from EDF headquarters. I’m getting transfer here so I can be close to the boys and now my daughter. Can we at least be friends for the sake of our kids? I don’t want to fight with you over money, kids or houses.”

“I agree. Let’s shake on it Admiral.” Nova said as she stuck out her hand for him to shake. He took her hand and pulled her closer to him. He leaned closer to her and kissed her softly on the lips.

“I’m sorry. It’s going to take time to get use to being friends.” He said as she blushed. “I love you Nov, I always have and always will.”

“I know you do. And I will always love you. But I think I have come to the end of the road with us.”




18th of September, 2220

Residence of Nova Forrester Wildstar

Months Later . . . . .



He stay in the states long enough to see his daughter be release from the hospital. Helping Nova settle back into her apartment he took control of finding a nanny for her. Misha was of Russian decent and a sweet older lady. No kids of her own she devoted her life to being a nanny. He found her to be excellent with the boys and they loved having her around. A month after everything was settled he headed back to Great Island and prepared to return back to the states to be closer to his family.  Nova wished him well and focused her time on her sons and new born daughter. They all settle back into everyday life, Mark and DJ hoped that their parents would come to their senses and get back together. How they missed them together loving each other. Alexander Wildstar worried more for his mother that seem to only focus on them if she wasn’t walking in a haze. The sounds of his sister crying during the night kept them up most of the time and he knew that she missed their father.

“Okay guys off to school. And Alex, please stay out of trouble.” She said with a stern voice. “I don’t need to tell your father that you have been getting into trouble in school.” Lately Alexander Wildstar was beginning to get into fights. Something his mother cringed at. She knew that it would affect them but her oldest son was feeling the pressure of her mood swings. In the first few months of them living in New York he would hear his mother cry late at night. It upset him to see her that way. He wanted his parents together but hated his father for making her cry. Never in a million years did he think that his parents would separate. They always seem in love and happy, then one day his mother told them they were leaving. Nova tried to explain that things weren’t working out with her and his father but that his father loved them very much. Alex wondered why his father didn’t just come for them or visit. Each time his father called he promised that he would come to see them soon. And now weeks after his sister was born he hadn’t heard from him since he left back to Great Island.

“Like he cares,” Alex said under his breath.

Nova rolled her eyes and tried to sound as stern as she could. “Listen here young man. Just because your father and I do not live with each other does not mean that he doesn’t care or love you! This is just as hard on him then it is on you three. So please behave yourself. Now, off to school. I love you.” She said softly.

“We love you too mom.” Derek Wildstar Jr. said as he hugged her.

She watched as their nanny took hold of Marks hand and walked out the door with her sons. Nova finished up cleaning and made her way to her daughter’s room. She slept soundly finally after a night of her crying. She made her way back to her room and lay down to catch some sleep. Since Derek went back to Great Island Miku seem to be un-eased. It’s like she sensed him being gone. She drifted off to a much needed sleep which wasn’t for long. The noise that was coming from the hallway made her get up and open her door. Movers! She thought. “Can you fellas please keep it down? I have a baby and it’s been hard trying to get some sleep.”

“Sorry ma’am. It’s not much more to bring up. We are almost done.” One man said.

“Thank you. I wasn’t aware that they were selling.” She asked curiously.

“I believe someone made an offer they just couldn’t refuse.”

“Hmm, well I hope they are quiet.”

“I believe it’s only one person that’s going to live here, ma’am.”

“Really? Such a large apartment for one person? Well I should try to get some sleep. Thank you for keeping it down.”

“No problem Miss.” He said as she closed the door and went back to bed to get some sleep.


She woke and realized that she slept most of the day. Quickly she got dresses and went into the kitchen. “Misha why didn’t you wake me, the boys will be home soon from school.”

“I sorry madam. Vou sleep Vuiet no Vanted to Vake you.” She said in her broke English Russian accent.

“That’s quite alright. It felt good to finally sleep. Has she been up?” Nova asked afraid that she missed her feedings.

“No madam, she is still slveeving.” Misha said. “I check hour to make sure she alright.”

“Thank you Misha, I think I’ll go check on her too.”  She walked into her daughters’ room and peeked over to her crib. “Hmm, she slept all day. That’s not normal.” She whispered. Looking down at her she looked so much like a Wildstar. The thick dark hair, the brown eyes, and the only thing she inherit from her mother were her soft smile and nose. But she had most of her father in her. A true fighter. A few times in the hospital they thought they lost her due to fever but she fought hard to live. Her brothers fussed over her for days holding her and feeding her. Nova placed her hand on her stomach and felt better knowing she was breathing. She kissed her gently and left to greet her sons that were walking through the door. They ran to her as she gave them each a hug and a kiss, “How was school?” she asked them.

They all went on, telling her about their day and then ran to do their homework. With Misha’s help she prepared dinner and helped the boys with their homework. Later that night she sat in the living room relaxing from a long afternoon with them. Miku slept soundly next to her as the boys watched some T.V. “What the heck was that?!” she yelled to the loud crash that came from across the hall making Miku cry in full force. Running to the door she threw it open and saw as two men with a huge box label kitchen on the floor. “Do you mind, I just put my daughter down to sleep!” She screamed over Miku’s crying.

“Sorry lady, it’s not like we wanted to drop it. It just happened.” Alvin snapped back at her. He was having a bad enough day and he didn’t need someone else down his throat.

“I want to speak to the owner of that apartment right now!” Nova said with fury. How dare he snap at her! It was the first day in weeks that she was able to get her daughter to finally sleep on time. And now this man has the nerve to get angry with her. Who the hell did he think he was! She thought.

“Fine!” he yelled back and walked into the apartment.

“Mom, should I get Misha?” Alex asked curious as to what was going on.

Nova held on to her daughter trying to calm her down. She turned to her oldest son and said, “Yes Alex. Please ask,”

“DAD!” he screamed and raced past her. Turning around she couldn’t believe he was standing in the doorway of the apartment across from her. Mark and DJ ran to the door when they heard their big brother scream. Before she knew it they all were in the hall hugging their father. “DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” they screamed.

“Derek, what are you doing here?” she said in shock.

“I live here.” He replied with a grin.

“But, how? When?” She fumbled with her words.

“Sorry about the noise.” He said then turned to the movers. “It’s alright fellas, just leave the rest in the living room. Then you can call it a night.”

Kneeling down to his sons, “It’s late and I do believe you guys have school in the morning.” He said then stood up and took hold of his daughter. “Hello Miku I missed you the most. Alright you three to bed,” he ordered his sons.

“Will you be here in the morning, Dad?” Mark asked.

“Sure will, now to bed. I’m sure Misha will help.” He said looking over to the nanny. Quickly Misha waved the kids into the house as Nova stood there still stunned to see him. “Hello there Ms. Forrester I’m your new neighbor Derek Wildstar.” He smiled as he stuck out his hand for her to shake.

“Derek how did you, when did you?”

“Well I ran into the old owners when I was here. Nice elderly couple. We got to talking about how they wanted to get out of the city. So I told them that I was looking for a place close to my kids and how hard it was to find something. They were nice enough to ask on how much I was willing to go. It took a lot of negotiating but we agreed on a good price. If you ask me they made out like bandits, not to mention half of my savings. But it’s worth it. So surprise?” he tried to smile. “I’m sorry Nova I should have told you but everything went so quickly. I had to finish up at Great Island and hand over command to the new CO. Then packing everything up and closing up the house. Not to mention getting movers to do everything in a short amount of time.” He cuddled his daughter closer to him and smiled. “She’s gotten bigger.”

Watching her daughter finally calm down in the arms of her father she was relieved that she finally fell asleep. “I’ll take her now.” She said reaching for her daughter. He passed Miku to her and she started to cry again. “Miku, it’s alright. It’s time to go to bed.” She said gently bouncing her in her arms as she cried harder.

“Here let me see if I can help.” Derek said as he took hold of their baby. Nova was shocked to see Miku stop crying the minute she went into his arms.

“How did you do that?” Nova asked.

“Do what?”

“Make her stopped crying. She hasn’t been sleeping through the night since you left and this morning she slept all day. It’s like she knew you were here.”

“Would you like for me to put her down?”

“Oh God Derek, would you?” she sighed with relief. He walked past her and into the apartment as he cooed to his daughter. “I love you Miku.” She heard him say as he walked down to her room and put her to sleep.




20th September, 2221

A Year Later . . . .


A year went by to their new living arrangements. With Derek living across the hall it made it easier for him to see his children. Nova made sure to keep communication open with him when it came to their kids and he made sure that he was there for them. They both dated on and off but nothing seriously.  For Derek it seemed that he was always making front page headlines. The press seemed to always be waiting for him pouncing like cats on rats. Nova cringed every morning when she looked at the paper and saw him with another woman.


Derek rushed to get dress as she slept. Taking a deep breath he gave her a nudge and hoped she woke up soon. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “Good morning handsome.” Heather purred as she stretched.

“Hey I have to get to work so if you don’t mind.” Wildstar said hoping she get the idea. She watched him coming into the restaurant with some of his co-workers and decided to strike up a conversation with him.  She made him laugh and she was happy when he asked her out to dinner. Just that morning he and Nova argued about his picture in the paper with some woman. She made it clear that she didn’t care what he did just stay away from the press and papers so as their children wouldn’t see him. Their fight lasted a good hour before he left slamming her door hard.  Now he sat on the foot of the bed trying to get her out of his apartment. He wasn’t sure how she wind up in his bed all he knew she had to go before Nova saw her leave his apartment.

“Are you pushing me out already.” She grinned.

“Um, listen I’m not quite sure how this happened but my ex wife and kids live across the way and well I rather not have her see you leave from here. It will only make thing worst for me.

“You don’t remember anything at all! I mean I know you were a little drunk but you had to remember something from last night.” She said annoyed that he didn’t remember their wild night.

“Sorry, I guess that’s why I don’t drink. Listen I’m really sorry. And I’m not trying to be rude but I really have to go. I have the consigner get you a cab. How’s 200 sounds?” He asked quickly.

How dare him think that she was hooker, she quickly got up and shouted at him, “I’M NOT A HOOKER! Do you honestly think that’s what I am?!”

“Calm down, I’m sorry I offended you. I figured I’d paid for the cab. Not sure where you lived and it might cost.”

“I live in the village.” She rolled her eyes still annoyed that he didn’t remember anything she said.

“Really I have to go.” He didn’t want her to scream loud enough for Nova to hear. He watched her get out of bed and walked across the room to get dress. Wildstar paced back and forth while he fidgeted with his hair. “I’m really sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I’ve never brought anyone home before. I just, well,” he tried to say.

Finishing dressing she turned to him and said. “I don’t get why you are worried about your ex.” She said as she walked to the door. She swung it opened to see Nova bending down to get her paper. He looked over to Nova and quickly looked away. Heather looked her over and said to her. “You must be the ex wife!”

“Uh, Nova, this is, this is,” he said trying to remember.

“IT”S HEATHER, HEA  THER!!!!” she screamed “Don’t bother calling me again. I can see my way out!” then stomped down to the elevator.

Nova stared at her as she got onto the elevators and then turned to Derek with convicting eyes. “Nova wait!” He said as she began to step into her apartment.

“You don’t have to explain anything to me, Derek. It’s none of my business.” She said ready to slam her door closed.

Holding the door opened he said. “Please Nova this is not what it looks like. I don’t even remember,”

“Honestly Derek! You didn’t even know her name. Is this how you take care of keeping your face out of the press? So if you don’t want to be seen then bring them here so your children can see it firsthand. I knew this was a bad idea. You should have stay in Great Island!” she snapped as tears started to build up in her eyes.

“No Nova, she, I, gosh I don’t even remember last night at all. I’m sorry I never meant for you to see her here. I tried to get rid of her before you woke up.”

“Save it for someone who cares!” She said trying to close the door.

“Please just let me,”

“What! Explain? What is there to explain? It’s your life.”

“Nova, please!”


“Alex, go get ready for school.” Nova said hoping that he didn’t hear everything.

“Nov, can we just talk about it?” Derek said still holding the door open and pleading.

Seeing what was going on Alex stood close to his mother and yelled at his father. “Leave her alone! I HATE YOU! You’re always making her cry. Stop it!”

“ALEX!” Wildstar yelled.


“Alex!” Nova snapped. “ENOUGH! Derek go! Now is not the time. Alex you don’t hate your father. This is between us and has nothing to do with you or your brothers and sister. Whether you want to admit it or not you love your father and he loves you. He would do anything for you. Now go and get dress for school.” She ordered.  They both watched as he ran to his room and slammed his door. Turning to him she took a deep breath and said. “Go Derek I’ll take care of him. He’s becoming a teenager and us arguing is not making it any better.” He nodded at her and let her finally close the door.





Residence of Nova Wildstar

27th September, 2221


“Mother please! Not another one of those losers!” Nova rolled her eyes. “The last guy you set me up with turned out to be a real loser. All he could talk about was his yacht and car. Really, what a prick!” she said to her mother.

“Well considering you’re not thinking about getting back together with Derek.”

“Look, it’s more complicated then you think it is. It just wasn’t meant for us alright. So back off!” She snapped.

“Nova I just want to see you happy. Now please just give Joshua a try. He’s really sweet and handsome. He’s also very rich and owns a lot of the companies your father deals with. Not to mention, again, he is handsome.” She smiled.

Taking a deep breath Nova just rolled her eyes at her mother. Since her confrontation with Derek last week over his date she figured maybe one more wouldn’t hurt. “Oh alright, but if I don’t like him I don’t want you setting me up with any more of your friends sons, nephew, cousin, or whatever troll you think is right for me. Agree?”

“Fine! And they’re not trolls, their nice eligible men, Nova.”

“Whatever, mother. So when did you set this little dinner up.” She asked convinced that it was already in the works.

“Nova would I do that?” she grinned and quickly took out a piece of paper. “Here is his number he will be calling you this afternoon. Nova, please be nice. He is a really nice guy. And anyway, you need a father for the kids.”

“They have a father. Derek is their father and I’d appreciate that you remember that!”  She huffed.


Later that night . . . .



“Hello Nova.” Joshua stood at the door with a dozen flowers in hand.

“Hello Joshua, just give me a minute. Please come in.” she said when she saw Derek step out of his apartment. She gave him half a smile then closed the door. “I just have to put the baby to sleep.”

“Right you have kids.” He said.

“I said no!” Alex yelled at Mark. “It’s for school and you can’t play with it.” He stopped in the foyer and looked at Joshua. “Who the hell are you?” he said with sarcasm.

“Hello you must be Alan. I’m Joshua, I’m here to take your mom to dinner. I guess I should ask you permission if I can go out with your mother.” He said then ruffled his hair.

“My name is Alex, not Alan. And don’t do that.” He said with vile. Something about this man didn’t rub him right and he stared at him with slit eyes. “Mom! Your date is here.” He yelled looking at him he said under his breath, “loser.”

Nova ran back to the foyer and tried to smile. “Sorry, Miku seem to not want to go down tonight. Her father almost couldn’t leave she cried so hard. Well, I’m ready. Alex, make sure you help Misha with your brothers. I’ll be home early. Love you baby.” She said then gave him a kiss. Alex kept staring at him with evil eyes. How he hated all the losers his mother was dating and he made sure to tell her the next day. For a long time he hoped that his parents would get back together and he always told his father that. “Please daddy, just ask her out.” He would beg.

“Alex it’s not like I want to be a family, but things happened and your mom and I just need to work things out.”

“Well can you guys hurry up?” He said making his father laugh. After a while he stopped asking. How he hated to see his mother cry when she saw a picture of him with another woman. She never told him but he heard her crying in her room after excusing herself. Then their argument a week ago when he told his father that he hated him. Even though his mother said he didn’t mean it but a little part of him did mean it. He hated his father for hurting her.



Later . . . . .


“Thank you for a nice dinner Joshua, it was nice to meet you.” She said keeping her distances.

“So can we do it again?” He asked.

“I’ll call you.” Nova said. ‘But I wouldn’t sit by the phone.’ She thought. All through dinner he boasts to everyone who she was. On top of everything he was on the phone most of the time telling whoever was on the other end about his dinner with her.

He lean forward and tried to kiss her as Nova turned her cheek to him. She try to open her door when he took her arm and spun her around bringing her closer to him, he began to kiss her on the lips forcing his tongue into her mouth. Nova pushed him away from her and snapped, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Oh come on. If you didn’t want it you would have never let me walk you up,” then began to kiss her again.

“STOP IT!” Nova said trying not to scream in fear that would wake up her children. “GET OFF OF ME, GET OFF!”

“Oh come on, baby. I know it’s been a long time since you’ve been touch. So come on let’s,” he said then felt someone pull him off of her. “What the F,”

“She said to stop it.” Wildstar said then he punched him in the face making him fall to the ground.

“Derek!” Nova cried falling into his arms.

“If you come near her again I’ll kill you. Now get the hell out of here!” Wildstar yelled at him. Quickly he got up and ran down the hall to the awaiting elevator. “Are you alright?” he asked her. Looking her over he saw that her blouse was ripped and he looked over to his blonde date. “I have to take care of her. Can you see yourself out?” He wasn’t about to go through another night with another bragger. The whole night she made sure to pose for the paparazzi with him. Even after he asked her to just keep walking. It was something that cut their night short. He tried to make it a point not to be photographed with someone else after their fight. He didn’t want Nova or his kids seeing pictures of him with another woman. He tried to get rid of her but she insisted on going to his apartment.

“I don’t mind waiting, Derek.” She said.

“This is going to take a while. So you don’t have to wait around.” He was short with her. He needed to get rid of her and there was no other way to say it to her. “I think you should go. I need to take care of my wife.”

“WIFE, but you said you were divorce.” She whined.

“Get lost will ya!” he screamed at her. “Honestly how stupid are you. Don’t you see that she was attacked? Leave!” She looked at him stunned that he would talk to her like that. She glared one last time at Nova and him, turned and walked away.

“Come on let’s get you clean up.” He said as he brought her into his apartment. He sat her down in his living room and went to grab a wet towel for her. “Here let me,” and ran it over her face. “Better?”

“Yes thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ruin your evening.” She said sniffing back tears.

“Don’t worry about it. She was one of those fame hounds. She was actually getting on my nerve.” He walked over to his bar and poured her a drink. “Here drink this. It’ll calm your nerves.” She drank it down quickly and sighed. “Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?”

“I can’t go there right now, Derek. I’m still shaking.”

Taking her in his arms he held her tight. “Why don’t you stay here? I’ll go over and tell Misha and check on the kids.” He tried to get up and she held him tighter. “Nova, baby, it will only take a minute. I’ll be right back.” He said then left to tell the nanny. Nova sat on his sofa crawled up still crying. Her heart almost stopped when he walked back into the room. “Hey it’s only me.” He could see the fear in her face as to what that creep tried to do to her. “God Nov, I’m glad I came home when I did. God only knows what he would have done. Who was he?” he wanted to know why she would go out with someone like that.

“Someone my mother fixed me up with. He owns a company that my dad does business with.”

“Well I’m sure once he finds out about this he won’t be doing business with him any longer.” He said with anger.

“I feel so ashamed that I let him get the best of me. All my combat training went out the door. All I thought about was the kids and him making his way into the house. I can’t believe I froze.”

“Nov, it caught you off guard. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. He was a creep and your mother needs to get better back ground checks before fixing you up. I’m sure that he’s done this before.” He was angry that someone would even attempt this on her. And the kicker was her own mother fixed her up. How he wanted to do more to him. He prayed that he would fight back so he can hurt him more.

“I feel so dirty.” She looked away. “I need to get out of these clothes and shower.”

“Why don’t you take a shower here and I’ll get something for you to wear.” He guided her into the bathroom and went to find her something to wear.


Later  .  .  .


“How do you feel?” he asked her.

She walked out of the bathroom in his robe drying her hair, “better thanks.” She said trying to smile.

“What do you want to do with your clothes?” He held up her torn shirt.

“Burn them I don’t ever want to see them again. It’ll just remind me of him and his scent is on it.” She sat down and huffed. “What a mess this all turn out to be, I don’t think I’m ever dating again. It’s bad enough the news has me going with half the men in New York City, which is not true and now this. Anyway I’m sick and tired of them just going out with me for who I am. I don’t think I have had one date that didn’t want to stop and take a picture with me. Would you believe that idiot was on the phone with someone the whole night talking about me? Telling them how beautiful I am and how he was honor to be with me. What a creep. I guess I should just spend my time taking care of the kids. I am SOoo done with dating.”

“I guess asking you out to dinner is out of the question then?” He said making her laugh. “You know our two youngest have been bugging me to ask you out on a date. I guess now is not the time to bring it up.”

“Oh Derek, I don’t know what to tell you.” She said as she ran her finger down his face.

“My love life hasn’t been all that glamorous either. Half the women are the same way. As much as I tell them to keep walking they always stop to take a picture dragging me into it. I am so sick of their silly giggles too. Half of them just laughed at anything. I would open my mouth and they would start laughing. Oh and their laughter! They laugh like a hen trying to lay an egg. Their cackle can send me right off the edge of a building.” He said that made her laugh out loud. “Hey now that’s the smile and laugh I’ve always loved. So what do you say, dinner tomorrow night?”

“I don’t know, you will have to ask my sons for permission and they can be really tough. They tend to be very protective of me.”

“Well maybe if I get them a video game I can win them over.”

“You’ll have to bring more than a video game to win them over.”

“Hmm, have any suggestions?” Derek liked that she was starting to be more relax after her ordeal. He moved closer to her and slid his arms around her waist. She felt good in his arms and he pulled her closer. “Do you still love me?” he softly asked.

“No Derek.” She quickly replied looking away.

He could tell she was lying to him. He moved her face and asked again. “Look me in the face and tell me. Do you still love me?”  He said looking deep into her eyes.

“I, I, I can’t do this. Not now.” She said trying to look away from his stare.


“Because we both said and did things that hurt each other. How can we go back to what we had? We’re divorce and living separate lives.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Derek, please I just can’t.”

“Just tell me yes or no and I will never bother you again about it. But look me in the face and in my eyes and tell me.” He needed to hear her say it. He could tell that she still loved him but he had to hear it.

Slowly she brought her stare to his face and into his eyes. How could she lie to him? She could never love anyone else. She missed him so much and even with his infidelity she still loved him. Her eyes began to tear up and she couldn’t tell him a lie. “Yes Derek, I love you. I always have and always will.” He brought her closer and kissed her. He pressed his body on her and he could feel her heart race against his chest. She leaned away from him and said. “Derek, I don’t think we should.” Slowly he lean in and kissed her on the lips again. He could feel her body tense and then relax. Pushing her down onto the couch he ran his hands down her waist. Nova felt her walls finally come down. She hasn’t been with anyone since Michael was in New York last. How she missed his touch. His scent was heaven to her nose. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Within seconds he carried her into his room and made love to her.




To be continued . . . .