A new year

New Years Eve on the Argo

By Yuki Wildstar




New Years Eve

December 31, 2199

2346 hours

EDF Battleship Argo

Somewhere in space


Nova stood on the observation deck touching her lips and looking out into the dark night sky. She thought of that night and smiled. What a wonderful time. Shame I have to fall for someone in a time like this. How could we ever hook up when there’s battle always lurking around? Anyway why would he fall for me? It’s obvious that he has his plate full. He would never want someone into his life. Not with what’s going on. He’s already lost his parents and only brother. Why would he want to attach himself to her in this awful war? How can she tell him how she feels? She stood there alone watching the star glimmer in the distance and thinking of their kiss.


It’s been quiet since there last battle and Wildstar walked the corridors of the Argo. It was getting late and most of the crew headed to the Mess hall to celebrate the coming year. His mind drifted back to that night. Since then he felt like a clumsy bull in a china store around her. Each time he saw her enter the bridge he could feel his heart beat faster. He was starting to see her differently. The way she walk the way she wore her hair. So many things were different now. He wanted to pull her close and hug her, kiss her. One time while on the bridge he stared at her a little longer, lost in thought. Venture had to nearly slap him to get his attention. “Wildstar what is wrong with you?” he asked him. “Nothing, sorry.”  Since that night he couldn’t keep his mind off of her.  How can I fall for someone now? It wouldn’t be fair to her or me. If something happened while in battle what would happen if I lost her or she lost me. I don’t think I could bare it if I did. Oh Alex I think I’m falling in love and I’m afraid of losing her. Making a turn he found himself at the observation deck and walked in. To his surprise she was standing there looking out. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were here.”

“Hello Derek, I was just taking a breather. It’s been so quiet these last few days I was just enjoying the silence. Aren’t you going to the New Year’s party in the mess hall?”

“I was going to head there a little later. I was just taking sometime to clear my head. The silence sometimes can be too much. It’s like waiting for the pin to drop.”

“Oh Derek, we should be grateful that we are not in battle. It’s almost the New Year we should be happy that we are almost to Iscandar and soon we will have the Cosmo DNA machine. We can go back home and save it, wouldn’t that be wonderful.”

“I guess so.” He said bowing his head avoiding her stare.

“Derek, what’s wrong.”

Looking up he looked into her eyes. He had to end it before it became more to the both of them. But gosh she was beautiful he thought. “Nova, there’s something that’s been on my mind since we, well kissed. Well, gosh how should I put this? With us constantly in battle I,”

“Derek, don’t worry about it. I’ve already forgotten about it.” She lied. She could feel her heart break. “It was just a kiss. One that Doctor Sane pushed you into. So don’t think twice about it.” She hurried her words out. She looked at the clock and saw it drew closer to the witching hour for the New Year. “We should go to the Mess Hall. It’s almost midnight and they will be celebrating.” She didn’t want to hear him tell her that he was not interested. How could she make herself look so foolish? Of course he is not interested in me. Damn! I just set myself up for a big fall. Turning to leave a voice come over the ships communication “Countdown to the new year begins now. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” They stood there looking up to the speaker. “Happy New Year Everyone!” the voice said.

“Looks like we missed it.” He said. “Sorry I didn’t mean for you to miss it all.”

“It’s okay. I didn’t mind. Anyway I was going to go to bed early.” She said in a low voice. “I guess I am just missing my parents. I know my mother was worried about me when we left. Sometimes she can be too much, but I kind of miss it even if she is over the top. Derek?”


“Do you miss them?”

Without skipping a beat he knew what she was asking him. “Yeah, I miss them a lot. Especially Alex he stood up and became my parents. He was always there for me. I wish I could’ve said goodbye. Sometimes I have nightmares of how they all died. Something I wish I can wipe out.”

“Gosh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.” She could see the pain in his eyes. Her heart reached out to him. She put her hand on his face and traced it taking in every curve of his face. Slowly she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Her hand felt good on his face. He looked down and deep into her eyes. A tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. She drew closer to him and her body felt good next to his.  Screw the war he loved her and he wanted her to know. He put his arms around her waist and drew closer. Her perfume was sweet and intoxicating. He returned her hug and held her even tighter. He gently kissed her neck making his way to her cheek and without hesitation he kissed her. This time there was no pressure from someone. This time it was just them. She’s so beautiful, he thought. How he wanted her. He is so good looking and my god he can kiss, she thought too. He slowly pulled away and gave her one more look before kissing her again. She was swept away from all the danger that they were living. She melted in his arms. How she didn’t want him to let go. They both were lost in a passionate kiss when they heard the door open and Venture, Sandor, Dash and Eager walked in. Quickly they pushed away from each other and blushed as to what happen with them.

“Wildstar, there you are. It’s the New Year.” Venture said in excitement then patted him on the back.

“Nova, you missed the party. I would think that you be there since you put it together.” Dash said.

Only Sandor could tell what they walked in on. “Um guys let’s go. I think we should leave them alone.”

“Huh, but why?” Eager asked.

“Let’s just go. We all have duty in the morning and you heard what the captain said. We never know when the next battle will come. So let’s go get some sleep.” He said as he pushed them out the door. “It’s late, Wildstar see you later.” He said as he winked at him.

Wildstar blushed harder than before knowing Sandor knew what they walk in on. He knew that he and Nova once again kissed. “Well maybe we should get some sleep.” He began to fidget with his shirt. “We both have to get up in the morning.”

Coming to her senses she knew what he was trying to tell her before she cut him off and kissed. “Derek, maybe now is not the time. I mean who knows what will happen tomorrow. I think starting something now would only make our lives more complicated. We have our duties to do and,”

“Nova, don’t. Please let’s not talk about it now. We should get some rest. Come on I’ll walk you to your room.” The last thing he wanted to hear was she didn’t want to get romantic with him. Though she was right, now would not be the time. But he wanted to see her. He wanted her to be his. Damn it, why now? Between this war and my duties how could we make this work? They walk quietly back to her quarters. His mind wondered of how he could make it work.  Falling in love now would be impossible. Coming to his own senses he too knew that he needed to keep his distance. No my duties come first. This ship and the crew have to be first. Captain Avatar is not well and he is depending on me to help run the ship. She stopped in front of her room and smiled. “Well guess this is good night.” He told her.

“I guess it is. See you in the morning.” She replied. “Happy New Years, Derek. I hope that we make it to Iscandar and back. Well good night.” She quickly kissed him on the cheek and ran into her room.

 He touched his cheek and smiled. Maybe we can, he thought and left to his quarters that he shared with the crew.


Walking into the crew’s quarters he slowly made his way to his bunk. Climbing in he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. “Hey Wildstar, is everything alright?” Sandor asked.

“Huh yeah everything is fine.”

“Looks like you and Nova are getting along.”

“Yeah but we also work together we have to get along.”

“That’s not what I was talking about. You two seem to be in an intense conversation or was it more than that?”

Wildstar couldn’t help but blush. “To tell you the truth Sandor I’m not sure what it is. One minute we are friends and then the next we, well,”

“She seems to like you if you would take a minute and see it. It’s no secret that she watches you more than the rest of us. I know that it’s not easy with all that’s going on but maybe you should give it a try.”

“Sandor I can’t lead her on. How would it turn out that we go into battle and I don’t come back? It would break her heart. Not to mention if she dies. I don’t think I can I handle losing someone else. Anyway she already made it clear that now would not be the time.”

“I doubt that you two could stay away. Look Wildstar I don’t want to sound like a big brother. But Alex made me swear that if anything happened to him that I would look over you. And I think he would say the same thing. Don’t let this war stop you from finding love. Just remember that even in the mist of everything love can still be found. Just don’t put up your walls, alright.”

Wildstar smiled at him. “Alright Sandor. I hear you. By the way, Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Years Wildstar.”






Onward to Iscandar . . . . . . There are only 275 days left… Hurry Star Force, Earth is waiting.