"In the vastness of space, there are many stories ..."


The devastating battles against the Cometine Empire left Earth in shambles, the defenses in ruin and a once proud fleet reduced to battered and broken ships. Limping home towards a grateful people ... A handful of destroyers and escorts help along the pride of Earth; The Space Battleship Yamato.

Many are sullen by the terrible defeats that were incurred, and yet filled with pride that Yamato and her brave crew, once again saved Earth from certain destruction. Such turmoil is not limited to the hearts of Earth ... Returning home with a new vision of compassion and understanding, stands a man of broken pride and tested resolve.

Guiding whats left of the Gamilas mobile fleet, Deslar, leader of the Gamilas empire, is bringing his troops home for a long deserved rest and reflection. Many of the Gamilas troops are confused as to why they stopped fighting, yet they embrace the trust and wisdom of their Imperial Leader.

"The Year is 2201"

The vast silence of space is broken as three hulks of smoldering metal emerge from the dimensional folds of warp. These once sleek space cruisers, with state of the art gun ports, dimensional navigation and highly trained crews ... Arrive charred, broken and in no condition to fight.

The remains of these three fighting ships make their way to the safety of an awaiting space station, preparing to receive them and care for their wounds. The space station is often mistaken for a small celestial object ... Like a moon. When in motion, it is often mistaken for a large comet ...

Though, for the countless lives that have encounter this celestial body, this deceiving monster was created by the Cometine Empire. A machine SO powerful it can destroy entire worlds, enslave countless solar systems and bring war to any part of the galaxy with inconceivable devastation.





In a large cavernous platform, filled with docking ports, landing lanes, fueling stations, a shuttle dwarfed by the immensity of its surroundings, makes it way to a small docking portal near the center of the immense core.

Stepping through the shuttles gateway, into the seamless well lit hallway ... Three Captains of the Cometine Mobile Space Navy, out of step, out of pride and out of honor ... Began their long humbling walk.

Wretched disfigurement adorns one of the officers, his uniform burned and covered in ash, the war was most unfavorable. The second officer is of contrast and still in a pristine crisp uniform, though his stride is hampered by an obvious wound to the right leg.

Making their way further down the corridor, the third officer has his left arm in a sling, parts of his tunic are tattered, a face reflecting a lack of emotion, trying to march smartly, his body, like the others, just doesnt have it in him.

Each step brings deeper and deeper etchings of dread as they get closer to the royalty that governs them. Defeat to the Empire has never been recorded, and knowing that they are representatives of it, their humbling walk is the walk of the dead.

They near the elevator that will take them up into their debriefing ...

Suddenly, before they reach the doors, a woman wearing royal garments steps from a side passage. Without speech, stops the soldiers in mid-step. Eyes widen, surprise sweeps through their bodies, shock almost prevents speech.

"My Queen!" Spurts the officer still sharply dressed.

Painfully, the three officers attempt to bow and salute ... Poorly.

"Which one of you is Garrow?" The Royal woman demanded.

Her finely styled robe glided with the most subtlest of movements. Ornaments of conquest adorn her body, crystal blue sun stones taken from the Draco dwarf galaxy, ground down into earring studs. Helix diamonds taken from the Verrina Galaxy, extremely rare and piercingly clear, handcrafted by slave labor into an exquisite necklace formed inside ice gold taken from the Proxima galaxy.

She wore the victories and spoils of the Empire ... And ... Each of the Captains knew that.

The Queen reflected her age, but it was hard to tell by appearance. She still had the softness of a young concubine, yet an aged beauty that only royalty and power can provide.

Captain Garrow stood tall; "Queen Danna, Im Garrow". To look at her directly was nearly impossible, filled with shame and guilt, not to mention that he knew he would be killed in a few hours, left him the lack of motivation to find any pride or respect.

"Wheres my son?" She commanded

"My Lady, your son the Prince " Dryness overcame Garrow. The Queen looked on with expectancy ... Garrow swallowed best he could; "Prince Zordar was killed by the forces of Earth and her allies."

Queen Danna stared at the officer, a single tear formed into her quivering and disbelieving eyes. She began a slow shake of her head ... Reality was seeping into her soul, she shook her head harder in denial, and her breath became heavy.

It was told that her scream could be heard in the bowels of the main engine room, as it echoed through the enormous space station like it where a small cubical. The cry of a wounded mother could be heard, and felt, by the King himself in his insulated chamber many levels higher.

The Queen began to quiver, and lose balance. The three Captains moved forward the best they could, and helped support her. Whimpering and unsteady, the officers helped her to the elevator and took the lift to their awaiting King.

In a spacious cathedral like chamber, banners of conquered planets, people and galaxies hail those who enter with the unquestionable power of the Cometine Empire. Lining the walls were battle flags from defiant and crushed planets, hanging above, banners and standards from galaxy after galaxy.

So many were the emblems and flags, that the chamber was eternally silent from the many noises of the space station, it was a place of solace for the royal family. The King stood below it all and awaited his subordinates ... Expecting a new flag and banner, he knew they were not going to present one.

He stood regal and proud, wearing a simple black version of the naval uniform supplemented by a flowing cape made from the finest silk in the galaxy. Kirrian root worms, found only on one planet in the Mercurian Galaxy, produce silk once every ten years.

Very few people dont know the extent the King went through to get the worms to produce out of cycle, and how many perished in the making of his Imperial cape. When it is worn, everyone knows that the King is making a silent statement of his overwhelming and complete power.

Today, he wears it with great resolve in patience.

At the far end of the chamber, a small set of doors open, with the Queen stepping forward followed by the three Captains. Queen Danna begins to sprint towards the King

"Zaibatsu!" Exclaimed the Queen.

" ... Zai bat su ..."  She whimpered.

'Tears', she let out...


-End Part One

-E.Hawkins 1985
























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